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The conclusion to the "Loose Nuke" storyline. What is Nuke's final fate?

This January, Loose Nuke concludes in the senses shattering CAPTAIN AMERICA #15 – from the blockbuster creative team of Rick Remender & Carlos Pacheco! Captain America and the Falcon have taken down Nuke once and for all, but was it too late? The final fate of Nuke revealed as the sinister Iron Nail prepares his assault on the Capitalist West! And don’t miss the debut of the disturbing Dr. Mindbubble – the Weapon Minus Super Soldier from the 1960s! All leading up to the senses shattering conclusion that will change Cap’s life forever in 2014! It all starts here in CAPTAIN AMERICA #15!






FOC 1/22/13, ON-SALE 12/22/13

Posted by TheMantisShrimp

I wish I liked Remender's Captain America more than I do. I have tried reading this series twice and just can't get into it. I should probably just go back and buy Brubaker's run in trade.

Posted by PeppeyHare

Cover is sick

Edited by Maddpanda531

Heh. That looks exaclty like the Uncanny Avengers 15 cover.

Posted by New_World_Order


Posted by Squalleon

I wish I liked Remender's Captain America more than I do. I have tried reading this series twice and just can't get into it. I should probably just go back and buy Brubaker's run in trade.


Posted by movieartman

Heh. That looks exaclty like the Uncanny Avengers 15 cover.

different artist, the uncanny cover is by steve micniven and in my opinion is the better cover.

Edited by movieartman

The Iron Nail is a very cool new villain, loving that laser whip thing he uses in the preview.

but im surprised (and very happy) i havent heard any people bitch that he is racist like the mandarin, sense we cant have any villains that are steeped in foreign culture or it becomes offensive

Posted by BR_Havoc

@themantisshrimp: I felt like you I have read the first 14 issues of Remender and at first I enjoyed it but it quickly fell to pieces and he went back to writing his predictable doom and gloom all hope is gone nonsense.

At this point I just feel Rick can not do anything that does not come back to his Uncanny X Force people and say that is because he wanted a giant epic but in my opinion its because he can't write anything better so he has to constantly link back to it to try to get people not to see his current work is nothing new or different from him.

Posted by War Killer

While I liked the Dimension Z storyline, the current storyline has been a hit or miss for me. I like seeing Cap back in our dimension, dealing with the repercussions of being in DZ for 12 years, but I've had a hard time getting into this Iron Nail plot.

Posted by TheMantisShrimp

@br_havoc, Remender's UxF was so great but I don't know why he comes back to the same characters and or storyline in both of his new books. His creator owned stuff is great, I loved the first issue of Black Science and Fear Agent is a lot of fun. I think his Captain America is a bit too gloomy for my taste, he did made Cap cry on panel (there is nothing wrong with crying but I was just surprised to see it). The only thing that could probably pull me back into his Cap run would be an artist that I'm a big fan of. I may try out his Uncanny Avengers when Planet X starts tho.

Edited by BR_Havoc

@themantisshrimp: I am right there with you, I do not read Remender's indie stuff but I do find his Marvel stuff to be a huge let down. He seems to be stuck in this cycle of story telling. Captain America was a chance to break that doom and gloom trend but then he killed Sharon for no reason at all and the cycle continued now to finish it all he has to do is bring her back when Cap comes to peace and hand the book to someone else. I know Remender told people not to compare his run to Brubaker's but it's hard not to compare it to his own writing and when you do, All you see is a rinse and repeat of a bleak hero falling from grace void them of hope and drag them through the mud to have them go back to square one when you're leaving the book making your run pointless.

I could just be sour that once again we have to go threw the same stuff of Captain America losing a partner when that story has been told countless times. Move on to something new.

Posted by The_Titan_Lord

Sweet art.

Posted by KnightofSteel

I usually don't follow the Cap title too much but I got onboard recently because of Carlos Pacheco on art. So far it hasn't disappointed.

Posted by Maddpanda531

@movieartman: I know it's a different artist. I'm a big fan of both McNiven and Cheung and, as an artist, I deeply respect both of them for their incredible work. I'm just saying that the designs of the covers are strikingly similar.

Posted by sparty-dbq

I just realized that this cover and the cover to tomorrow's Uncanny Avengers, are pretty much the exact same thing.

Posted by manwithoutshame

Nuke is easily one of my favorite Marvel Villains.

Posted by TheAcidSkull

I personally disliked the first arc, but this has been a pretty cool story, but then again, I don't much trust remender, he can screw up at any moment, but so far so good, i've really enjoyed this arc. Iron nail seems like an awesome villain and nuke has been badass.

Posted by Veshark

I'll probably just pick this run up in trade. Response seems to be mixed. Killing off Sharon Carter mildly irritated me.

Posted by SuperSoldier_JT

I've only read Remender's Captain America issues #1 through #6. I have the rest of the run coming to me in the mail. I hope I'm not let down. I was really diggin DZ and I loved the introduction to Green Skull.