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First Look: EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE #5 Greg Land Variant

What will this version of Spider-Man be all about?

Back in June, we first heard about EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE. This five-issue miniseries will bring in different creators focusing on some of the different Spider-Men across the multiverse. The first issue, by DAVID HINE & FABRICE SAPOLSKY with art by RICHARD ISANOVE, will focus on Spider-Man Noir and goes on sale September 10.

Marvel will be offering some Greg Land variants for the issues as well (#s 1, 2, and 4 have been revealed over Newsarma last month). Marvel has given us an exclusive first look at the Greg Land variant for issue #5.


Written by GERARD WAY

Art & Cover by JAKE WYATT

Variant by GREG LAND

Coming in October!

What's the deal with this version of Spider-Man? Looks like he wasn't simply bitten by a radioactive spider. We'll have to wait until October to find out more of his story.

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Posted by Sovereign91001

In b4 'ugh Greg Land art'.

Posted by dagmar_merrill

Not bad

Posted by Dman1366

@sovereign91001: I actually don't mind his art, I always say "better than Liefeld!"

Posted by TimeLordScience

I think the main thing people don't like about his art is the whole tracing, reusing of previous images stuff.

Though even without his controversial methods his art is decent at best compared to others in the industry.

Posted by CaptainHoopla

Land's art isn't bad when there's not any humans/people/faces in it.

Posted by Deadknight

Maybe it's a radioactively-enhanced spider inside a mechanical suit of its own creation?

Posted by BuNKiTZ

My heart sank when I saw "Greg Land." Thank GOD that's only a variant...

Posted by scavengerFist

not bad...kept me hanging why on earth is Spidey a mecha

Posted by pingclang


Posted by cameron83


Edited by Omega Ray Jay

Erm... ok, I like the art I just don't know what it is supposed to be

Posted by DcNoobReviews

hes not the best, but then again people praise average stuff all the time. land does not suck, in any way. the tracing thing is getting old. if people are mad at someone gettng inspiration and copying iconic images, then that means you have to dislike all your "legendary" artists aswell.

Posted by danhimself

Greg Land is actually a pretty decent artist when he isn't tracing pornos....his old stuff at DC was pretty dang good....this cover looks a lot like that

Posted by Ninjablade09

Um, I less concerned about the art, I;m just trying to figure out what the heck this is going to be. I looks like some kind of alien robot version of the webhead.

Posted by Rixec

It reminds me of Evangelion, actually.

Posted by CurlyInsaneGuy

Woah, woah, woah.

This issue was written by Gerard Way?

Posted by sora_thekey

Land's art isn't bad when there's not any humans/people/faces in it.


Posted by boryema

what's the name of that one digimon from the first gen movie that fights omnimon? yeah that's what it looks like lol

Edited by Golden Cod

It's..... a robo Spider-Carnage with frog legs?

Posted by BlackArmor
Posted by Cave_Duck

What If? Spider-man was bitten by a radioactive Autobot?

Edited by Thor_Ul

This isn't the Sp//dr? Maybe is some internet bug being or something like that.

Posted by Life_Without_Progress

Whenever he's not drawing faces or women, Land's Art ain't that bad

Posted by boryema
Posted by laflux

And Greg Land can't draw.......

Edited by drgnx

What's with the external wire on the head?

That looks like Bad design, I bet if someone pulls his antennae, robospidy dies. Exposed wires and gears, is just asking for trouble. This little spidy better stay away from water sprouts!

Posted by Vega8282

I can't wait to check this out. Even though its absolutely hideous..

Posted by ShadowPro