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First Photo of Michael Jai White as Bronze Tiger in 'Arrow'

The deadly character is about to leap into the TV show! Come get a first look at his costume.

It looks like Green Arrow is going to have his hands full in Season Two. The incredibly skilled Ben Turner aka Bronze Tiger will make his debut in the show, and according to executive producer Marc Guggenheim, he's "basically the best of the best." Guggenheim stated the character will travel to Starling City to see if the Hood can give him a good challenge and stated claims it's "a really great representation of this DC Comics character." While in the city, he'll form an alliance with China White (Kelly Hu) and the Chinese Triad. So, how will they dress up Michael Jai White for the role? Check it out below.

Guggenheim also said, "If you're a fan of the character from the comics, you are going to be really happy with his Arrow-fication." What do you think of the image, Viners? Simple yet effective or would you have liked to see something different? Speak your mind below!

Arrow will return October 9th on the CW.

Source: TV Guide

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Posted by The Stegman

Awww, he's hugging him!


Posted by daredevil21134


Edited by Crom-Cruach

Micheal Jay White is awesome.

Edited by Fallschirmjager

Claws look a little corny, but whatever. Michael Jai White is a legit martial artist and I have no doubt we'll have some great scenes.

Edited by Wolverine08

It's Black Wolverine!

Posted by Outside_85

I have to be honest and say it looks like a poor-man's Wolverine :S

Posted by G_Money_Christmas

Spawn! What happened to you?!

Posted by theTimeStreamer
i need the money. dont judge yo

Posted by Shika1Dude

ahhh man this fight is gona be as epic as Vin Diesel vs The Rock

Posted by Emequious_Swerve

"The only thing worse than Arrows archer transmogrification is his Kung-Fu Treachery!"

Posted by inferiorego

I'll watch Black Dynamite in anything.

Posted by Rainquility

Hope it all works out well. So excited for the next season to start. I remember coming home after school and catching episodes I missed on the CW Website. They always delivered in one way or another.

Posted by Grim

Claws look a little corny, but whatever. Michael Jai White is a legit martial artist and I have no doubt we'll have some great scenes.


i dont really like that he's Catman-ing instead of having claw gloves or hardcore ninja weapons... but at least i know the guys legitimate.

... im still not gonna start watching again though. this show bugs me sooo much.

Posted by TDK_1997

He looks like Wolverine but african american.

Edited by Smart_Dork_Dude

Seriously? Wolverine claws?

Posted by QuantumVertex

So Dc is going to get a grip on MJW before Marvel. For Shame but awesome!

Posted by evilvegeta74

I'll watch Black Dynamite in anything.


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Bronze Tiger: Is that water up ahead? Please don't drop me I'm scared.

Green Arrow: Get off. You're heavy bro.

Bronze Tiger: Do you even lift?

Posted by Wolverine08

Posted by fACEmelter88

Wow leather jacket, huge departure for the CW

Posted by Aeroman

the picture looks funny but it's good to see Michael Jai White again

Posted by BumBurger

Hope they have him transforming into a tiger in the show atleast i love Mike :O

Posted by Barkley

I hope they don't give the flash a jacket

Posted by Vaeternus

lol, what's with the claws? But I'm sure he'll make a good Bronze Tiger

Posted by tchalla3000
Posted by Sammo21

This is a great reason why I don't want the Arrow universe being in the Man of Steel/Batman/DC shared movie universe.

Hopefully it turns out a little better than this first image, but he's definitely a talent martial artist in his own right.

Posted by laabitres

this season lokks like itll be good

Edited by MrMazz

I had read that Bronze Tiger was coming in as part of the Suicide Squad or was it Deadshot?

Posted by MrMazz

@sammo21: I've found most of the villians and other DC superheroes who shw up on the show with a costume don't ever look good in photos. They just come off looking like cheap cosplay to me. In motion they look a lot better. Besides Michael Jai White is perfect stunt casting for this. Only Keith David would've been a better choice.

Posted by ClawFist

Jai White is awesome, but they could of done him a lot better as Bronze Tiger in Arrow. With Bronze Tiger they don't have to try and be so realistic and urban, they could've made him like a crazy martial artist or something.

Posted by k4tzm4n

@mrmazz said:

I had read that Bronze Tiger was coming in as part of the Suicide Squad or was it Deadshot?

Both will be on the team.

Posted by Lvenger

I don't watch Arrow but I'm getting a real Black Wolverine vibe from Jai White as Bronze Tiger.

Posted by KnightRise
Posted by GothamRed

sweet wolverine cosplay

Posted by doombot890

let's hope the flash costume is better

Posted by ULTRAstarkiller
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It's Black Wolverine!

Damn! I was gonna say that! :P

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Posted by jwalser3

Looks like crap.

Edited by theTimeStreamer
Posted by patrat18

"YO" "Need some money"

Edited by theTimeStreamer

@patrat18: really? that's what you got? no, no he cant be a struggling actor, doing small roles to pay bills just like everybody else. get out with this pseudo-racism. nobody's buying.

Posted by teddy_the_god_killer

He will always be Spawn to me. But hey things change. And I still cannot get over that cut Kill Bill scene when he went up against was criminal.

Posted by viin

weird...i think his claws are a little long...maybe a little cheap looking. I like the way they look in that Arkham Origins mobile game or whatever it is coming out.

Edited by _ANDY_CAN


Posted by ravisher

i would pick him too

he can play any black superhero

Posted by MadeinBangladesh


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