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First Look: 4-Page Unlettered Preview of SECRET AVENGERS #20

The fate of the Secret Avengers is in the hands of Black Widow, but will she save the day on her own?

Marvel may have canceled it's only female ongoing book just last week, but they somewhat redeemed themselves with the release of the unlettered SECRET AVENGERS #20 preview. The issue, which is scheduled to hit store shelves on December 28th features the breathtaking art of Alex Maleev and will be written by Warren Ellis. The issue's focus will be on Black Widow, who not only graces the lovely John Cassaday cover; but will dominate the interiors as well.

THE SECRET AVENGERS ARE DEAD and only the Black Widow can save them in your first look at SECRET AVENGERS #20! Fan favorite creators Warren Ellis & Alex Maleev send the Black Widow on her most secret mission yet…even her teammates don’t know she’s on it. Can the world’s greatest secret agent save the team alone? Find out as Ellis’ critically acclaimed run on Secret Avengers continues in Secret Avengers #20. Run the mission. Don’t get seen. Save the world!
Written by Warren Ellis Art by Alex Maleev Cover by John Cassaday FOC – 12/5/11, On Sale – 12/28/11

As we can see in the unlettered preview of SECRET AVENGERS #20 below, Black Widow will be venturing off on a mission all her own, on her own -- and not even her team will know about it. While the first few pages of the preview appear to be jam packed with action, the latter two pages give the impression that Black Widow will be doing what she does best in this upcoming issue; acting as the spy. This is a great opportunity for the creative to to show readers what character that normally stays in the background can really do on her own. It will definitely be interesting to see. Check out the incredibly gorgeous 4-page preview below; and while it is difficult to tell exactly what will be going on in the issue, it's still fun to speculate. What do you think of the preview? Are you looking forward to SECRET AVENGERS #20?

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Posted by moywar700

this is interesting, well at least marvel puts black canary as lead characters for an issue

Posted by mcb650

I've never been able to get into Maleev's art. :/

Posted by KainScion

@moywar700: black widow, noob.

Posted by moywar700

@KainScion: soz, I always get the 2 mixed togther

Posted by maxicere

Sooo dark...mmm

Posted by Clue_

I'm enjoying this run so far. Single issue stories and a rotating team of pencils. It reminds me of Planetary. 
Not many writers can tell an enticing story in one issue.

Posted by Mercy_

Maleev *____* I'd go out of my way to pick up this issue if I wasn't already pulling it.

Posted by ReVamp

Beautiful. C'est Magnifique.

Posted by Static Shock

@KainScion said:

@moywar700: black widow, noob.

Stop that.

Posted by TheGoldenOne
Looks good to me.
Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Awesome artwork I say! Black Widow at her finest it seems.

Edited by The Impersonator

Marvel may have canceled it's only female ongoing book just last week, but they somewhat redeemed themselves with the release of the unlettered SECRET AVENGERS #20 preview.

Is this true? Black Widow's ongoing series is cancelled as well? Or are you talking about X-23? O___O

Posted by worldFlash

did anyone notice that Black Widow points her stingers at War Machine.

Posted by cdrshado

My question is , why is she not the leader of Secret Avengers, why bring in Hawkeye?? When it comes to espionage who else do you trust??? She was a chairman and she is a master spy, what is the problem here?

Posted by Emperormeister734

What the helll did she do to War Machine?

Posted by Vance Astro
Posted by RainEffect

Maleev is drawing Black Widow? 
Black Widow is headlining Secret Avengers?

Posted by Danial79

Nice. Secret Avengers is my favourite "Avengers" title.

Posted by War Killer
@BlackArmor said:

Is she betraying them? I can't tell without words......I don't follow the avengers but hasn't she betrayed them like 50 times now...why is she still on a team exactly. If i'm wrong sorry might be having a noob moment

She hasn't betrayed them "like 50 times", honestly I can't even remember her betraying the team ONE time...

And just for anyone wondering what the heck is going on here...
Posted by sparty-dbq

Any other video game geeks think Tasha looks like Samas Aran in her zero suit on the cover? The lighting both turns her outfit blue and her hair blonde.

Posted by Eyz

Love the cinematic tone :D

Posted by Hatutzeraze

Secret Avengers #19 was my favorite comic this week. 20's looking pretty great as well.