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First Look at Batman vs. Superman's Batman!

The wait is over! Come get a good look at Ben Affleck in the new costume!

Yesterday, we were treated to a first look at Batman vs. Superman's new batmobile. Well, the back of it and the basic shape, that is. Today, we're getting a first look at the new batsuit AND the front of the batmobile! Director Zack Snyder shared the image via Twitter and says he took it with a Leica M Monochrom camera.

Well, what do you think, Viners? Share your thoughts below.

Man of Steel's sequel is expected to open May 6, 2016.

Source: Twitter

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Kind of looks like this + TDKR symbol very cool, I really do like it

Much more like comic book Batman than the all black armor in the Nolan films

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Batfleck looks amazing!

Posted by entropy_aegis

Still this Batman does look like a beast.

Posted by Wolverine08

Underwhelming TBH,the Batmobile is all sorts of awesome but the suit leaves a lot to be desired,I'm sure the fanboys will love it cause NO ARMOR NOLAN SUCKS,but the suit doesn't appeal to me at all. The ears are too short,I'm not one to complain about something so minor but he should atleast look Batlike,these ears give off more of a cat vibe. Dont like the ridiculous abs in the suit either especially when it's so blatantly clear that Affleck doesn't have them.

Posted by Outsethero

I am very happy with how both the Batsuit and Batmobile look. Looking forward to seeing more about this film!

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I'm so wet right now! Wow!!!

The suit gave me the chills!!! It looks so correct... And the Batmobile is DOPE!!!

I need more exclamation marks!!!!!

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I dunno, looks a little too "Burton"

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This is supposed to be the prototype of the Batmobile

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He looks fat.

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Looks cool

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I love it.

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@jonsmith said:

Hm... The ears are shorter and I miss the old emblem, but not too shabby, not too shabby at all.

Hah, nice.

I'm excited that they seem to be going for a grey and black look this time. I like the Nolan suit fine, and it fit the tone of that movie, but something a little closer to the comic look is cool. It's definitely consistent with the Superman suit from Man of Steel, and I like the big emblem and short ears a la TDKR. I do with the emblem was black instead of the same gray as the body suit, but the photo could be making it look lighter than it is.

EDIT: Screen Rant posted a lightened version of the photo that lets you see a little more of the detail in the suit. It definitely looks to me like the emblem is the same color as the body suit.

Posted by Wolverine08

I got dibs on using this pic as an avatar.

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@farkam said:

He looks fat.

Hence my comment on the abs.

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Wow, Affleck got swole lol. It definitely looks a lot better than I expected so count me in as one of those anticipating this movie.

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It looks okay, but I like Jim Lee's new 52 Batman more.

Posted by TheBhramaBull


Can you post the quotes of Snyder implying it will be a one sided fight please? I haven't seen anything like that.

I remember at one comic con ages ago promoting Man of Steel a fan asked who would win and he just said "really?", but that was before this film was ever in place.

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Looks nice! Now where's Wonder Woman's suit?

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It's been a while since we've seen a grey batsuit

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Looks good, I hope they tweak the Superman suit around also!

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Funny, we hate/cried Ben as Batman, and now look at this comments! LOL! SEE! I told you guys not to judge too early!! Ben definitely looks nice in that suit!

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Batmobile looks good but the costume doesn't, they should make the ears a bit taller and the bat symbol on his chest is too big.

Posted by Lena_Dante

:D :D :D

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@thebhramabull It was Goyer who said it, not Snyder. He laughed when asked the question who would win between the two.

@entropy_aegis Are you saying Affleck cannot get abs or that Batfleck has no abs?

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clearer pic

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I don't know about Dark Knight Returns, but for me this looks like very Catman, he-he.
By the way we definetly need Secret Six in New 52.

Posted by Farkam

Looks good, I hope they tweak the Superman suit around also!

I like the "updated concept".

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the emblem is just a little too fat for my taste but other than that its an amazing suit

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Looks kinda Wire Frame-ish?

I love it!

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I like this a lot! Now, the long wait for the first trailer. :)

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Can you post the quotes of Snyder implying it will be a one sided fight please? I haven't seen anything like that.

I remember at one comic con ages ago promoting Man of Steel a fan asked who would win and he just said "really?", but that was before this film was ever in place.

"That's like, not... (Cavill: fair.). I mean, look, I love Batman. He's awesome... but really?" If that doesn't imply he thinks it's a one-sided fight, then I just don't know what does.

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There was a rumor that Batman has two Batsuits in the movie.

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@saren: I hope they go with that version, DKR Batman is the best Batman.

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Have you got a link?

I saw a video where Goyer was asked who would win and he basically said that by comicbooks we have that Batman would win, but that he didn't understand that because in reality Superman should just be able to flick Batman and beat him. He never implied anything though if that's the video you're talking about.

Posted by Dark_Vengeance_

My faith has been restored.

Posted by blackhawk000111

Now somebody colour it

Posted by Fenderxx

That is a fantastic look! Love we are getting away from the body armor look, and that batmobile is kick ass!

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Posted by RustyRoy

I also hope he uses white lenses.

Posted by JPWolf5

Looks great IMO, this gives me hope.

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Looks excellent. I'm actually a fan of the fat logo and stumpy ears.

Colour me cautiously optimistic.

Posted by rob1157

AMAZING....just love the whole vibe. I think Ben is going to pull this off, and the ears are just right...imo

Posted by NukeA6

Looks very well done. Nice to see Snyder isn't afraid to use a Batman more accurate to the comics. And of course, it's no surprise that they're basing this one on Dark Knight Returns. Watch him get to use his own version Lex Luthor's armor rather than what he had in that one Superman fight. It only makes sense since Luthor is a thug in Snyder's movie.

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