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First Look: Double-Sized DAREDEVIL #26

Facing a new threat, DD is going to need the extra pages to recover from their last encounter.

It seems pretty much everyone is digging Mark Waid's DAREDEVIL. Month after month we praise the series. Chris Samnee's been knocking them out of the park as well. With a new villain introduced last issue, the action is heating up.

Marvel has just released a first look for next month's oversized issue.

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Daredevil #26, from the critically acclaimed creative team of Eisner Award winning writer Mark Waid and Eisner Award nominated artist Chris Samnee! In this double sized issue, the man without fear has been left in a pool of his own blood—cut, beaten and humiliated by the dangerous Ikari! With the same heightened senses, the two are matched in every way except one—Ikari can still see! But how is this menace tied to the accident that created Daredevil? And as Foggy deals with his current condition, Matt must turn to one of the smartest heroes in the Marvel Universe for help – Iron Man!

This May, Mark Waid & Chris Samnee let fear grip the man without it, only in Daredevil #26!

DAREDEVIL #26 (MAR130612)

Written by MARK WAID

Art & Cover by CHRIS SAMNEE

FOC- 04/29/13 On-Sale – 05/22/13

Edited by HollowPrince65

I need, yesterday....I must see who is behind everything. Bullseye is dead...I mean...his head was removed right?....Oh will destroy me in the end.

Posted by ThePRez

looks great ... as usuall

Posted by longbowhunter

Look at the Planeteer tank top hanging on that close line.

Edited by Trevel8182

I hope Ikari stays around as a Daredevil Villain.

Posted by Teerack

I hope it's Bullseye rezed by the hand.

Edited by Mucklefluga

Awesome art. Is the price still the same?

Posted by CombatSpoon86

double sized, now I can't wait.

Edited by gotwillpower

@teerack said:

I hope it's Bullseye rezed by the hand.

That's the kind of surprise I like!

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Posted by G_Money_Christmas

You forgot to include the Paolo Rivera variant cover. I can't wait for this issue. I want to see Matt take down Ikari and I want to know who the hell this villain is.

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Edited by RedheadedAtrocitus

Just is consistently wonderful...I really have nothing bad to ever say about this book. Simply great!

Edited by MadeinBangladesh

Ohh Man this is gonna be awesome!!! Is it gonna be 3.99 now??? I hope not.

Edited by CptPanda29

Last issues got a genuine OH SH*T out of me when I was craftily reading it at work.

Cannot wait for this.

Posted by J1ml33

I want to Work with Mark Waid before I turn old and Gray [ I really Like what he is doing with Daredevil and his supporting Cast ] Really looking forward to what Happens next . but yeah this title from Marvel Now I am Invested in because Important stuff Happens to Push the Main Character s Personal Story Arc Forward . if anything Mark Waid and his Collaborators are really doing their Personal Best With the Man without Fear .

Posted by daredevil21134
Posted by sho3s22

gahhhhhhh, Waid's run has been phenomenal

Posted by Miss_Garrick

Jeez, Matt needs to take a vacation, or he'll have a stroke or something permenantly dangerous.

Posted by Smurfboy

Double-sized issue should be like that every single month! More pages to read, ;-)

Posted by novi_homines

Finally picked up the last issue. I NEED the next issue. NOW!!!

Edited by G_Money_Christmas

@madeinbangladesh said:

Ohh Man this is gonna be awesome!!! Is it gonna be 3.99 now??? I hope not.

Not from what I've heard. The price will probably be a little higher for this one because it's a double-sized issue, so maybe $4.99 like an Annual, but I haven't heard anything about a price increase. I would pay it if i t did, though. I prefer $2.99 but I definitely think this book could warrant a $3.99 price tag with how amazing it is.

I try to get as many variant covers as I can for this series. I have 5 or 6, and a couple are worth $30+ depending on the seller so that definitely boosts the price of my collection. So, if my LCS has this one, I'm definitely getting it.

Posted by blkson

I've only been reading since 2010 but this is the best comic series I've ever read!

Posted by jaydropout

Anyone notice anything on the clothes line? :)