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First Look: GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #12 - The Trial of Jean Grey

Get a look at what happens the Guardians get involved.

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #12, from the rock star creative team of Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli! Jean Grey has been abducted by the Shi’ar Empire – accused of cataclysmic crimes she has yet to commit. But not all is as it seems. How are Star-Lord’s malevolent father and the Spartax Empire involved? Now, as the Guardians of the Galaxy and the All-New X-Men race to the edge of the deep space to rescue her – they’ll enlist the help of some very unlikely allies. One of whom will have world shattering consequences for one of the All-New X-Men! But even they may not be enough to stop the most powerful army in the Universe. Don’t miss the encounter that will have everyone buzzing this February inGUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #12!



Art & Cover by SARA PICHELLI

Variant Cover by DALE KEOWN

FOC 2/03/14, ON-SALE 2/26/14

Edited by Life_Without_Progress

I feel a little bad for Angel on that cover, a few seconds later, she's gonna beat his face to a pulp

Edited by Oscars94

This looks sweet. Poor O5. There time has not been a picnic!

Posted by Guardiandevil83

Damn, that art.

Posted by CaptainHoopla

Man that belt buckle. They should have gone ahead and put some steer horns or something on there.

Posted by thenexusrebound

I absolutely LOVE Sara Pichelli's art. It is absolutely stunning, and I have really been enjoying this book.

Edited by angelalfonso

I been loving all new x-men, but a relationship between young Cyclops and X-23 makes be sick

Posted by ArturoCalaKayVee

I love this book, I love ANXM, and this arc is going to be awesome.

Posted by kalorama

I thought Cyclops' eye beams made it impossible for him to cry.

Posted by millennium

yeah im going to skip this cross over so it looks like im not going to be reading gotg until april

Edited by LordMordor

nah, Cyke has cried plenty of times before. I like the idea of the reverse triangle with Laura/Scott/Jean...but im not sold on the way Bendis writes her. Hopefully he grows into the character and makes her dialogue more like something she would actually say.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

LOL @ ANGEL trying to hit ANGELA

Posted by Denn979

Im okay with Scott and X23 because of what Jean did with Beast. Now that was disgusting.

Posted by Maddpanda531

Honestly, I actually like the budding relationship between Cyclops and X-23.

On an additional note, I am prepared to marry this art. That's how much I love it.

Edited by darthphoenix

love the art

Posted by DjBest02

I like how Jean looks! The Art is amazing!

Posted by akbogert

*draws attention away from terrible love triangle and to the fact that Warren was drinking out of a curly straw*

Posted by Crimsonlord53

Why are they beating the shi'ar on the cover. It looks like quill's dad is the one holding jean.

Posted by Deadknight

@life_without_progress: I can't help but picture him trying to come up with some cheesy pick-up line involving their names. "Angela? (point to self) Angel. Ah?" or "So did you fall down from Heaven, or did you just not see me up there before?" or... Yeah, I'm reaching here...

Edited by Guardiandevil83

Angel trying to holla at Angela is funny, because she actually was an Angel. Wonder if Bendis did that on purpose. Genius if he did.

Posted by Ostyo
Edited by Smurfboy

The art is very nice. I like that. Is Guardians of The Galaxy actually good thus far? What does anyone think of this series? I had a thought about following this for a while now.

Edited by IcePrince_X

Beautiful...this is just stunning art.

Posted by Aatami

i luv this series

Edited by Lazz33

I know there are a lot of Bendis hate out there, but so far I love what he's done with Guardians and the X-teams.

Edited by The_Titan_Lord

Really. The art is stunning. DANG!

Posted by New_World_Order

Honestly, I actually like the budding relationship between Cyclops and X-23.

Posted by TheAcidSkull

F*ck you bendis. F*ck you, F*cking hack.

Edited by Avenger85

@theacidskull: Why so angry lol ? It's Bendis. You know he does stuff that might not please a lot of folks.

Posted by Hassun

Will someone please get Bendis away from existing characters already?

And stop giving him the decent artists too while you're at it.

A boring, unoriginal "are you still guilty of something if you have not done it yet" story combined with a literally ruinous treatment of both X-23 (in All New X-men) and Star-Lord (In Guardians of the Galaxy).

A disgusting mess.

Edited by Supreme_Maj

I hope Marvel will make Angela class 100 tonnes of strength because if we try to look into this there is no woman class 100 hummmmmm maybe Miss Hulk and Valkyrie (curse mode) the boosted from the fearless Defenders

Posted by nfareed71024

lot of hate of bendis in this comments although he is prolly the best writer currently in marvel right now. i love both these books and a crossover gon be interesting

Posted by Oscars94
Posted by Skyhawk1


Posted by RowdyFromScrubs

When did Angel leave the Uncanny Xmen? Did I miss that?

Posted by Wowlock

Ah the triangles... Sometimes I wonder if they don't know any other geometric terms :) Why not a Love Square now that would be interesting ! And make all of them female members ! Innovation !

Posted by Avenger85

@wowlock said:

Ah the triangles... Sometimes I wonder if they don't know any other geometric terms :) Why not a Love Square now that would be interesting ! And make all of them female members ! Innovation !

Not gonna be a triangle. It's being set up for Scott/Laura and Jean/Hank.

Posted by Dstick88

@angelalfonso: Why does it make you ill? You make it sound like they are an interracial couple in the 1920s . (for the record i dont have anything against interracial couples but a majority of people in the 20's did)

Edited by akbogert

@nfareed71024: Bendis has written far better things in the past. The problem is his characterization, particularly of young characters, is extremely inconsistent. A couple of us are now getting irritated because of his handling of Laura. X-23 is a character who speaks so formulaically that half the time she doesn't even use contractions in her sentences -- yet in Bendis' hands she yells "call me nuts" and asks pointless questions in the heat of battle. Add to that her being tossed directly from the traumatic experience of Avengers Arena into a pseudo-romance that makes no sense whatsoever, and you're going to get frustration from a lot of her fans.

For myself, I've been enjoying ANXM and UXM, but I didn't have much prior knowledge of the characters so had nothing to compare their characterization to. I've heard similar complaints about other characters in the books to the ones I'm now having about X-23. Having just read Bendis' Daredevil run, I find the current stuff of his tremendously underwhelming.

Posted by angelalfonso

@dstick88: why? because it's like looking at wolverine and cyclops kiss

Posted by Dstick88

@angelalfonso: Better response than what i expected however 23 looks a whole lot better than logan lol

Posted by nfareed71024

@akbogert: i respect your opinion and completely understand but his mishandling of x-23 should not throw what he did for the marvel universe out the window