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Are you ready for Deadpool vs. Brute Force? Who would've thought we'd see the return of Brute Force?

Have you ever wanted to see the Merc With a Mouth throw down with a team of cybernetic, anthropomorphic animals? Well you’ve come to the right place because the gone (and also forgotten) 90s team of Brute Forcemakes their triumphant return to the Marvel fold in September’s DEADPOOL BI-ANNUAL #1! Written by Paul Scheer (star of The League & NTSF:SD:SUV) & Nick Giovannetti (Aliens vs. Parker) with art by Salva Espin (Deadpool vs. Carnage) – Deadpool is going to come face-to-snout with the some of the toughest and most absurd enemies he’s ever faced! When the Merc With a Mouth is hired by WaterWorld to protect their theme park from environmental activists, he had no idea that meant a heavily armed team of armored-up talking animals! A mechanized kangaroo with a machine gun is just the beginning! Don’t miss it when Scheer & Giovannetti take the Merc With a Mouth for a spin when DEADPOOL BI-ANNUAL #1 hits comic shops and digital devices this September!





FOC – 08/25/14, On-Sale – 09/17/14

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Posted by i_dont_like_comics

oh look. it's doucheclops kangaroo.

Posted by tparks

Never heard of Brute Force, but I kind of like the way this looks.

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Really like this art, I'll definitely be picking it up.

Posted by lagozzino

A Deadpool booty/crotch shot? And its not even my birthday!

Edited by deadcool_XD

Seems pretty funny but im not sure if it's my kind f deadpool comic looks a bit to childish but not deadpool's typical inappropriately funny childish. Still Il read it and im sure it will appeal to a lot of people. Don't hate in the posts though maybe im just saying this because I haven't read any of the brute force comics. Great art though.

Edited by deadcool_XD

never seen such a badass bad deadpool will probably make sushi out of it.

Posted by waezi2
Posted by dagmar_merrill

Brute force actually seems like a decent idea

Posted by Xwraith

The same Paul Scheer who's in this?

Posted by hayley566

I wonder if Linkara knows about this?

Posted by AnimalGirlMaxine
Posted by BlazingNova

I have to tell my friend about this issue. He's been a long time supporter of trying to get Sea World closed down. Seeing this parody would totally make his day.

Posted by Cave_Duck

They had me at cyborg-dolphin!

Posted by Beast_in_the_Shadows

Why did I never know this team existed?!?

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A Deadpool booty/crotch shot? And its not even my birthday!

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I wonder if Linkara knows about this?

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There were a LOT of characters that appeared in the '90s that have disappeared. Obviously everyone currently at Marvel got into comics at the same time I did, between this and some of the guest stars in Superior Spider-Man and the return of douche Tony.

Now they need to bring back Ultraverse and the Neo Knights.