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Final Cover to Lucid Unveiled (From Zachary Quinto's Company)

The new series from Archaia is coming in August.

You might be familiar with the type of books that Archaia puts out. Comics shouldn't just be about superheroes. In August we will see the debut of a new book, Lucid, which is the first title from a partnership between Archaia and Zachary Quinto's company, Before the Door. I got to talk to Zachary and his two partners last summer and Babs interviewed writer (and True Blood actor) Michael McMillian last October at Long Beach.
Lucid is a four-issue miniseries written by McMillian with art by Anna Wieszczyk. This is McMillian's first written work. Wieszczyk's short story, "Acid Sunset" was recently published in Popgun Anthology Vol 4 and is currently working on Halo8's Godkiller motion comic.
Lucid follows the adventures of Matthew Dee, a Combat Mage and covert spy who becomes "Protector of the Realm" by the President of the United States. He must protect America from the grip of dark forces that are conspiring to prevent humankind from reaching its true Magic potential.
Lucid #1 is a full color comic with a $3.95 price tag (Diamond order code JUN10 0745) and will be in stores next month.
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mandatory ass shot.

Posted by dirtymik

4 bucks... ugh. Sequential art is too expensive these days.

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Could be good... I guess.

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looks quite interesting...and hot too

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@aztek the lost said:
" looks quite interesting...and hot too "
              I 2nd that!
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Archaia Studio Press (ASP) is new to me. I ll research on what ASP have comic titles.

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" mandatory ass shot. "
I think you mean obligatory.