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All good things must come to an end.

Next month, Grant Morrison's BATMAN, INCORPORATED will finally come to an end. In the conclusion, war hits the streets of Gotham as Talia al Ghul and Bruce face-off yet again. Additionally, Leviathan will be unmasked in issue #12 and that's sure to have an impact on the Bat-family. In the meantime, check out some of Chris Burnham's art for issue #13 below.

BATMAN, INCORPORATED #13 goes on sale July 24.

Source: DC

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Edited by danaandra

I'm definitely surprised to see so many people capping on Burnham's art. I've been a fan from the first moment I saw his work. I really like his style and sense of design, and it's a nice counterpoint to the DC house style.

Posted by Miss_Garrick

The art is very bad, and Bruce and Talia making out when their son died a few issues ago? how messed up is that?!

Posted by entropy_aegis


No you didn't,that's Hood.Lane did show up previously.

Posted by entropy_aegis

Um Leviathan unmasked? I think you mean Heretic unmasked.

Posted by Mangakid1995

@g_money_christmas: its not it's just Grant Morrisons run that's ending the book will continue with a new creative team.

Posted by daredevil21134
Posted by lifeboy

That looked F'ing cool!

Posted by RustyRoy

@the_tree said:

I'm going to miss Morrison on Batman so much.

Me too and I'm going to miss this title. I hope Morrison come backs after a break.

Posted by femihand01

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Posted by theTimeStreamer

'killed my son. so turned on. wanna bone while people die around the city?'

Posted by SuperEnd

Bruce's beat up face cracks me up! It just look so wierd

Posted by frogdog

The end of the good only title with batman.

Edited by fallbrigade

I've picked up a few issues since Burnham began doing the art and I just can't get into it. It looks so blocky and umm constricted? I don't know. Something about it just makes me not like it and it's kept me from enjoying this final part of the run. I can appreciate different art styles in comics, but this one just doesn't do it for me at all.

Still pissed that Damian is dead too.

Posted by hart7668
Posted by danaandra

@hart7668: Totally! I think Quitely's work is more refined and similar to Moebius, but I've always made the same connection between Burnham and Quitely. Big fans of all three.

Posted by Hawkguy

I thought this was a great series. It'll be a much better read in its final collected format, I read 11 issues in 2 days and it was really great, it had a grand scale feeling to it. Morrison is a hit or miss writer it seems, as is Burnham (whom I don't mind at all).

I'm interested to see what series will take this ones place in the New 52

Posted by Novemberx2

the whole pre-52 and post 52 thing really killed this series. upto robin's death, i assumed it wasn't existing within the same continuity as the main batman series

Posted by PopRock123

I thought this was a great series sad to see it go.

Posted by likehook02

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Edited by Jasoninthewoods

Talia ,an Bruce have a messed up relationship.

Make up your minds!!!!

Posted by Jasoninthewoods
Posted by JamDamage


I hate when people come back with the questiong of "why" when someone says they don't like the art. How about "just because".

Posted by The_Vein

@nahuel said:

I hope Morrison has enough balls to make Batman finally kill somebody, and that somebody should be Talia.

Can´t wait to see how this all ends.

Making Batman kill someone wouldn't be a sign of "having balls".

Posted by Reignmaker

The art is very bad, and Bruce and Talia making out when their son died a few issues ago? how messed up is that?!

Very messed up.

Posted by st3ady

@ccraft: LOL I was thinking the same thing as soon as i saw that kissing goin on

Posted by Jake Fury

I think this run of Inc has been fabulous and Burnham's art is great.

Posted by InnerVenom123

Burnham's art is great and you are wrong if you disagree.

Edited by k4tzm4n

@entropy_aegis said:

Um Leviathan unmasked? I think you mean Heretic unmasked.

No, I don't. Based that off DC's press release: "Plus, how does the unmasking of Leviathan in issue #12 (in stores next week) impact Batman and his crew?"

Posted by tximinoman

Haven't read anything drawn by Burnham, does his art always look like he's trying to be Frank Quitely?

Posted by flazam


Thats True

Maybe they will just Have another Son Damian JR.

Oh God No

Posted by Black_Arrow

I dont know we people tell that Talia killed Damian, The heretic killed him, it was against talias order. But I guess that she will take all the fault in that.