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First Image of Darkseid in 'Justice League: War'

Check out what the Dread Lord of Apokolips will look like in DC's next animated movie.

DC's next animated film, Justice League: War, is inspired by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee's first JUSTICE LEAGUE storyline. If you've read it, then you know the tale revolves around the Justice League battling an invasion from Darkseid. We've had a look at other characters, but now we're getting a first look at the big bad. The cosmic villain will be voiced by Steve Blum, and publicist Gary Miereanu tweeted the first screenshot of the fiend.

Also appearing in the film will be Wonder Woman (Michelle Monaghan), Superman (Alan Tudyk), Batman (Jason O'Mara), Cyborg (Shemar Moore), The Flash (Christopher Gorham), Shazam (Sean Astin), and Green Lantern (Justin Kirk). Yes, Aquaman is absent, however, it's worth pointing out it has been stated Arthur will be the focus of an upcoming animated film. Perhaps 'Throne of Atlantis?'

Directed by Jay Oliva, Justice League: War is scheduled for release early 2014. And in case you missed it, Miereanu also previously provided a first look at Shazam, Wonder Woman, and Batman.

How are you feeling about DC's upcoming animated flick, Viners? Speak your mind below.

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Edited by TommyJones1945

Like practically everyone I'm miffed there is no AM, but I'm happy he's getting his own movie

Tis strange why magical superman is making an appearance alongside the league now; just makes zero sense.

Edited by Jayc1324

Why must they get new voice actors? Most times they have no idea how to do a vice correctly. Daly and Cornett have grown on everyone since the 90s and still love doing the part, so why not them?

This storyline wasn't that great and I really dislike Geoff Johns but I will definitely be watching this anyway

Posted by arrowing

@doomdoomdoom: I think his chin is bigger than normal, and his forehead is much smaller.

Posted by Casshern

I saw Flash at San Diego Comic Con...AWESOME!!

I've mostly the main story of Flashpoint before the movie.

Justice League War??? I've read and own this story. Its a pass. I like it as a read, but as an animated film not much is going to happen in the fight with the big guy. The only seller is Shazam!? He wasn't in the battle or the story so seeing how its redone for him, thats the only keeper here.

They should have done the story that introduces the new villain of 52_Graves

Or Animate Batman Arkham Asylum_Based off the Video Game...hell they could do the Original book and I still be happy.

But I don't think this one is gonna top Flashpoint.

Edited by Captain13

Okay, if you replace Aquaman, why not use a woman like Vixen or Zatanna? Do we really need another white male, with dark hair, who tells jokes? Really? Could you get any more redundant. Let's see, he has Superman's and Wonder Woman's powers. He has Flash's color scheme. And he's as big of a **** as Green Lantern. Great.

I would have gotten rid of Aquaman too to tighten up the store because all he had was a cameo, but the gender and racial politics here are ridiculous. If you have 7 heroes, two or more of them should be women.

And unless Darkseid and Cyborg are now related, I will be pissed at them doing a villainous black man. Doesn't police targetting and Fox News do that already?

Posted by HumanRocket

For me DC has never failed me in making a great animated film. Flash point really made me appreciate Barry Alen more as the flash even more the Wally west. Steve Blum as darkside is just the cherry on top. The good thing is this Movie is just around the corner so not much of a wait time.

Posted by Stefano

i like that Shazam is getting some recognition, I just don’t like, that in this case, it’s at the expense of a hero that also needs to get more respect outside of comics

Posted by johnnyatom321

hey are they going to use the new 52 superman costume.......

Posted by Stefano


Wonder woman’s costume is different form the she has on the new 52. I think the movie’s costume will be based on the new 52 but have some small alterations.

Posted by _ANDY_CAN

i cant wait