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First Pics of Walking Dead Season 2 And New Action Figures

Filmy eyes and shuffling figures.

Maybe she just died while still wearing those "extreme" contacts they sell at Spencers?

Five months is the proper amount of lead-in to get the hype organ wailing, right? The second season of THE WALKING DEAD won’t be up and shuffling again until October, but AMC’s released this first production still to assuage any fears that the zombies might not return. I was never that great in Biology, but I’ll guess that pus and coagulation are the ingredients for the kind of freaky, alien bug eyes we see above. Will these be the first walkers that Rick Grimes and his posse encounter after their escape from that facility at the end of the last episode? We’ve got a long time ahead before we find out.

== TEASER ==

Splash Page has also gotten pics of some new action figures from the WALKING DEAD set that McFarlane toys is putting out. Both of these characters - - Daryl Dixon and a vaguely-Alec-Baldwin-looking zombie - - were created for the show, but you maniacs should all remember that early preview model of fan-favorite crazy lady Michonne (as she's yet to appear outside of the comics.) These all have the detail and realism we’ve all come to take for granted from McFarlane toys, but you’ve got to give them extra credit for giving the zombie a morbidly-creative shuffle feature.

Yeah, if you wind the guy up and let him loose, he’ll start lurching forward like a proper walker. That's a spookier feature than the ol' "kung fu grip," isn't it?

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Posted by spider-man 2996

Wow her eyes are scary. I would'nt like to see her on my own
Posted by InnerVenom123

I can't freaking wait! 

Posted by doordoor123

Haha thats the Jim Carrey zombie!

Posted by ZaberCat
@spider-man 2996: AGree! frakking creeepy and scary eyes.
Posted by cyberninja


Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Can't wait darn it!!!!!!!!!

Posted by dewboy01

get ready ta thrill'a !!
Posted by Last_Guardian

It's taking too long!!

Posted by pikahyper

Wow McFarlane toys have really gone down hill, not much detail on the clothing. Even the articulation looks pretty cheap, hope they conceal those holes at least.

Moderator Online
Posted by Pacperson

Yay ^__^ can't wait till the show starts up again, we should know when at comic con....i hope

Posted by Ry Fryy

So far away.. :(

Posted by maxicere
@doordoor123 said:
Haha thats the Jim Carrey zombie!
Jajajajaa !!!!
Posted by DarkMatter23

Did they not start filming until after they knew they were going to be picked up for another season? It is taking soooooooo long for the next season. I hope they come out with more cool figures.

Posted by B'Town
@InnerVenom123 said:
I can't freaking wait! 
Sooooooooo EXCITED.
Posted by Rhi

I want a whole mob of gory zombie action figures all over my house. It would make me happy!
Posted by NightFang
@Zabre said:
@spider-man 2996: AGree! frakking creeepy and scary eyes.
That's what make's the Walking Dead such a great show.
Posted by Eyz

Already looking nice! Great practical effects, hollwood studios could learn a thing or two from this show for their blockbuster movies!
(I'm looking at ya, "I am Legeng" CGi zombies!!)

Posted by Karlails

For me a major concern is that, while it's like a couple of months in comics before they get to prison in real life it will be at least a year which leads to Carl and other kids aging way too fast.

Posted by TheSheepHerder

Those are some really freaky eyes. I can't wait for this to air.

And the Jim Carrey zombie. It looks awesome and I want it.

Posted by Doctor!!!!!

I knew those Lady Gaga Contacts were bad for you..... They turn you into Zombies!!!!

Posted by CommanderShiro

Looking forward to the next season

Posted by KRYPTON