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There's a huge worldly threat so it's up to a secret team of masked heroes to fight the deadly evil forces.

Last month we first heard about the upcoming CODENAME ACTION series by Chris Roberson and Jonathan Lau at Dynamite Entertainment. This series will gather up several classic pulp characters to take on a global threat. Looks like we have a great writer and artist along with several cool characters. What is there not to like?

Check out this shared exclusive first look at the series set for a September release.


Rating: Teen +

Covers: Jae Lee (20%), Francesco Francavilla (20%), Jonathan Lau (20%), Johnny Desjardins (20%), Captain Action Spy Cover (20%)

Writer: Chris Roberson

Art: Jonathan Lau

Genre: Super-Hero

Page Count: 32 pages

ON SALE DATE: September 4

During the height of the Cold War, unknown forces scheme to heat up a global conflict. As key officials on both sides of the Iron Curtain are replaced with doppelgangers, the infiltration threatens to disrupt the precarious state of world affairs. The security of the Free World depends on a young secret agent, one assigned to shape the world's masked heroes into a force with singular purpose and unyielding resolve!

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Posted by Omega Ray Jay

Looks like Archer.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous
Posted by Rafa Lee

Wow this is great, is always nice to see creators playing with supers in other publisher but the big 2, as they have more freedom to do what they want. Chris Roberson did great in Elric. Jonathan Lau art is awesome so... great expectations for this book.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

hmmm the art is fantastic

Edited by jointron33

Who is the hooded dude?

Posted by ranra

@jointron33: That's American Crusader. He was in Project Superpowers.

Posted by jointron33

@ranra: Thought he looked familiar.

Posted by ComicClassics
Edited by RedheadedAtrocitus

Reminds me a bit of The Strangers, also being done by Roberson! Love the Lau interiors!

Posted by superior_prime_maybe

This is so awesome!
The title is apt

Posted by NightFang

Looking forward to this!