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First Look: THE BIONIC MAN #11

Dynamite Entertainment gives us a look at the covers and solicit to the series' eleventh issue.

The eleventh issue of Dynamite Entertainment's BIONIC MAN is set to hit stores this July. We're approaching the end of the first story arc and following its release the book will move away from Kevin Smith's direction of the book. The issue will focus on the events following the battle with Hull, returning the central character, Steve Austin to his family farm where he must reveal to his loved ones his "bionic transformation."

So, how will they take it? How will they react to his reappearance? If you've been following the Dynamite series written by Phil Hester and based on Kevin Smith's concept.

Written by PHIL HESTER
Covers by ALEX ROSS (main), JONATHAN LAU (1:10)
After his epic battle with Hull, Steve Austin returns to his family's farm to reconnect with his loved ones. How can he break the news of his bionic transformation to his family who believed him dead, especially when that information may cost him the life of his father? Also, just who or what is stalking Steve from the outskirts of the farm?

Dynamite has given us a look at the upcoming covers and official solicit for the book's July issue. What do you think? Are you following the series? Check out some previously posted Dynamite first look's here and here.

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Posted by Sidious

I don't want to sound like a Kevin Smith fan boy (even though he was the reason I looked at the book in the first place), but I'm really liking the updated story from "I, Cyborg".

The characters are being believable and the pace is at a good clip.

Not sure how I'd feel if they introduced Bionic Big Foot but I love that Max made an appearance.

Posted by NightFang

@Sidious: What you said.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Such a great series. And that Ross cover is totally phenomenal. Ross really is the Dean of Comic Book Artists in my opinion. Excellent stuff!

Posted by The Impersonator

Bionic....Bionic Man. Tuuduu Tududuuu. =P

Posted by KidSupreme

i been following the series, i gotta say i'm lovin it.