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First Look: ARCHIE #627 (Archie Meets KISS)

Starting tomorrow, the Riverdale gang meets up with the members of KISS.

Wednesday, 11/30/11, will mark a big day in the world of ARCHIE. It's the day that the band KISS invades the world of Riverdale! Having read the issue already (My review will be up tomorrow) I can say it's worth your time and money to pick this up. Sure, I'm a bit biased because I'm a huge KISS fan, but biases aside, it has a great sense of humor and oddly enough, KISS doesn't feel forced into the book. Aside from a few compelling words from myself, we have a few pages of tomorrow's issue for you.


Script: Alex Segura

Art: Dan Parent

Cover by Dan Parent

Variant cover by Francesco Francavilla

On Sale at Comic Specialty Shops: 11/30/11

32-page, full color comic

$2.99 US

Posted by Daveyo520

Always the weirdest cross overs.

Posted by Grim

lol. i have no words.

Posted by wowylied

Every time i see "archie" i don't understand, it seems like some people live in the past.

Posted by AirDave817

I don't mind Archie being idealist or idyllic.

Posted by Wattup

I think the gang should visit Simon and Garfunkel, Earth Wind and Fire and the Bee Gees next. That's who the kids are into now, right?

Posted by Herx

next is Archie meets the punisher and meets kiss meets game of thrones..... brought to you by thoes folks at IDW :)

Posted by G-Man

I'm looking forward to this. I almost wish this was a comic like those greeting cards that play music when you open it.

Posted by Sekele

Damn, this is just too awesome

Posted by BlackArmor

*sigh* can Punisher come back and.....just end it I mean......c'mon just end it
Posted by The Impersonator

@Daveyo520 said:

Always the weirdest cross overs.

Posted by Psykhophear

Man, what an unusual crossover. Didn't expect Archie & The Gang to meet a band like KISS but what the heck, I guess it goes to show that Archie Comics has good taste in music. Better KISS than having today's pop artists that are absolute garbage.

But still, I'm not gonna read it. I lost interest in Archie Comics years ago because the plot line is just the same old thing. No progression. Nothing. Archie can go eff himself. Ok I'm going off topic so I'll just end it here.

Posted by EugeneSaxe

I knew Gene was a money-whore, but this reaches new levels.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

See now this is just wonderful good-humor crossover material that compels me to buy such a thing! I'm ready to read and roll all night...and read it everyday...

Posted by Jolt92

This is the stupidest thing I've ever seen and that Francavilla-cover is fantastic.

Posted by Eyz

What the...??

Is this real?? It's not a fanart/parody?

Posted by Outside_85

KISS should invade Lobo's comic next time.

Posted by victoriancuckoo

sometimes I miss Archie and the gang