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First Look: Fear Itself #6—Is This The End For Thor?

Previous teasers have lead to the speculation over the demise of Thor. Has the outcome been revealed already?

In case you were unaware, Fan Expo Canada is underway this weekend. It's a big even and there is some new information being announced. One bit that has been revealed is the preview for Fear Itself #6 as well as some images from Fear Itself #7.

There's been a lot going on here. We've already seen Bucky's fate. Previous teasers suggest that Thor won't be doing too well during this battle either. What about Captain America's shield? Will Iron Man be able to create a weapon using Asgardian technology while being intoxicated? Is Odin simply going to sit back or will he finally enter the fight against the Serpent?

Being that this is Marvel's current big event, there's bound to be some lasting ramifications from what happens here. With so many crazy events already, the question is whether or not some of the catastrophes will be magically fixed by Asgardian magic or will things like Captain America's shield and Bucky's fate stick for a while?

As for Thor, he's a god. Can gods truly die? How many times has he or other Asgardians died and come back? If you came here searching for answers to that previous image of the heroes carrying Thor's apparently lifeless body, look below if you want to know.

== TEASER ==

Here are the images from Fear Itself #6.

While we're talking Marvel News, check out this image for Battle Scars. I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot more about it. Taskmaster side-by-side with the Avengers? Sign me up!

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Posted by ninjacommando

Killing Thor would be dumb, but who knows, those could be decoy images, they make alternate endings to movies and tv shows to throw off anyone from leaking the true ending so why not comics? Don't really know the true context of those images anyhow, its anyone's guess. The Taskmaster image looks good.

Posted by ShadowX

yeah I figured, he wouldnt die. Just be seriously injured or something.
Posted by jotadex

who is pointing the gun??? 

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

This looks like a good isue. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens when the issue comes out to see if Thor is going to die

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

I hope they don't take Thor out. Seeing Taskmaster with the Avengers is indeed rather cool :)

Posted by Darthtravis
@jotadex said:
who is pointing the gun??? osborn???
My guess is that it is Norman Osbourn holding the gun.  There have been rumors that HAMMER would return and once again be led by Osbourn.  This is probably the beginning of that storyline. 
Posted by TDK_1997

Thor won't die,he will be seriously injured and theguy pointing the gun is Norman Osborn

Posted by jordama

steve yells at Odin, mans got some guts there 

Posted by Fresh0133
It's a previously unseen character, he's an Army Ranger that will supposedly shake the Marvel U to it's core. 
Osborn will be popping up in Avengers and New Avengers.
Posted by Primmaster64


Posted by Sammo21

We all know Thor isn't dying...look at the solicits for later in the year...he's merely not the god of thunder anymore.

Posted by Blood1991

Thor probably will not die, but he may be depowered or something for awhile, I mean Herc has been epic awesomeness so maybe Thor wants to jump on that bandwagon XD

Posted by KEROGA

taskmaster?   NICE!
Posted by Deranged Midget

Look's like he's got quite the suit of armour there, I think the rumours of him not being the God of Thunder are more liable than him dying.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Its still annoying me that it looks like every one is proper struggling to carry Thor.

Posted by AsgardianXeno929

I think Thor will be pissed off at Odin for not helping earth and will leave asgard in rage.

Posted by goldenkey
I concur 
Posted by Or35ti

I don't think any of the Avengers are dying any time soon with all the hype revolving around their big movie. But yeah it looks like Thor's getting depowered and this Tanarus fellow is just a substitute. Fingers crossed for mortal Thor and Hercules kicking ass together in Brooklyn

Posted by isaac_clarke

Wow Odin is actually taking care of an injured Thor in a seemingly tender Father Son moment and giving his son a piece of body armor to try on? Been a while since I've seen Odin be that nice to be honest.

Posted by GT-Man

This is gonna be sweet taskmaster with the avegners? and thor is coming back! YAHHH
Posted by Namor1987

Thor was clearly shown sitting up. SO he's obviously not dead
Posted by ARMIV2

He'd better not die, it'd be WAY too soon.

