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First Look: SHE-HULK #1

Check out what Jennifer Walters is up to in her latest series.

Lawyer. Avenger. Hero. Friend. Jennifer Walters has been called many things – but to most, she’s known only as the She-Hulk! Today, Marvel is proud to present your first look at SHE-HULK #1 – the all-new ongoing series written by rising star Charles Soule and drawn by fan-favorite artist Javier Pulido! Savior of the world on more than one occasion, Jennifer Walters is embarking on a brand new, and no less dangerous mission – opening a new law practice!

“One of the big themes I'm going to play with is how in the world Jennifer is supposed to do everything she's supposed to do,” said Charles Soule, in an interview with “We don't want things to be easy for our heroes—we want to see them overcome great difficulties. She-Hulk will battle one of the greatest villains of all: scheduling.”

“But She-Hulk will fight her share of giant robots and irradiated monsters, I promise,” he continued.

“Charles gets the humanity of this character – this book doesn’t just have superhero action, it has an emotional core that makes that action all the more meaningful,” says Associate Editor Tom Brennan. “And with Javier Pulido, we have a master storyteller who brings so much to the story and gives this series a texture and a pop of energy that defines All New Marvel NOW!”

But juggling her caseload and kicking bad guy butt might be a bit more complicated than she imagines. Not to mention the growing number of supervillains she’s making personal enemies of. Sure she can knock The Thing out in one punch, but this time she may have bit off more than she can chew! And that’s just the start of it. Don’t miss a new beginning for the jade champion of justice when SHE-HULK #1 smashes into comic shops this February!

SHE-HULK #1 (DEC130634)





SIYA OYUM, and SKOTTIE YOUNG Also Available!

FOC 1/20/14, ON-SALE 2/12/14

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Edited by jwalser3

Looks good, just the art is a tad odd.

Edited by sora_thekey

Don't like her outfit. It's too goofy... Then again it seems like that's the way this title will go: Comedy.

Posted by Wardishy

@jwalser3: I had the same thought, I've got no problem with 'cartoony' art or whatever you'd call it but something about it just seemed strange.

Posted by MarcosVergara14

I don't like the art

What happened to her eyes!?

Posted by ptigrusmagus

She looks like an alien, ugly art

Posted by TheMantisShrimp

I was going to pick this up but I'm not feeling the art that much, hmm...

Posted by jwalser3

@wardishy: Like FFs art and Daredevil are fine. But it's things like this, I can't get past.

"She Hulk...Who...Who are you looking at?"

Posted by CheeseSticks

This look horrible. Won't go further than 5-10 issues IMO.

Posted by The Stegman

Ehhhh. No.

Posted by Master_Thief


Edited by Jonny_Anonymous

I like the art until the close up of her face

Edited by webofthornns

Was excited for this title, then I saw the art, I'll pass to many other options out there

Posted by ARMIV2

Those covers are freaking gorgeous. The interiors...ehhh?

Posted by consafo80

Looking forward to this and the art looks fine to me.

Posted by War Killer

Her new outfit looks freakin' ugly. Seriously, what was wrong with this outfit?

Posted by Renchamp

Soule must be pulling from his own experience as an attorney and comic guy. The stories should be interesting, but the art is dreadful. I don't know if I can go from cartoony Master Allred to cartoony cartoon. I will give it a shot, but I loved Mike Allred's not-so-secret crush/perfect pencilling of She-Hulk.

Posted by JonSmith

Why, art? Why must you repel me from this book I'm otherwise interested in? What did I do to you?

Posted by NoahMcnasty

how did this horrible art make it past marvel quality control. oh right they don't have that department.

Edited by richRYDR

why cant the art inside be like the cover art?????

Posted by The Stegman

Her new outfit looks freakin' ugly. Seriously, what was wrong with this outfit?

Why can't she just be naked I say!

Edited by TheManInTheShoe

I might sound like a pessimist here but I don't like the outfit or the art. The covers are great and I really dig the fact Jennifer gets a bigger part of Marvel.

Posted by ChillinVillain

I'm not feeling the art for this book. I like this guy's art in everything else he does...just not here.

I'll likely wait till they change artists, before I get this book....and I was really close to wanting to pick this up too...

Posted by PunyParker
Edited by Pokeysteve

The art looks terrible but the story sounds interesting. Are their any books out there that Soule ISN'T writing lol

Posted by animehunter

Yup, I liked she-hulk although this art, let's just say I hope the writings good.

