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First Look: CABLE AND X-FORCE #8

Things keep getting worse for Cable and his team and they try to prevent his visions from coming true.

Cable's been having some crazy visions lately. Bad things are coming and he and his X-Force team are trying to prevent them. The problem is when they do, the results make them look bad. Their latest mission at the Raft isn't going to earn them any hugs or cookies from the authorities. And now that they're going into space, you know it's only going to get worse.

Check out a first look from Marvel for the next issue on sale next month.

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Cable & X-Force #8, from the critically acclaimed creative team of writer Dennis Hopeless and artist Salvador Larroca! After releasing an intergalactic war criminal from the Raft in an attempt to avoid the death of six million people, Cable and his team rush off into space to face down an Armada. But will these actions bring them toe-to-toe with the pursuers bearing down on their trail—the UNCANNY AVENGERS?

This May, Dennis Hopeless & Salvador Larroca bring the a galactic armada to our front door in Cable & X-Force #8!

CABLE & X-FORCE #8 (MAR130665)



FOC- 04/22/13 On-Sale – 05/15/13

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Marvel really need to get pointers of IDW on how to do Previews

Edited by INCSlayer

i want my cable and deadpool comic back

Posted by dondave

Looks Good

Posted by Green ankh
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Should not the right eye for the binocular be black if cable's looking out of them?

Posted by feebadger

Really surprised by how developed Larroca's art has become. Very nice.

Posted by Autopsad

i want my cable and deadpool comic back


Posted by Dayvid3

Cable/Cyclops convo was promising, they only seem to talk in the heat of battle. I wonder if Cable is more in line with the new less boyscoutty Scott. Also what happened to Domino/Cable? Did she get tired of Marvel killing him every appearance he made and decided to move on? They made a great couple

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I just might trade wait for this series.

Posted by chocobojam

honestly, im quite disappointed in cable and the x-force right now. i find it really boring.

Edited by RedheadedAtrocitus

Art's looking good, so at the moment for me.

Edited by sparty-dbq

The alien looks like Crypto from Destroy All Humans!