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First Look: FANTASTIC FOUR #1 (Uncolored)

Get a look at Marvel's 'first family' in their new Marvel NOW! series.

This November is your chance to own FANTASTIC FOUR #1. With Marvel NOW! almost upon us, several titles are ending and starting over with new #1 issues. No need to panic though. It's not a reboot. Not really a relaunch. Just a new creative team and great time for new and old readers to jump on.

Marvel has released an early first look at the first issue on sale in November.




Four adults. Two kids. One “car.” NOW! begins a journey through all of infinite time and space.

32 PGS./Rated T …$2.99

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Posted by Master_Thief

When can ben change into the thing and vice versa

Posted by Decept-O

The artwork looks great.

Posted by Teerack

Who at Marvel thought it was a good idea to remove Ben's shirt and shoes? Because that person should not be allowed to have ideas anymore.

Posted by carnivalofsins00

Outside of Ultimate Spidey, I'm not a big fan of Bagley's.

Posted by LaserLambert

now if only they would not leave their uniforms uncolored...

Posted by EvilAndy

Bagley's awesome, I'm getting this just for the art alone.

Edited by whiteknight67

Great art I will get this and give it a try and Ben doesn't need shirt or shoes

Posted by Miss_Garrick

WHAT?!? Franklin and Valeria go on the fatal trip too? The what?!? Also the uniforms suck.

Posted by sora_thekey

The art reminds me of Ultimate Spider-Man. I reeeeaaaalllly liked his art there... I don't why it's not the same effect here. Can't wait though.

@Miss_Garrick: @Master_Thief: Guys check out the next page... It's a dream.

Posted by The_Soverighn

in frac we trust

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Those pencils are spot on, in my opinion!

Posted by Kallarkz

Ben will be able to transform back and forth?

Posted by Trixie

Looks good

Posted by Mercy_

Soooo not feeling the Fraction...this is a pass for me, unquestionably.

Posted by Cavemold

Average art

Posted by Green ankh

I LIKE IT !!!!!! Maybe the only Marvel NOw i'll get. I'm Not much of a fan of Fractions but I love the Four and i have always liked Bagleys art.

Posted by Zeeguy91

Maybe for me. I'm really gonna miss Hickman on Fantastic Four. So far, the only Marvel NOW! titles I'm planning to get are Avengers and Indestructible Hulk (I never really cared for Hulk as a character, but I loved Waid and Yu on Superman: Birthright). I only hope that Marvel NOW! doesn't mess with the other Marvel titles that I'm curently getting (Daredevil, Captain America, Winter Soldier).

Posted by Miss_Garrick

@sora_thekey: I wasn't 100% sure it was a dream when I looked at these pages the first time. The uniforms are still lame.

Edited by aaunderoath

Going to be honest I'm definitely going to miss Hickman on the book since he's my favorite writer but Fraction has rarely let me down and Bagley is awesome! So I'll give the book a chance

Posted by fables87

@Teerack said:

Who at Marvel thought it was a good idea to remove Ben's shirt and shoes? Because that person should not be allowed to have ideas anymore.

Stan Lee! If I recall his first outfit was just a speedo.

Posted by Barkley


Posted by nappystr8

For all the people wondering why Ben is not the Thing, that first panel is part of a nightmare Franklin is having. Ben has no power to change back and forth.

I'm really floored by the art, it looks amazing. I like Bagley a lot but sometimes his work can look really sloppy, that is not the case here. He and the inker have pulled out all the stops. Unfortunately I already plan to check out FF, and I can't justify two Fantastic Four books in my budget, but what I see here really does intrigue me.

Posted by Or35ti

It looks insanely bizarre and cool. Reminds me of Grant Morrison in a way, judging by art alone.

Posted by darth_jones

Nice to see Johnny Storm back!

Posted by ReVamp

This Bagely art don't look that bad.

Posted by Teerack

@fables87: Really? That's not the same thing. Also techically the classic outfit was designed and created by Jack Kirby not Stan Lee.

Posted by RalfvdH

Yeah... This looks good... How can Franklin be having nightmares about the crash what created the fantastic four? He wasn't there.... Wonder how Fraction will be doing after Hickman's brilliant run...

Posted by TheSmallvillefan12

Looks cool

Posted by SolthesunGod

I have a weird feeling that Fraction might do a Lost in Space style story for the Fantastic Four. If that's the case who will be written as these two?

Posted by alex6166

The Jim Lee FF looked cooler. Then bagley got to do his Thunderbolts thing back then, so it all worked out.

Posted by VictorVonDoom_1

The artwork is just insane. This looks promising.

Posted by MisterKetch

I think the only reason I would read this would be because of the new FF comic.

From what I read in an interview with the creator the time traveling thing is going to be a series of one shot issues where they take the kids through time for home schooling, dinosaurs fall of Rome etc etc great parenting Richard and Sue.

While in the FF book the team each selects a replacement member (including the ridiculously named Miss Thing, I mean seriously the writer must have a really narrow world view to have never heard a drag queen referred to by the same name) for what is only supposed to be 5 minutes before the team pops back in after there time travels but this doesn't happen and finally after three weeks Johnny, minus an arm and his sanity shows up closes the portal and says no one can open it again.

So I think I might read the first issue of this for the background of there trip then maybe pick it up again once it develops a stable plot and/or starts heading toward the events of FF #1

@Zeeguy91 Cap gets the new numbered treatment, but I believe Daredevil and Winter Soldier are staying status quo