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Who doesn't love a good cross-over?

Who doesn't love a good cross-over, right? Especially when it's two awesome teams like Cyberforce and Hunter-Killer? Need another reason to pick this issue up? None other than legendary writer Mark Waid who first created Hunter-Killer with Marc Silvestri back in 2005 has returned to Top Cow and will be penning the book, which is all the more reason to pick up the upcoming issue!  Check out the incredible preview art for the upcoming cover to the issues by Joe Benitez ( Soulfire) and Kenneth Rocafort ( Madame Mirage)! Which cover is your favorite? Are you looking forward to the issue release on November 18th?


In Cyberforce/Hunter-Killer #4, both the Cyberforce and Hunter-Killer teams have discovered that Morningstar and Cyberdata are working towards a frightening global-spanning goal, but will the two teams be able to trust each other enough to survive the encounter against their true foes?

Silvestri created Cyberforce as the first comic book title to be produced by his newly-formed company in 1992.   Hunter-Killer was created in 2005 by Silvestri and Waid.   Cyberforce/Hunter-Killer picks up after Hunter-Killer: Season One wrapped up.

Cyberforce/Hunter-Killer #4 will arrive in stores on November 18 and features covers by Rocafort and Whilce Portacio (Image United).

Two cover variants will be offered for Cyberforce/Hunter-Killer #4, one by series artist Rocafort and another by Top Cow “Artist Pit” alumni Joe Benitez (Soulfire, Teen Titans). The fully colored Benitez cover is revealed for the first time now.

Cyberforce/Hunter-Killer #4 will retail for $2.99 as part of Top Cow’s own initiative to keep all of their regular comics priced at $2.99 for the duration of the 2009 calendar year.


Posted by DarcStorm

Is it just me, or does Samantha Argent looks just like Rihanna?

Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau

It is just you.

Posted by Handcannon
@DarcStorm: you are right-ish
Posted by FoxxFireArt

Want to know sort of a sad thing? I could pretty much tell this was Top Cow work just by looking at that first image. Wonderfully colored. It was that obligatory nipple. Don't people realize that fabric doesn't hug that tight unless it's sprayed on? It's weird, because you can see it on the left but not on the right. It stands out in an awkward manner. Pun intended.
It sort of reminds me of old Catwoman images back when she wore that purple body suit. The artist would draw her navel in the suit.
The guy's deltoid muscle is also kind of warped. Seems like this person needs to study anatomy a bit.
The color work isn't as crisp in the second image, but it's still pretty nice. The anatomy work is better then in the first image.

Posted by rasx

So far this series is going really good and the covers are just awesome!

Posted by Decept-O

  LMAO at something else, but these are great covers, nice art.

Posted by Media_Master

The art is too good!

Posted by ohamyy

I want the cover with Velocity <3 
I still have yet to own this, I'm disappointing myself even considering I was pretty much spot on with getting the others on time. I second rasx's comic, series, art, and covers... all very appealing.
Posted by defaultdefaultdefault

this series is well worth the read for anyone looking for a new book. 
if your a Marvel fan and havent yet, i recommend the prelude to
this, Fusion, staring Cyberforce, Hunter Killer, Mighty
Avengers, and Thunderbolts (Initiative era) as well.

Posted by Gothic Storm

I've loved Cyberforce from the beginning. The art is really good and the characters are very intriguing. Way to go, Top Cow!