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First Look: 4-Page Unlettered Preview of ULTIMATE COMICS X-MEN #4

Kitty Pryde shows us what she can do in the upcoming issue of ULTIMATE COMICS X-Men.

Yesterday we reported on Marvel's decision to make all of their ULTIMATES line of comics available for free digitally, and today we have some more ULTIMATES comic news. Earlier this morning, Marvel released a four page, unlettered preview of their upcoming ULTIMATES COMICS X-MEN issue #4, and it looks like not everyone will be getting along.

STORY BY: Nick SpencerART BY: Paco Medina, Juan VlascoCOLORS BY: Marte GraciaCOVER BY: Kaare AndrewsRELEASE: Wed, December 7th, 2011
Stryker’s rampage against all of mutantkind escalates in your first look at Ultimate Comics X-Men #4 from the creative team of Nick Spencer and Paco Medina! With the number of mutants still on the run dwindling down, the new X-Men must act quickly if there is any hope of survival. Except when tensions rise amongst the group – a traitor may be in their midst. Can Stryker be stopped and can the X-Men hold it together in time to save their race? Find out in Ultimate Comics X-Men #4!

Although the latest preview of ULTIMATE COMICS X-MEN is unlettered, there's a lot you can tell from these few panels. Whether Johnny Storm is being a jerk, or Kitty Pryde just happens to have a really short fuse remains to be seen; but one thing's for sure, you do not want to mess with Ktty Pryde. The two get into a heated altercation, and Ms. Pryde hardly gives Johnny a chance to "flame on" before blasting him through a wall.

Paco Medina and Juan Vlasco split art responsibilities in this issue while Marte Garcia handles the colors. The end result? One gorgeous comic. Check out the full four page preview below, and if you like what you see, look for the book on store shelves December 7th.

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Edited by Burnstar1230

That Quicksilver....I envy Medina, Vlasco, and Garcia's artwork.

She probably increased her density to whack Johnny across the room. Kind of interesting to see Johnny even go so far as to flame on over whatever argument they're having.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Oh that is lovely...

Posted by KEROGA

doesnt johnny have blonde hair?

Posted by illmatic06

Wolvie Jr. Looks like Guile from Street Fighter

Posted by Samimista

@illmatic06 said:

Wolvie Jr. Looks like Guile from Street Fighter

Go home and be a family mutant!

Posted by Duo_forbidden

And that is why you should never tick off Kitty. She'll give you a pimp smack lol.

Posted by Spiderslike

@illmatic06 said:

Wolvie Jr. Looks like Guile from Street Fighter

I was thinking he looked like Trunks

Posted by Dead_Man_Dann

@KEROGA: He dyed his hair when he moved in with Peter Parker. Pretended to be his cousin, went to the same school.

Posted by RareCheshire

Since when can Kitty "blast" people!? Ultimate Universe, you so crazy!!!

Posted by KEROGA

kool,awesome idea (i would kill to have human torch as my cousin),

Posted by Lexino

@RareCheshire said:

Since when can Kitty "blast" people!? Ultimate Universe, you so crazy!!!

she didn't blast, She punched him in a swinging fashion

Posted by The Impersonator

Ultimate Quicksilver looks cool!

Posted by difficlus

Nice hit kitty...

Posted by shawn87

Art looks pretty awesome

Posted by jubilee042

@illmatic06 said:

Wolvie Jr. Looks like Guile from Street Fighter

@Spiderslike said:

I was thinking he looked like Trunks

i thought he looked weird

Posted by sora_thekey

This is a really good series. I think the Ultimate Universe is finally doing things right.

Posted by VioletPhoenix

@RareCheshire said:

Since when can Kitty "blast" people!? Ultimate Universe, you so crazy!!!

Posted by Eyz

Gotta say this, love the art here^^

Posted by Grand_Supremor

DID Kitty Just B* Slap Torch???? Lol wat is going on?

Posted by ReVamp

Wait....Free... What?

Posted by ReVamp

@ReVamp said:

Wait....Free... What?

Ah Ok. That was misunderstood.

Posted by Mutant God

so is kitty's team like main Logan's team and Jean's Ultimate X's team is like main Cyclops team

Posted by umbrafeline


nah she gave him a chicago-style backhand :-P why cant we do this with mainstream kitty?

and is pietro checking out his own butt? why is col guile in this issue? and i dont like kittys face in the panel before she knocks johnny a new one