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First Look: Check Out The Cover To The DREDD Prequel Comic

Be sure to check out the digital comic this August before the film hits theaters on September 21st.

If you're one of the many 2000AD fans who absolutely cannot wait to see DREDD hit theaters nationwide on September 21st, 2012; then you might like to know that Legendary plans to release a prequel to the film in the format of a digital comic. That's right; if you want the story behind DREDD, and want to know what things were like in the very beginning, then you may want to check out the comic written by 2000AD editor Matt Smith. The cover for the comic (below) is drawn by artist Greg Staples and will be made available this August.

The DREDD film is not likely to be a Judge Dredd origin story; or at least not much of one anyway; that might be something we'll see in the upcoming DREDD 3D digital comic. The premise of the film will feature Dredd as judge, jury and executioner teaming up with a young protege to take down a gang (headed by Lena Headey's character, Ma-Ma) that is distributing a drug called Slo-Mo. What do you think of the cover to the digital comic? Is it something you think you will want to check out before the film hits theaters on September 21st?

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Posted by EdwardWindsor

It's pretty I like it

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I wouldn't hold out for a Dredd Origin story. Dredd's orign is he is a clone of Chief Judge Fargo, the founder of the Judge system. That's it. And really, that all it should be. Dredd shouldn't be humanised, the moment you start doing that you stop making him the faceless representation of the law, and a fascist system, and you start making him a human. Which goes completely against what he is as a character.

Oh it should be noted that Henry Flint is on art.

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Posted by Dedpool

I like it. Especially like the way theygave it the classic Dredd color scheme.

Posted by CRTrobinson

is it me or does he look like he has 6 fingers?

Posted by Chaos Burn

@DarkKnightDetective: are you sure he didn'y BETRAAAYYY THE LAAARGGHHH

Posted by Dark_Vengeance_

@Chaos Burn said:

@DarkKnightDetective: are you sure he didn'y BETRAAAYYY THE LAAARGGHHH

oh well

@CRTrobinson said:

is it me or does he look like he has 6 fingers?


Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Everyone here needs to read more 2000AD  

Posted by MadGodMcGee

seriously as if movie video games where bad enough we have to have movie comic books.

Posted by M-Demon

Awesome. Always enjoy 2000AD comics! Can't wait for DREDD and will definitely check out the comic series leading up to the movie's release.

Posted by damswedon

@CRTrobinson said:

is it me or does he look like he has 6 fingers?

Two hands.

Posted by Savage_Hawkman

Dredd was born with his helmet on.

Posted by Noctis

I'm exited to see this movie! and I will definitely read this when it comes out!

Posted by Cryptid

Great cover - I def want to see this movie!

Posted by spystreak

wicked \m/

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Truly great cover! Don't know if I'll get the issue but I am looking forward to the movie. Bring Dredd on!