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First Look: NOVA #3 (Black-and-White)

Take an early look at the third issue of the new NOVA series.

This marks the third day in a row for NOVA previews and issue #1 hasn't even been released yet. Tuesday we got a look at who Sam Alexander is in the NOVA #1 preview. Yesterday we had an early black-and-white look at NOVA #2 and his meeting with the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Today we get an early look at NOVA #3. It's so early, the pages are still in their penciled stage. Check it out.

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at NOVA #3, from the chart-topping, award-winning creative team of Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness! It’s time for Sam Alexander’s first training day as Nova, but when your teachers are the Guardians of the Galaxy, nothing’s easy! But as the truth about his heritage is revealed, along with the full scope of an interstellar threat facing Earth, can Sam find the strength to be the Super Hero his world needs?

This April, Jeph Loeb & Ed McGuinness bring Sam Alexander face to face with his toughest challenge yet in Nova #3!

NOVA #3 (FEB130510)

Written by JEPH LOEB

Art & Cover by ED MCGUINNESS

FOC—3/25/13, On-Sale- 4/17/13

== TEASER ==

NOVA #1 goes on sale February 20.

Posted by Cafeterialoca

Ah, the old "Use Uatu to make what your doing seem important" trick.

Posted by GothamRed

Uatu looks like the alien from Signs.

Posted by broo1232

Looks interesting please tell me Loeb doesn't decided for Nova to punch him (not again)

Posted by Trevel8182

Were is Richard Rider?

Posted by dondave

Art looks good

Posted by ArtisticNeedham

So they wont be putting out an all penciled rough art version like Marvel did with Alan Davis' Fantastic Four: The End? I still want to get this series. Love the art and it looks fun.

Posted by mrpandopool

Umm heritage why do I have the feeling it has something to do with his father being a Nova killed in action during the annihiliation wave? or something like that and that Richard Rider is alive but in danger or something like that because if Star-Lord is alive maybe Richard is alive too but just lost in the universe or some big bad dude has him or something plotwise

Posted by BritishMonkey

When they show Rider is back then I'll be less pesimistic about this series.

Posted by evilvegeta74

@Trevel8182 said:

Were is Richard Rider?

What he said.

Posted by leokearon

@Cafeterialoca said:

Ah, the old "Use Uatu to make what your doing seem important" trick.

Yeah, because that works all the time :D

Posted by InkInk

Why is there so many previews for his book? are they nervous there will be slow sales at first?

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Is that the Watcher? Is Nova gonna punch it? also

@evilvegeta74 said:

@Trevel8182 said:

Were is Richard Rider?

What he said.


Posted by TheCommissar

@Trevel8182 said:

Were is Richard Rider?

Abandoned to make use of Loeb's pet character.

Posted by UrmanitaRules

@Trevel8182: Currently, he is said to be dead after one of Marvel's cosmic events. He of course heroically "sacrificed" himself to save the universe.

Posted by deadpool25mm

@Cafeterialoca said:

Ah, the old "Use Uatu to make what your doing seem important" trick.


Posted by chocobojam

Maybe that kid is your beloved Richard Rider. or maybe his son? I don't know why everyone hate Loeb but im definitely trying this out of curiosity.

Posted by fury714

"Ah, the old "Use Uatu to make what your doing seem important" trick." - Win.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Nice art! Plus, anything with Uatu's great I say.

Posted by alex6166


I have that one. Very tight pencils

Makes me wonder how Ultimates 4 was supposed to be about. Loeb and McGuiness was going to do that one and McGuiness decided to stick with Hulk.

Posted by ArtisticNeedham

@alex6166:I am actually glad that they did Hulk instead. McGuinness' work on Red Hulk and that whole story was awesome. His style worked best with the bulky Hulks. Maybe better than what would have been the Ultimates.

Posted by mettlekm


Posted by jmills

I might be going out on a limb here, but I feel like Jeph Loeb is injecting a little bit of his late son into this book. His name was Sam too and he died of cancer, and in the preview pages for issue two it looked like Sam Alexander was in a hospital. And I don't think that's a bad thing. I find that when writers inject a little bit of their personal story into a book it usually turns out great. The old adage, "write what you know", and all that. So it could be a really good, really emotional story. I'm intrigued...