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First Look: Taskmaster #1

Woo! Taskmaster in his own comic!

When I first saw Taskmaster in an Avengers comic in the 80s, I immediately was drawn to him. You have to admit, he has a pretty cool power. Who wouldn't want the ability to be able to mimic anyone's moves or actions?  
Taskmaster has never been a straight arrow so it makes total sense that he would use his abilities for...less than noble things. He made a living and reputation training other villains how to fight and kill. 
Taskmaster was doing the right thing when he was involved in the Initiative. He helped trained new heroes. But with Norman Osborn's Dark Reign over, where does that leave him? It turns out a rumor surfaced that he's working for Steve Rogers and so became the target of a billion dollar bounty hunt. Now, to find out who framed him, he'll have to discover his own secret origin. 
 == TEASER ==
Sounds great to me! Taskmaster #1 is written by Fred Van Lente with art by "rising star" Jefte Paolo. The cover will be drawn by Alex Garner and goes on sale September 1. Check out a "first look" below. 

Posted by Chane

Is it a one shot, limited or ongoing?

Edited by starkiller95
limited,4th issues
Posted by pinchpaker29

Finally! :) I have been meaning to learn more about Taskmaster! 
Decent art! What is that cobra club thingy that he is holding? haha Is he training  Cobra Henchmen now against GI Joe?! haha

Posted by NXH

Er huh. This wont last.

Posted by PrinceIMC

It'd be cool to see Taskmaster get an ongoing. They could have Deadpool guest star if they're worried about sales.

Posted by MercWithaMouth2385
@pinchpaker29 said:
" Finally! :) I have been meaning to learn more about Taskmaster!  Decent art! What is that cobra club thingy that he is holding? haha Is he training  Cobra Henchmen now against GI Joe?! haha "
Nah... If you look at the bottom right of that panel you can see a glove with a snake tail wrapped around it.... He probably just snatched it off one of the Serpent Society henchmen. This is going to be a great series... hopefully it get's a decent response from readers so it can be a longtime run!
Posted by Mumbles

taskmaster will fail

Posted by pinchpaker29
I really hope so as well, with a great story maybe his fan base will even be bigger after this... Taskmaster has a ton of potential!
Posted by Bobby X

Damn...I need more money
Posted by thabigred

I don't know how I feel about the art. This spray paint look is getting overused.

Posted by xerox_kitty

I grew to like Taskie during Avengers: Initiative, so I might just get this after all...

Posted by Benzo

I'm definetley getting this!!!!! :D ,You gotta love taskmaster!!!!

Posted by MisterMollusk

Ahahaha, he's pretty awesome. 

Posted by logan48227

Loved the old UDON Taskmaster limited series, so I'm looking forward to this one too. I still think he could carry an ongoing book.
Posted by ceniza

let's see how this pans out. not a taskmaster fan. 

Posted by dondasch

Looking forward to this and have been since I knew about it. 

Posted by stu

YEAAAH! taskmaster is so cool! cant wait to read it!

Posted by darkcloakx

i'm interested in taskmaster too because of his powers and character.

Posted by hdorman1

Way overdue 
his last mini series was pure gold 

Posted by Nyogtha

Excited about this ever since they mentioned it this month.

Posted by Bossjugg

man to bad this is a mini I would enjoy an ongoing taskmaster comic

Posted by TheMarvelFanboy

Gonna put it on my pull-list.

Posted by Pacperson

:O! Could it be!? Taskmaster getting his own ongoing!? .....YEeeeEEEeeeSSSss!
Not crazy about the art tho...i Wish UDON would draw him again...that costume was awesome

Posted by Eyz

Anyway, this sounds pretty neat!
I loved the UDON's Taskmaster mini series back in early 2000s (I guess..), can't wait for this!

Posted by Violet-Eyed Dragon


Posted by Pizawle

Nice illustration and the character is cool so I'll definitely check it out.

Posted by Mutant X

I just might get this.

Posted by Jotham

Looks pretty good, but I have no idea what is going on in those pages.

Posted by Surdefunctaph

 I love Taskmaster, but this art is awful :(  Fred Van Lente is a good enough writer that I'll try this despite that, but I'm much less excited about this than I was before.

Posted by Metatron_Da_Don
Posted by shawn87

liking the cover but the interior isn't the greatest