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First Look At Marvel: Avengers Alliance RPG

Marvel gives us a closer look at their upcoming Facebook video game.

It might come as a surprise to some, but plans for a fully interactive Marvel RPG game is not something of a new idea. In fact, plans for such a game were already being discussed long before the Walt Disney Company decided to purchase Playdom, the game's developer.

With games like Farmville and Mob Wars proven successful on Facebook, it is no wonder that Marvel and Playdom would want to eventually introduce a Facebook game that would combine the element of RPG that would feature over one-hundred Marvel characters. The biggest difference between this game and other RPGs found on Facebook is that this one has a very deep story line.

We caught up with the game's Vice President of Studio Operations for Playdom Michael Rubinelli, and Robert Reichner, Senior Producer at Playdom for more information about the game itself.

This game is very important to Marvel. We need[ed] a brand new story, so we went with a global event called "the pulse." You come in as a SHIELD AGENT and as soon as you are finished training "The pulse hits."

What is the pulse? The pulse is a huge crisis that is gradually making many of the villains on earth stronger and more powerful. In the beginning you are thrown into the midst of battle. There are villains everywhere. All villains are trying to take advantage of this pulse. Playdom worked with Marvel and decided to create a brand new story arc. The game will feature a total of 28 heroes not including your very own agent, customizable agent.

== TEASER ==

Throughout the course of the game players will have the ability to gather together a team of heroes. The company has, so far, included a total of 130 characters counting the henchmen, villains and heroes and the player will have the ability to build a team from a roster of 28 available heroes. Not only will players have the ability to customize their SHIELD Agents, they will be able to customize their entire game as well as the members of their strike team. Playdom and Marvel have revealed the following characters that will be appearing in the upcoming game:

Black Widow, Captain America, Hawkeye Hulk, Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man, Thor, Wolverine, Human Torch, The Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic, The Thing, Colossus, Cyclops, Kitty Pryde, Nightcrawler, Phoenix, Storm.

Posted by KRYPTON

Wow! This looks cool

Posted by aZuLPiNoY

Holy Cow! This is gonna make work at the office so much more fun!

Posted by BatClaw89

Facebook has Games?!!!0_o

Posted by stormtrance1618

Meh. I've seen lots of better lookin games on FB.

Posted by Joe Venom

I would have preferred a 'Tower Defense' but this looks kool too! Besides I was getting bored of facing cheaters in Words with Friends...

Posted by spiderman20991992

sometimes i don't understand marvel, i hate to say it, but DC is killing them when come to everything except movies.

For example, marvel makes this, DC has dcu online,

DC has Arkham city, Marvel makes a pinball game.

I never thought i would say this but i'm enjoying DC's comics wayyyy more than marvel's, with the exception of a few.

Posted by pingclang

This is gonna rock. Wonder how much stuff it'll require you to buy to continue in-game though?

Posted by Edgeworth_11

YAHOO!! X-men!!

Posted by ShadowX


On the videogame front youa re also forgetting

Super Hero Squad and Marvel Heroes MMO's

Marvel also has

Mavel Vs. Capcom 3

Marvel Ultimate Alliance

Spiderman games( although I am getting annoyed that they have one every year now)

Ypu just pointed out two( the most casual ones too boot) to make a point.

Although I will admit Batman: Arkham City is better then the ones I mentioned.

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1) Is there Songbird as a character?

2) If not, why isn't she a character?

Posted by PowerHerc

This could be pretty good.

Posted by Inverno

Isso é tetas!!

Posted by bookerman20

This will be the first facebook game I'll ever play....

Posted by Deranged Midget

A facebook game... Really?

I was excited because I thought this was about that MMO that Marvel is developing but I guess I was deceived.

Posted by bladewolf

Looks like it could be lots of fun!

Posted by Grim

could be interesting. i hope they learned that making the game cross platform to mobile devices is a good idea too...

Posted by funkyfiction

@BatClaw89 said:

Facebook has Games?!!!0_o

I had the same reaction... video games on Facebook??? why does everything has to revolve around facebook?

Posted by clemj
@funkyfiction: yeah useless
Posted by frozenedge

Now I can play something good while my teachers bores me in class

Posted by cmaprice

Don't care. Wake me up when there's info on the Marvel MMO.

Posted by papad1992

This is only for Facebook?? Well that sucks...

Posted by BlackArmor

DCUO wins

Posted by nonfiction91

meh I guess its ok, for facebook, but im sure their gonna charge out the backside for "x-credits" or something.

also, I thought the pulse had something to do with a chocolate pretzel... ;P

fail if you didnt get that one

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

It looks fun to me anyway! Nice stuff!

Posted by x_29

Looks i have a reason to get back on facebook again.

Posted by maxicere

I will play this game but I prefer games like Marvel Super Hero Squad Online. If this game goes good, more games will come.

Posted by Lion_Heart22

Cyclops. Sold.

Posted by NXH


Posted by (((Prodigy)))

I've never played Facebook games. 
But I will now. 

Posted by Namor1987

Facebook games aren't my cup of tea but I'll try this

Posted by Meteorite

This looks good.... but the best name they could think of for Kitty's attacks were "Phased Attack"?

Posted by RedOwl_1

Mmm... finally a reason to being on facebook but I think away of the game, facebook still being a total crap.

Posted by InfinityOmelette

I hope they have Squirrel Girl!

Posted by The Impersonator


Posted by thephantomstranger

Oh more news on the marvel skinned Skinner box...

Posted by HellionVulcan

Said it on other sites just make x-men legends 3 or MUA 3 instead .

Posted by SoA

@spiderman20991992 said:

sometimes i don't understand marvel, i hate to say it, but DC is killing them when come to everything except movies.

For example, marvel makes this, DC has dcu online,

DC has Arkham city, Marvel makes a pinball game.

I never thought i would say this but i'm enjoying DC's comics wayyyy more than marvel's, with the exception of a few.

i agree my pull list for Marvel has dwindled to like 3-4 titles it used to be around 8-10

Posted by Hyperfludd

The concept art is good, at least.

Posted by WaveMotionCannon

If they put in on iPhone or iPad I'll play it , otherwise meh.

Posted by BiteMe-Fanboy

Nice. Reminds me of the battle animations on RPG Maker 2000....

Posted by Musedp

Kinda disappointed. Dont get me wrong, im going to love playing this game, but DC fans have DCU online...if this is the RPG marvel fans have been waiting for since "champions online".. then im super pissed! when do we get our Marvel Universe online?!

Posted by slapz88

I hope they make it for the iphone

Posted by Deadcool

Looks like Pokemon...

X-men Pokemon
Posted by jhazzroucher

Yehey! Storm is in the game! : )

Posted by doublezeroduck

Looks like it will be turn based combat. Meh. I'll check it out but I won't get my hopes up.

I hope Marvel makes an online game outside of Facebook like League of Legends. How cool would that be? Or even Dungeon Fighter Online. That would be fun to. A side scrolling beat em up with loot and leveling but with Marvel characters.

Go the free to play route outside of Facebook Marvel, and see what happens.

Posted by MrMiracle77

Aside from the more advanced color palette, this doesn't really look any more advanced than the random-encounter rpgs of the 16 bit era.

Posted by sesquipedalophobe

I better not get web cartridge and vibranium requests because of this game.

Posted by brucecapell

Storm, Kitty and Phoenix definitely will be playing

Posted by IllyanaRasputin

@bookerman20 said:

This will be the first facebook game I'll ever play....

Posted by InfinityOmelette

@Babs said:

THING looks badass!!! ITS CLOBBERIN TIME!!!!! :p hahahaha!