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It's the start of All Out War! The goblins finally make their attack on New York City!


(W) Dan Slott (A & CA) Giuseppe Camuncoli

The end is here – and today, Marvel is proud to present your first look at SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #27.NOW – Part 1 of ‘Goblin Nation’! The Superior Spider-Man has failed. From the shadows, Goblin has taken complete control of New York’s underworld, right under his very nose. And it’s all Otto Octavius’ fault. The pieces are in play. The Goblin and his army are poised to dismantle his life piece by piece. But the Superior Spider-Man isn’t going down without a fight. Otto faces his greatest battle yet against Spider-Man’s greatest nemesis. [But] is he ready?

Win or lose, it’s all going to change. All leading up to April’s grand finale that will change everything you though you knew about Spider-Man! Don’t miss the first chapter of the biggest event in the entire Superior Spider-Man Saga when SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #27.NOW swings into comic shops this February!

Variant Cover by MARK BROOKS

Animal Variant by JENNY PARKS

FOC 1/20/14, ON-SALE 2/12/14

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Edited by sparty-dbq

Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out, Otto.

Edited by cosmoman

Wow, this is a really good plot and though i am not a fan of the "superior" spider man, i want to read it. BUT AS FAR AS HE'S CONCERNED OTTO CAN BE MURDERED AND I WOULDN'T BLINK, BECAUSE PETER IS ON HIS WAY BACK!!

Posted by Rainja
Posted by redhood21

Ben Reilly returns! anyone? no? FINE.

Posted by frogdog

@dathomiesilversurfer: They are fake considering they want to leave as soon as superior is finished. Also the main reason why Peter Parker is going back to square one is because of Dan Slott not Peter Parker, not to mention ock is still the same a$$wipe from day one, had everybody not written to be dumber that sack of hammers, this book would(should of IMO) have ended much eariler.

they're ruining one of the freshest comics around.

@mezmero said:

@barkley: @tigerkaya: You guys never heard of an anti-villain before? Ya big sillies.

Compared to somebody like David Xanatos or Dr Doom, Otto is about as deep as a puddle

Edited by Smart_Dork_Dude


YES!!!!!!!! SO MUCH YES!!!!!!!!

Posted by feargalr

God I'm gonna miss this title; dreading Peter's return as it is, and the April solicit even says 'same old Parker luck' - 'same old' being the operative statement. And all to tie in with a movie, they're ruining one of the freshest comics around.


Posted by InnerVenom123

This is gonna be so much fun.

Edited by Kerrigan

I've enjoyed SSM, but the narrowness of the character always limited how long it could maintain momentum: a fundamentally unpleasant character provides some laughs and some dark anti-hero action, but there's really not much farther you can go. A hero's story has the drive of moral purpose, and risks and consequences have greater narrative weight if the character actually has relationships and people he cares about. You can do bigger and better stories with a hero than a villain.

And I like Ock better with bad hair and metal arms. I hope he lives, and realizes he doesn't actually have to have Parker's body to do the things he's been trying to do.

Posted by tigerkaya

@frogdog: Agreed on all accounts. Perhaps I can play a tune on my violin to ease the pain for the Superior fans, nah. Their leave of the title is all I need to feel content.

Posted by IDontLikeBirds

@barkley: You're not in a position to judge why someone does or doesn't like Peter Parker. You're allowed your opinion on him, as are others. Personally I got tired of Peter Parker and the "Parker luck". The series got repetitious after a while. Brand New Day mixed things up a bit, which was cool, but they needed to have the character evolve more and more. As for being a Spider-man fan? Miguel O'Hara has always been my favorite.

Edited by frogdog

@idontlikebirds: Complains about peter parker not evolving

Still reads Batman

No sir that doesn't make you hypocrite

Posted by tigerkaya

@frogdog: typical bat fans and superior fans. They act like they love change yet on certain characters are no different than Parker fans. Bunch of hypocrite.

Edited by Star_Boy616

Ufff thank God that the art isn't with Ramos. I like his art, but with Otto as the protagonist I prefer a darker artist. That was my principal gripe with Darkest Hours.

