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Looks like Betty and Veronica have something else to fight over.

We all know that Betty and Veronica have been fighting over the affection and attention of Archie. Now it's time for prom and they have one more thing to fight over. This collection will feature some classic stories featuring the two friends/rivals.


The prettiest girls, the prettiest dresses, and plenty of fun at the prom--sparks fly as Betty & Veronica work to protect their friendship despite their rivalry over Archie! This graphic novel collection contains all the ingredients of Archie's perennial bestselling comic stories.

This fun full-color graphic novel anthology of favorite comic stories captures the magic of the high school prom and celebrates the powerful and constantly-tested friendship between Betty, everybody's favorite girl next door, and Veronica, Riverdale High's richest and classiest student.

Script: Dan Parent

Art: Stan Goldberg

Cover: Dan Parent



6 x 9”

Trade Paperback

128 pp

Direct Market On-sale: 1/9

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Posted by FTomato

Really? Does this site actually have users that are interested in this?

Posted by mk111

You never know.

Posted by mxl23

I like it!

Posted by Duuz-Diz-Din

I like it.

Posted by TheGodofThunder

Neither of them have anything on Cheryl Blossom!

Posted by G-Man

@FTomato: Yup. Remember comments don't reflect views. Articles get way more views than comments. At conventions I constantly meet loads of people that know me and check us out every day but don't have actual accounts.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Hehe cute stuff. Archie comics are just good all around fun I tell you.

Posted by ReadItNow

I enjoyed this article! Comics is not just super heroes and super villains. Comics has diversity, thanks for this article.