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First Look: 'Witchblade' #132

Feast your eyes on the first six pages of the upcoming issue!

Feast your eyes on the first six pages of the upcoming issue!

'Witchblade' is one particular on-going series that I have always been interested in, but never committed to picking up consistently. I chock that up to the fact that I often get so lost in super-hero titles, but perhaps this is a good excuse to start? Check out the preview images to the upcoming 'Witchblade' #132 from Top Cow which is set for release this Wednesday, November 11th. Pretty awesome images by Stjepan Sejic, wouldn't you say? Are you a 'Witchblade' fan? Are you looking forward to this issue?


Written by Ron Marz 
Art by Stjepan Sejic
Cover by Nelson Blake II   
Published by Top Cow 
Cover A – Stjepan Sejic   
Cover B – Nelson Blake II

A quiet, romantic weekend in New England turns into a terrifying mystery when Sara and Gleason are pulled into an investigation of missing children. But is this a simple missing persons case or has the Witchblade been drawn to another supernatural crime? Featuring a cover by regular artist Sejic and a variant cover by Nelson Blake II ( The Darkness)! 
Full Color 32 pages  $2.99

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Posted by Om1kron

The colorist is dope as hell, I think I have him on my deviant art, but the book seems way too adult themed for kids these days. My girlfriend would probably be more into this than me.

Posted by Namor1987

I loved these comics that are aimed at an older audience plus this series is really phenomenal & I started reading at 127 & havent missed a issue since but Babs I got a q does the Witchblade come with "birth control" I dont think Sara wants another Hope running around after all she's been through lol jk

Posted by Green ankh

Do kids even buy comics anymore?
Posted by Om1kron

I would hope so. Comic books are the reason I started drawing.

Edited by FoxxFireArt

I really don't like that cover image. It's beautifully colored, but her expression is as blank as an air-headed valley girl who just heard the word "presumptuous". Well, a valley girl or pretty much anyone who's ever appeared on a VH1 reality TV show.
I get it that she's suppose to be dumbfounded by this creature, but a cover really should be more dynamic then this. It's disappointing that such a beautiful image has to be tarred by such a bland expression. Maybe I'm just being nit-picky.

Posted by BoOMbOoMpOw

I love the art ! I hope that stjepan sejic will draw the upcoming artifacts series too.

Posted by Jotham

I'm glad I don't read this series, these pages read like an episode of a soap opera.
Plus, if I was that guy, I'd be walking out of there. She's basically telling him: "I don't really like you or feel any deep emotions for you, but you're a nice guy, so I'm choosing to be with you. I love you!"

Posted by Asymmetrical

I used to be really interested in Witchblade and started reading it but somewhere I guess I just stopped and never got back into it...and the current art looks like clay to me (maybe that's the point?)

Posted by Nahero

thats funny the old troll under the bridge thing
Posted by SuperCoonce

heck yeah dude! witchblade is HOT!

Posted by MysteriousBlack

The interiors looks amazing.
Posted by Media_Master

Art is amazing as usual!!

Posted by ElJuano

I don't know... Poser models that have been painted over don't look appealing to me... Those blank stares freak me out!

Posted by frogger

@Green ankh:
I like these more adult theme comics like witchblade, X-Froce, 100 Bullets, etc. If I had an 11 year kid Id buy something like Pet Aengers and tell them about Witchblade a bit later.