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First Look: ALL-NEW X-MEN #21

The team is held captive by the Purifiers!

Being part of the X-Men isn't easy. As if things weren't hard enough for the original team, trying to adjust to the current timeline, they now have to deal with the Purifiers. Good thing they have X-23 on their side.

And how insanely cool is it seeing Brent Anderson's art back? I may have mentioned once or twice how much I love GOD LOVES, MAN KILLS.

This January, the X-Men battle for their lives against the mutant-hunting Purifiers in the excitingALL-NEW X-MEN #21 – from blockbuster creative team of Brian Michael Bendis, Brandon Peterson and legendary X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills artist Brent Anderson (back for a special flashback scene)! X-23 is back – but her first mission with her new team, after her horrific ordeal in Avengers Arena, has gone horribly. X-23 and the All-New X-Men face brutal torture at the hands of the Purifiers! Will her first mission be her last? This January, the claws come out in ALL-NEW X-MEN #21!

ALL-NEW X-MEN #21 (NOV130685)




FOC – 12/16/2013, On-Sale – 01/15/14

Posted by TheAcidSkull


Posted by Master_Thief

quick question?

Since past jean grey nows of her death, wouldn't that kinda lead to present jean grey coming back from the dead?

Posted by Revendawn

I kinda fell off this series, because I've felt like the X-books had become just great big advertisements for each other, but X-23 being back intrigues me. I might have to dive back in.

Posted by Nefilim927

I'll block it out in case anyone still hasn't read issue #20, but I think they may be going with the angle that Laura had to heal so badly after Avengers Arena that she may not have her memories right, if that's the case I will be very disappointed. It might be premature to make that assumption but I could also see it being the reason she hooks up with young Cyke on the cover of one of the upcoming issues.

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i was expecting a good resolution for these out of time xmen... but... this is just... lame....

Posted by RalfvdH


lame? why? please, explain? Cant see in these preview pages anything thats lame.

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@ralfvdh said:
@theacidskull said:


lame? why? please, explain? Cant see in these preview pages anything thats lame.

X-23 being in this book, written by bendis.

That's what's lame. X-23 characterization was terrible in issue 19, i have nothing to look forward to.

Posted by Hassun

If they go for the amnesia angle with X-23 they have well and truly fucked up.

Then again all of All New X-men has been awful from start to finish, including the terrible Battle of the Atom. A shame to waste X-23 on this nonsense.

Posted by PeppeyHare

I still like this book *shrug*

Posted by Lightburst

Wow. its weird to see fear on X-23's face when it comes to Purifiers.

Also why is Scott wearing shades out in the field and not his visor?

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Also why is Scott wearing shades out in the field and not his visor?

They appear to be taped to his head as a way of containing his powers. So he must have had them in a pocket?

Posted by tximinoman

@master_thief: No. It's the same as when Kitty from Days from the future past travelled back in time to stop Robert Kelly's murder (and, therefore, stop the mutant control act) she succeded in 616's present (her past) and changed 616's future, but her present (wich was until she travelled through time 616's future) didn't changed. Here it applies the same rule, when the old X-Men travelled through time they stopped being 616 timeline's old x-men and started being something else.

At least that's how I've always understood X-Men's time travel

Posted by sasquatch888

bendis haters that will still buy everything he writes and then diss him because dissing bendis is a cool way to show you're breaking the status quo ...whatever all new x-men ,,,the whole concept rocks ,,,get over yourselves

Posted by cobra88king8
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I'm actually really enjoying All-New X-Men and, honestly, I love Bendis's writing.

Posted by akbogert

I've been enjoying ANXM but Laura is my favorite character, the one whose backstory I've read the most of of any Marvel character, and thus the one for which I am most capable of judging characterization quality. Some have told me the only reason I haven't hated Bendis' handling of other characters is because I hadn't read them before, and Laura's presence in this book will give me the chance to see how true that is.

I was extremely unimpressed thus far. We'll see how the next couple issues go.

Posted by Outside_85

Getting more and more tempted to read this regularly.

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From the first look, it looks to like she somehow ended up in the hands of A.I.M and it looks like they got her working for them again. NOT GOOD.

Posted by MrGutts

I like the X-23 artwork in this; it makes her look like a woman and not some emo / goth 16 year old.

Posted by Kelevra216

I want Stuart Immonen back on interiors. I enjoyed his art when I jumped on with #18 and when I picked up #19, it was just off.

The faces in #19 were either hit or miss, mostly miss and just came out really creepy because of the facial expressions and excessive shadows. The first page of this preview is alright but the rest, just reminds me of #19.

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@lightburst: I don't think X-23 is scared for herself. It seems like she was scared/surprised that Scott was captured.



You are so right! I mean, does He some times goes insane w/small talk?

Yes. But the Man is a story teller. On par with Stan The Man but with the millennium at his back.

Posted by Overlander

Not a fan of the purifiers. Their origins in X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills are pretty clear, but I'd much rather see a competing religious view from the devout instead of a secular demonizing of conservative people of faith.

That was one thing that made Nightcrawler so interesting over time: his balance of faith, life, and pure love. He should continue to shine as an example of people of many faiths, humbly doing good for others because of the love he feels from his God.