Posted by jubilee042

i would be more happy if he did die

Posted by Mumbles

thor probably loses his god powers

Posted by GTG12

Cool about taskmaster and I really don't want Thor to die because in my opinion, it would just be a big waste.
Posted by Crimshade

You can tell in the battle scars image its not Osborn due to him lacking his trademark brill-pad hair.

Posted by Cafeterialoca

I don't think anyone will even care if Thor dies again.  It already happened this decade and with Avengers movie coming out, as well as two Thor books, I think Thor's "death" will be really superficial.

Posted by Sky_Jokiel

Lol at Captain America shooing Odin off... Odin would be like B!*$H you be pointing any finger at me and I will erase you from existence... not o dam this ridiculousness guy in a blue suit means business 

Posted by slick23

Thor is alive, hes a god! :P..And Taskmater with avengers? Sweet!

Posted by jbpimpin

thats like killing something you dont own. thor wasnt invented by marvel.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Thor's not dying people, lol he just won't.  I am kinda intrigued by Steve telling off Odin though, haha! As for Taskmaster, now that is great :)

Posted by The Impersonator
Posted by Fantasgasmic

Thor will die. And not just because we're getting the Celtic Thundergod Tanarus (also called  Taranis), but because that's how it plays out in the Prose Edda, and Marvel has taken some liberties with it, but that seems to be the inspiration for this storyline.   
Jörmungandr, the World Serpent arose out of the sea and poisoned the sky. Thor will kill him, walk 9 paces and fall down dead having been poisoned by the serpent. It won't be a permanent death, because the serpent isn't exactly the same as in the myth (it's not Loki's son, for one thing, he isn't a literal serpent encircling the world and eating his own tail for another). 
I'm guessing the "poison" will be either that a corruption, like Mjolnir is corrupted by the Serpent's hammers and Thor is prevented from accessing his powers, without being turned into one of the Worthy; or just his mind will be "poisoned" with fear, rendering him unable to act as a hero. Of course being comics, by this time next year, or whenever the Avengers movie comes out, we will be talking about the Return of Thor.

Posted by Theworldbreaker

Thor is already in the book after fear it self so no, he aint dieing. 
Also Rogers has some huge balls to yell at Odin like that, especialy when it looks like Bor was right by him.
Posted by Larkin1388

Long live Thor

Posted by RainEffect

Taskmaster. Hell yeah!

Posted by dondasch

I don't like Marvel, but I respect Captain America and I will say this.  I have enjoyed his courage ever since reading the panels within the Infinity Gauntlet of him standing up to Thanos in the face of certain death.

Posted by Aaric_Rivad
@Sky_Jokiel: No, he wouldn't.
That's Captain Goddamn America.
Posted by Blizaga101

is thor gonna get armour similair to his movie role do you think, just the chest plate did look more modern
Posted by Loki9876

am I the only one who sees the giant snake? midgard serpent

Posted by Ronyc

Thor might die after killing The Serpent  and taking 9 steps
Posted by TheGoldenOne
That chestplate looks like the movie version I hope they don't change his costume because of the Avengers movie >:|
Posted by They Killed Cap!

I agree on it being dumb...does anybody know what the last image is?
Posted by subzero_overdrive

When did the Red-Hulk come back?


Not going to die, just going to step out of the position he's been in for most of his time in comics and into another,
sort of the right move given him, Odin and Asgard are now at major odds. It made me cringe at first thinking about that,
but really it makes me sense to me that he wouldn't be following tradition anymore and he would be his own person.
Hopefully anyways that will lead to bigger challenges for him and original new adventures, though I guess we'll have to
wait and see on that one.

Posted by BuNKiTZ

I'm hoping that Thor would live on, but not necessarily as the God of Thunder. Just don't kill him off, please

Posted by DATNIGGA

considering i saw a teaser of thor's newest comic STILL being alive im sure he'll be ok lol

Posted by Chaos Burn

taskmaster being a hero should be ace!

Posted by SpidermanWins

Taskmaster as a hero YES!
Posted by GhostRider29

My prediction is that... Thor will defeat the Serphant, ALMOST Die, and lose his God of Thunder Stats. He'll still be a god, just no control of thunder and things like that. He will, still, probably be as powerful. Just a different kind of power.
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