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Nick Fury is scrambling to prepare the team to face their biggest threat.

When the Ultimate Universe was launched, there were some that felt it was just a rehash of the regular Marvel Universe. Over the years, we've clearly seen that this is not the case. While there are many similarities with many of the characters, others have evolved into completely different characters. If you've been reading ULTIMATE COMICS ULTIMATES, you know that they are facing their biggest enemy who happens to be one of the Marvel Universe's greatest heroes: Reed Richards. Now it's up to Nick Fury to ensure he can be defeated and the world can be saved.

Check out this first look at issue #7 courtesy of Marvel.

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Ultimate Comics Ultimates # 7, from the critically acclaimed team of Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic. After Captain America refuses Nick Fury’s desperate proposal to lead his team; the Ultimates are out of options and must change the rules of the game in order to stand a chance against Reed Richards and The Children of Tomorrow! Can Nick Fury pick up the pieces of his broken team in time to save the world against this super human threat? Find out as Ultimate Comics Ultimates # 7 hits comic shops everywhere and the Marvel Comics app, this month!
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Penciled by ESAD RIBIC

Colors by DEAN WHITE


Rated T+ …$3.99

FOC – 2/6/12, ON SALE – 2/29/12

Edited by DarkChris


Also, first!

Posted by Duo_forbidden

Looks like SEAR might be joining in the fight. I wonder who is that talking to Hulk?

Can't wait. Ultimate Comics: Ultimates has been great so far under Hickman.

Posted by wowylied


issue 7 or volume 7 ?

Posted by Burnstar1230

Is that supposed to be Bruce having a Tea Party with the Hulk?

And yeah, I believe that The City and The People are going to clash.

Posted by Meteorite
@wowylied said:


issue 7 or volume 7 ?

Issue #7.
Posted by AgeofHurricane

Esad Ribic ? I have no idea what the Ultimates is about but his art is awfully tempting.

Posted by Hakudoushinumbernine

never was a big fan of the the ultimate universe since they killed off my boy and gave him a blond haired skinny kid that out of now where gets an adamantium skeleton. i do like the new ultimate Spiderman though.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Wow, the art looks awfully tempting to me. Great stuff! The floating rocks remind me alot of Pandora.

Posted by jerfro23

Loving how ultimate comics gong so far reed is biggest challenge any of them will face.hope to see ben grimm and sue later in the series

Posted by TheCrowbar

Seriously what they've done in the Ultimate Universe has been both shocking and well done. It's a verse that Marvel(And the writers and artists that work in the Ultimate Universe) should be proud of!

Posted by The Impersonator

ultimate news!

Posted by TDK_1997

Looks amazing

Posted by PabloGdeAnda

What if that's Ben Grimm having a tea with the Hulk?

What if them BOTH go smashing the City together?

Posted by Watcherg6