Posted by frogdog

@tigerkaya: If these guys actually had comics like Saga or even invincible, I would understand but these hypocrites either have books from charcaters who have heroes longer than Peter with less development making full of s***.

The more these clowns talk, the quicker I want superior to end.

Posted by Skinja

@mickeymayhew said:

Peter isn't boring, he's just a character that's been around a very long time - 700 issues - and what more could they do with him? once the movie has gone...god...back to the same old; please don't go, Otto!!

Seriously! People are calling fans of Superior Spider-Man "fake fans" of Spider-Man, which is ridiculous. I love Pete as Spidey, but over the course of 1000s of comics, his character has slowly been burned out to the point where everything about him is predictable. He's an overgrown manchild. The mistakes he makes are no longer "Parker luck", they stem from some sick deep seated lack of maturing as a human. Otto was a dick, but at least he changed things up and made some progress in Petes life. I'm excited for Pete to come back, but not at the loss of character growth and development.

I understand the whole "everyone's characterization was off during SSM", "nobody realized he wasn't Peter" and I get that. But honestly, I still prefer this poor characterization of some characters if new, more interesting stories then "Oh, fudging Aunt May has 10 hours to get her medication before she dies and Hammerhead has the last dose of it" BS we've been getting over and over again. I want to see Pete grow up just a LITTLE bit. I loved JMSs run for that reason.


Its not that we are all obsessed with antiheroes, it's that Peter became extremely boring and pathetic and it was entertaining to see some one else tackle spider-mans problems in a different manner. Also, Scarlet Spider has been 100x better than any recent Slott Spider-Man to date.


Also to all the people complaining about others enojying SSM, what the hell is wrong with you? You're getting Peter back but you still take time out of your day to go and insult people who enjoy something different to you. You guys enjoy Amazing Spider-Man for your own reasons, others enjoy Superior Spider-Man for their own reasons, complaining at them wont change that. Grow up.

Posted by tigerkaya

@skinja: Grow up huh, like how Superior made fun of Parker fans and telling oh he should stay dead more Spock please. We are just returning the insults as non fans leave the Spider-Man books for good. Its only fair really.

Edited by Skinja

@tigerkaya: You do realize returning insults only makes the situation worse? Be the bigger man.

Posted by DatHomieSilverSurfer
@frogdog said:

@tigerkaya: If these guys actually had comics like Saga or even invincible, I would understand but these hypocrites either have books from charcaters who have heroes longer than Peter with less development making full of s***.

The more these clowns talk, the quicker I want superior to end.

For a matter of fact, I grew into a spider-man fan reading the essential volumes and ultimate spider-man, so I know change and growth when I see it. Although Pete only aged like1-2 years, as a person his story grew and changed and metamorphosed into something beautiful. And I love anything Brian k Waughn, Y the last man is a personal favorite and Saga is incredible. I don't want Spider-man to go back to his normal 700 year existence, but I will read it because I AM A SPIDER-MAN FAN, and there will be other writers. But don't be hating on people that embraced change.

Posted by frogdog

@dathomiesilversurfer: Peter was still a teenager for over 10years in Ultimate. Not even the best example of change and growth.

Haha on Spider-Man going back to be normal, Spider-Man hasn't been normal since the clone saga of the 90's with most his big stories getting even dumber. Superior Spider-Man wasn't a change it the same stupid crap the franchise has had since the 90's.

Edited by tigerkaya

@frogdog: sad but true and Superior was just bringing in the wrong kind of fans that are worse than vultures. Makes me sick that they complain about Peter coming back going back to the usual stories yet still praise Superman and Batman like gods yet have little development and will never grow.

Posted by DatHomieSilverSurfer

@frogdog: by growth I was referring to character development, not growth as in aging

Posted by frogdog

@frogdog: by growth I was referring to character development, not growth as in aging

Lucky for ultimate only has one writer.

Edited by DatHomieSilverSurfer

@frogdog: good point

in the ideal world the main properties would really be allowed to develop, but I guess that would eventually mean ending these big sellers.

Edited by Rollie

@tigerkaya - YEAH. GOD forbid we like something that YOU don't. Screw those that have an opinion that differs from yours.

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