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First Look: FF #15

Could this be your favorite team guest-starring in FF?

Is Doctor Doom a hero now? Did he really sacrifice himself to help save the universe? Will that sacrifice give the Future Foundation the chance to defeat the Celestials? If they can't defeat the Celestials, surely Power Pack can!

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at FF #15, from the critically acclaimed team of Jonathan Hickman and Nick Dragotta. Doctor Doom’s self-sacrifice has bought the Universe a second chance! Now, it is up to the Future Foundation and special guest stars, Power Pack, to battle the mad Celestials as the standoff for the future begins! Can the Future Foundation ensure the Marvel Universe’s safety? Will Doctor Doom’s sacrifice be in vain? Find out in FF #15, hitting comic shops everywhere and the Marvel Comics app, this February! With a variant cover by seminal Power Pack artist June Brigman, no fan can miss this!
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FF #15 (DEC110653)




Variant Cover by JUNE BRIGMAN

Cover by MIKE CHOI

Rated T …$2.99

FOC – 2/6/12, ON SALE – 2/29/12

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Posted by All_Around_Nerd

cool....... and first

Posted by clemj

dr doom's crazy...and second

Posted by Arevish

Doom will sacrifice himself but he will survive. He can't die.

Posted by kingjoeg

He has already sacrificied himself. Thats his son.

Posted by BlackArmor

Hmm might check this out....and fifth

Posted by thanosrules

The last issue made me a big fan of Doom...

Today I commemorate his "sacrifice" by wearing him on my conference badge...

and as the cute girl at the local comic shop said: "He is filled with tiny rage!"

Posted by sinful

Good, new artist

Posted by Cafeterialoca

Guess Julie is taking a break from Avengers Academy.

Posted by MarvelMan1985

So in for Power Pack! :) but how thick are Julie Power legs. Thats not right is it :S

Posted by Mr. Kamikaze

New artist...still not my favorite, but better than the weirdness from before. Dragon Man doesn't look like a angry bulldog anymore, so that's a plus.

Posted by ReVamp

@Cafeterialoca said:

Guess Julie is taking a break from Avengers Academy.

Hope not

Posted by Cafeterialoca

@ReVamp: Well, she's going to hook up with Karolina again in the upcoming issues.

Posted by ReVamp

@Cafeterialoca said:

@ReVamp: Well, she's going to hook up with Karolina again in the upcoming issues.


Posted by Cafeterialoca

@ReVamp: I love how one page of that meeting gets a "AGAIN?" response.

But Avengers Academy is going to fight Runaways for issues 27 and 28. Cool beans I say!

Posted by ReVamp

@Cafeterialoca: I meant to... ask when was the first time?

Posted by Cafeterialoca

@ReVamp: Oh, silly me.

Runaways Vol 2. Somewhere near the beginning, Karolina and Julie get some attraction before Molly chucks Chamber at Julie.

Posted by frogjitsu

@ReVamp: I don't know if was trying to insinuate something, but they did meet during the True Believers arc of Runaways.

Posted by Cafeterialoca

@frogjitsu: And the cover to the issue teases a Karolina and Julie kiss.

Avengers Academy 27
Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Looks nice to me. Nice Celestials.

Posted by sora_thekey


Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I am picking up this issue just because the power pack is guest staring. They are one of my favorite superhero teams. Hope it will be a good issue.

Posted by umbrafeline

the blue celestial with the purple 'lights' looks like s/hes smiling

Posted by ARMIV2

I hope they kick the crap outta the Celestials. Those guys are jerks.

Posted by Video_Martian

@sora_thekey said:


Posted by moywar700

I'm surprsied marvel didn't do FF vs Powerpack. They seem to make a teams clash with each other at one point

Posted by The Impersonator


Posted by goldenkey

it'll end up him doing what he told Valeria what he'd do.

Posted by Ferro Vida

Didn't Cyclops' team already save the Earth from the Celestials?  

Posted by Deadcool

Power Pack is Back.

Posted by Miss_Garrick