Posted by PunyParker
Posted by MasterBelmont

Sounds like an interesting series substance-wise, but when it comes to style, I don't think I could look at it.

Posted by GrenadeFlow

The art isn't my style which sucks cuz I really wanted to get this

Edited by MaccyD

Hmm, must try out a first few issues before seeing will i pull it.

Posted by CaptainMarvel4Ever

Looks like a fun book.

Edited by staypuffed

All of the variants are a million times better than the interiors... yeesh

Edited by Novemberx2

@staypuffed: except Skottie "I can't believe im getting paid to draw these 5 minute doddles of the same gimmick a million times for these expensive variant covers" Young

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

reminds me of Hawkeye!!!!

The art isn't that great though.

Edited by Perfect 10

reminds me of captain marvel sigh. cause gods forbid a female led book where said lead is going on adventures

Posted by JairamGanpat

I don't have any problem with the art...

Posted by Maddpanda531

I honestly love that Skottie Young variant. As played out as the idea is, I really like this one.

Posted by shawn87

This will get canceled real fast...

Edited by dreamfall31

I like the art, but I really don't like how Pulido's faces look...heads look too round, almost a perfect circle...

Posted by Sakurafire

I've been looking forward to the new She Hulk series forever. I love Pulido's artwork, but the preview could have been better. I'm sure once he gets used to drawing Jen, it'll be okay. Hey Marvel, how about me on art? =)

Posted by Darkchild

@jwalser3 said:

Looks good, just the art is a tad odd.

its horrible

Posted by nappystr8

Skottie Young cover! Pulido wouldn't be my first choice, but the art looks better than I was expecting it to. I'm just so happy to have a She-Hulk solo again.

Posted by staypuffed
Edited by Lykida

I will have to get used to the art, but when the first series started I wasn't too thrilled about Bobillo either. And I ended up loving him. The new outfit looks very 80s-ish. But I kinda like that, I mean, Jen is into 80s power ballads, so that's alright.

I'm definitely checking this out and happy about Shulkie rocking her own series again!

Edited by lykopis

I love all the variant covers (Wada's my fave) and I am loving the interior art and I am loving the new costume.

Hopefully this book does well.

Posted by comicbookfan93

@novemberx2: I know I'm getting pretty bored of his covers now

Edited by SimonM7

Pulido's art bugs me, but it's less about the style and more about the finish.

I love minimalist and/or pop art styles. I think the likes of Samnee and Aja and Allred do *incredible* work on their respective titles, and they're joyous exercises in less is much, much more. There's amazing craft in Samnee's backgrounds, in his use of shadows - there's incredible presence in Allred's characters' eyes, and a disarming quality in his almost naive poses and body language. The latter powers Aja's art, as well, with an almost cinematic flow across pages, each sequential pose seamlessly woven into the next. There's palpable effort - a sense that everything about their styles is deliberate and carefully applied.

Pulido can draw people however he likes. Wide, fish-eyed faces is all well and good. What really gets to me, however, is an unshakable sense that a lot ends up looking one way or another because of who cares.

The Hawkeye annual was especially gruelling for me, because it was basically 50% silhouettes. Artistic choice? Mayyybeeeeee....? I didn't feel that way. I felt like it was a quick way to skip drawing stuff. Because uggghhh...; drawing stuff, right? When we DO get drawings, they look like this:

This is a panel from the Hawkeye Annual. What bothers me isn't that it's not perfectly photo realistic, it's that it looks like even the style attempted is compromised by this must only take 2 minutes to draw and ink. I'm almost insulted by the Hydra guy's hand.

I just get the impression that the one drawing it doesn't feel it's worth spending time and effort doing, and so I'm overwhelmed by a desire to echo the sentiment and put the comic down. I pulled through because I love Hawkeye and I love Matt Fraction's writing, but it was truly agonising to see Pulido silhouette his way through almost the entire story, creating a crippling disconnect between the writing and what was going on.

You can google Pulido and find pages from comics prior that look completely fine. I can take or leave his style, but it's much harder to swallow this seemingly new-found nonchalance. I find it so much more irritating than an art style I truly hate, but you can tell that the artist is *trying*.

And I'm sure people will tell me to just *not read this* if it bothers me so much, and you're right. I probably won't. That sucks, though, because I was stoked about a new She-Hulk book.

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