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First Look: Green Lantern The Animated Series

Get ready for Green Lantern to become a household name.

We are on the verge of all the New York Comic-Con announcements. TV Guide scored a first look at the upcoming Green Lantern animated series. 
Bruce Timm will be the Executive Producer so you know it's going to be good. There will be a panel on Saturday at NYCC from 2:30-3:30 p.m. in Room 1A14. Be sure to check it out if you are attending the convention. Producer Giancarlo Volpe and Producer/Story editor Jim Krieg will also be there to answer your questions 
Do you think a Green Lantern animated series We don't have an exact premiere date but it's a good thing to get this out around, if not before the release of the movie. I would imagine based on the track records of those involved that this won't be a rushed project just to accommodate getting GL's name out there.
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Posted by Eyz

This could turn out good....
Or pretty bad....
CGi shows (ughhh) are better stylized! (yay!)
After Bruce Timm's design? Sign me in! At least for the pilot~

Posted by Koz

This show could be awesome it could have stories that the movie can not show. It might be like Clone Wars. Lets keep our fingers crossed.
Posted by desmond006

this could be realy cool.
Posted by gohanman

This is going to be sexy :)

Posted by anunsi

I hope Bruce Timm brings all the people who worked with him on justice league like Dwayne Mcduffie and Andrea Ramano. I know its going to be hard for me to watch this show if its all cgi. I like the style they used in that Green Lantern First Flight dvd. This show is a maybe for me. I hope they don't make it a show to sell toys for the movie thats coming out.

Posted by They Killed Cap!

Im excited about this...I have really gotten into Green Lantern of the past year and this has a lot of potential. 
Posted by carlossaywhat

i think this'll be great!!! 
they could incorporate the blackest night, and brightest day sagas, plus the other colored lanterns 

Posted by TVN

I think it will be good.
It's something different from the redundant bunch of people we have to see all of the time.
I hope it last for a few years.

Posted by Misterwizz

It looks great.

Posted by Mainline

It makes a lot of sense for GL to be CG... the thing that holds a hand-drawn and animated GL back is the sheer amount of drafting and FX necessary to execute.  Everything is translucent and glowing and for the constructs to have any complexity beyond basic geometric shapes is asking a lot of overseas animators working just from storyboards.  With CG those issues all but go away... instead you have to deal with the fluidity of motion and humanity of the characters, but GLs fly reducing the amount of complex motions, GLs aren't all humanoid- removing the uncanny valley issues with the non-humans, and Bruce Timm's square-jawed style is already very familiar to audiences mitigating the need for realistically rendered heroes.  Despite a general caution against CG (despite loving Clone Wars, $1M per 20 minutes would break DC) here it makes a ton of sense. 
Psyched to- hopefully- see footage tomorrow at NYCC.  Strangely, Geoff Johns spoke more about the GL Animated Series than Bruce Timm did in his panel.  Quick aside to put down for my own reference... Timm mentioned that Kingdom Come is unlikely to come to Warner Home Video (DCAU direct 2 disc toons) because of how closely tied the book was to the art of Ross... he mentioned that if the technology allowed live action / CG to be melded cheaply enough we could revisit the issue but for now it's not really something they want to do.

Posted by caesarsghost
amen- the 90s Batman was one of the greatest cartoons of all time- visual, story, everything.  
And I have liked everything else that Bruce Timm has done so I think its looking great.
Posted by dj_tony
Posted by LoggerRythm

Bruce Timm has returned again. I wonder if this series will pick up right after the movie ended? Well either way, Timm's involved so it's got to be awesome.

Posted by Zoom

Ugh.  Quit putting Hal in charge. 
John had more character in one episode than Hal had in the entirety of First Flight. 
Kyle and Guy have even more character than John so I really don't understand why Hal keeps getting to be front and center.
Posted by Sexy Merc
@Zoom: What about Jack T. Chance? I think he should make a cameo at the very least
Posted by Doctor!!!!!

Everything is coming out in 2011!!!! 

Posted by Billy Batson

Green Lantern should already be a household name!