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First Look: NEW AVENGERS #16.NOW

In March, Everything Dies. Uh oh.

This March, the past comes back to haunt even the most powerful heroes in NEW AVENGERS #16.NOW, from New York Times Bestselling writer Jonathan Hickman and chart-topping artist Rags Morales! No more bloodshed. The proud Black Panther and the arrogant Namor have sued for peace. To save their nations of Wakanda and Atlantis they must set aside their differences. As members of the Illuminati, a secret collective of the Marvel Universe’s most powerful heroes, they must work together in secret to stop the extinction of their entire universe! But their amends may be too little too late. Their universe is unravelling – and everyone pays the price for their sins. There’s no turning back for the Illuminati after this issue! No fan can afford to miss NEW AVENGERS #16.NOW!





Variant Cover by RAGS MORALES (JAN140637)

FOC – 3/03/2014, On-Sale – 3/26/2014

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

So is that the Justice League?

Posted by Wardishy
Posted by Wolverine08

Nice art.

Posted by pquails

I love all three of these guys... New ideas aren't hard to find, I wish someone would tell that to the guys butchering Wolverine.

Posted by Squalleon

So is that the Justice League?

What makes you say that, I don't see anything similar? (sarcasm)

Posted by Oscars94

@squalleon: Alternate Universe Squadron Supreme.

Posted by GrenadeFlow

The Mapmakers are about to get that work

Posted by Squalleon

@oscars94 said:

@squalleon: Alternate Universe Squadron Supreme.

Meh... it's the Justice Society let's not fool ourselves. The even call them the heroes of the great Society in may's solitics.
I learned about SS but here even the designs look like the originals.

Posted by RustyRoy
Posted by movieartman

ok good, i was very concerned about Rags coming on this title after i didnt like his action comics work, but this lookes pretty good, looks like what salvador larrocas work would look like is he was still good

Posted by ChocolateFrogs

So maybe some closure to the Volume 1 story? I've been waiting for an ending after the six issues didn't give it!

Posted by BraveKnight99
Posted by Mrgreenlantern
Edited by micah

Love New Avengers

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

what the hell is Justice League doing in MARVEL?

Posted by Z3RO180

Wait wait why is Superman Blonde ?

Posted by HumanRocket

Still the best Marvel Avengers book series.

Posted by ccraft

I'm I missing something, why are people calling this Justice League?

Posted by RaggedScarecrow
@z3ro180 said:

Wait wait why is Superman Blonde ?

And Flash a woman. But more importantly, did Dr. Fate and Batman have a magic baby? Cause that's what glowstick man looks like to me.

@ccraft said:

I'm I missing something, why are people calling this Justice League?

The character design makes them look eerily similar to the JL members (while being distinct enough to save them from copyright laws). Take a look as the red and yellow speedster and tell me that you don't see gender-bent Flash.

Posted by ccraft
Edited by LyraFay

I thought Black Panther was Batman for a minute on that cover!

Edited by MaccyD

I doubt people would have even noticed the JL similarities without the Speedster woman.

Posted by LiveForever

Still the best Marvel Avengers book series.

Posted by J_HickmanIsGod

Jonathan hickman is spectacular in this book, i hope he does this for a long while, and i also hope this series goes on for a longtime, one of my favorites at Marvel hands down.

cant wait for this issue! just look at that cover! gorgeous

Posted by Perfect 10

cant wait though i will miss the interior art but still got him for covers