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First Class And Kick Ass Director, Matthew Vaughn, Buys Movie Rights To Mark Millar's Superior

And it's teaming up with the American Multiple-Sclerosis Society?

I love how he's got the world championship belt.

Have to say this is one of the more unusual comics-to-film press releases I’ve come across....

Mark Millar has let CBM know that Matthew Vaughn’s just purchased the movie rights to SUPERIOR (read G-Man's review of its fifth issue from today) and that, in itself, isn’t all that unexpected. The two already collaborated to gainful benefit on KICK-ASS and following X-MEN: FIRST CLASS with another superhero flick would certainly cement Vaughn's cinematic specialties. What is unusual is this deal’s coinciding with an indeterminate “alliance” between SUPERIOR and the National MS Society to help raise public awareness regarding multiple-sclerosis.

See, the titular superhero of SUPERIOR suffers from multiple-sclerosis. Or, rather, his alter ego does. The premise of the book sees a wheelchair-bound kid setting out to right all of Earth’s real world wrongs like war and famine after his wish to become his favorite superhero’s granted. We’ll see what else this alliance might yield but, at present, the aim seems simply to provide afflicted children with an empowered role model who’s able to surmount the disease to affect major, positive change in the world.

Last I heard, Millar’s other title, NEMESIS, is still in development with Tony Scott. Going off of how KICK-ASS was produced through independent financing and how the key personnel are back together, I feel like SUPERIOR might actually come out first.

Posted by Ultimate_MiracleMan

OH YEAH! I love Superior, and if Vaughn can bring the magic he did to Kick ass and First class, then i'm in heaven

Posted by difficlus

good news

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Wow. Kick Ass. Superior. Nemesis. I absolutely welcome all of these developments in the entertainment field! I like this angle for this movie though...after all it does fit with the character. Right on!

Posted by dewboy01

haven't read him yet but I will and if this is a excellent book, it willl also become an excellent movie.

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I have never read Superior before but if it is the same director as Kick Ass and X-men First Class I am sure this movie will be great.

Posted by Mcfly

Does anyone else feel that Mark Millar's just writing comics for the giant movie paycheck?

Posted by Nova`Prime`

@Mcfly said:

Does anyone else feel that Mark Millar's just writing comics for the giant movie paycheck?

Its a worthy goal, you don't get rich writing comic books, but you do if those comics blow up to become movies :)

Nothing really new here though, I know its a different genre but when Johnny Knoxville did The Ringer they took the script to the people who run the Special Olympics to get their blessing. I think its a worthy goal to get awareness out, also I think they should look at the movie as more then just a way to bring awareness and perhaps use a percentage of ticket sales and eventually dvd/blueray/digital license sales to actually go to the National MS Society for research and care.

Posted by DH69

im sorry, but wasnt this announced before the second issue even came out?

Posted by ssejllenrad

Make the movie! Make the movie now dammit! Now! I say Now! It's the closest thing we'll ever have to a Captain Marvel film... :D

Posted by Ulviar

Can't wait to see the movie. But what about Nemesis? They announced his movie, like, a year ago.

Posted by Croi

Nemesis (Y)

Posted by Mr. Dead Pool

I've really been digging Superior and I must say I'd love to see a movie about him, provided they don't screw things up. Sorry but after Barakapool I'm a little paranoid about stuff like that.

Posted by The Impersonator

Superior sounds like DC's Captain Marvel.

Posted by Mr. Dead Pool

@The Impersonator: He was based on him, but he has Superman's powers like heat vision, freeze breath, and super hearing.

Posted by Mumbles

nice. millar is getting paid

Posted by goldenkey

this book is awsome

Posted by goldenkey


not really. just because people like his stories and decide to want to make films about them doesn't mean he's doing it to cash in films. Wanted was okay, even with all the shitty changes, and it made a ton of dough, but Kick-Ass was a good story that traslated to into a good movie. Nemesis can too, and so far Superior looks that way as well. Forget the fims. Millar's writing is great. If it wasn't he wouldn't be selling a ton and wouldn't have the name he does. It's not from movies, it's from great comics that we keep reading.

Posted by Dark_Flame35

I feel this is just a Marvel version of Superman -__- sorry if I offend anybody those are just my thoughts.

Posted by Nova`Prime`

@Dark_Flame35 said:

I feel this is just a Marvel version of Superman -__- sorry if I offend anybody those are just my thoughts.

You would be right.. Millar has stated on numerous occasions that he wants to do a Superman story, so he is in a way. He created his own so he doesn't step on any ones toes and doesn't have to work for DC to do it.

Posted by Dark_Flame35

@Nova`Prime`: Oh ok I didn't know that I haven't read Superior's comics yet but this makes it clearer for me. Like I said no offense to any readers just thought it kinda sounded like another version of Superman. Thank you for clearing it up for me.