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Filming Begins For '30 Days Of Night: Dark Days'

Could this be a franchise in the making?

Could this be a franchise in the making?


What happens to the sequel of a film that does not hit box office gold? Why, direct to DVD, of course! It seems that is exactly what will happen with the sequel to ' 30 Days of Night' according to MTV. Editor-in-Chief of IDW Publishing, Chris Ryall posted on his twitter account on Monday that filming for the sequel has begun in Vancouver, Canada.

"Not something I've seen spread around anywhere else yet, but the sequel to '30 Days of Night,' 'Dark Days,' began shooting in Vancouver today."

Few additional details concerning the project have been revealed. According to a recent MTV report, not all members of the original cast will be returning for the sequel. Actress Melissa George (30 Days Of Night, In Treatment) will not be reprising her role as Stella Oleson in 30 Days Of Night: Dark Days. In her stead, Kiele Sanchez (Lost, Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium) will be replacing her.

With a likely probability that 30 Days of Night: Dark Days going direct to DVD release, do you think you will be more or less likely to see it? Are you looking forward to the sequel? Did you see the first film? Have you read the comic by Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith?
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Posted by EdwardWindsor

intresting , will have to look out for this in the future, and the comic is awesome the art is brillinat and story is equal or better

Posted by Decept-O

I rented this movie on DVD some time ago and thought it was one of the better Vampire movies I've ever seen, a great twist to the whole concept with a  surprise ending.  I'd watch a sequel on DVD, yup. 
Posted by Moomin123

I never thought that this film would have a sequel, didn't the first film end with the main hero dying?
Posted by EdwardWindsor
@Moomin123:  Indeed the first movie did i hav on blueray myself, but theres still gotta be other vampires so why not a sequel ? they could be looking for the people who die last time around
Posted by Koeil

Ill probably still see it, for the simple fact i love direct to dvd movies

Posted by MrCipher

Hard to make a sequel when the hero dies. Looks like this could be fantastic or really suck - depends on which way they go with the story. 
I loved the first one, the vampires were very gorey and bestial - love that take, it's very anti-anne rice and ANYTHING anti-anne rice is ok in my book.
Posted by Riezner

I thought the first one was a very good movie. Loved Danny Huston in it. Now that he and the hero are dead, and the main girl isn't reprising her role, count me out.

Posted by goldenkey

the 1st movie was great.  I just don't get scared at horror movies at all, but this one creeped me out.  just the concept of it. 
Posted by AngelFrost

Nobody can replace Melissa George!
they should have atleast cast an actress who could closely resemble her ... including acting wise.

Posted by Hawk

I thought the first one sucked.
Posted by Obsurity

I wasn't a fan of the first film, thought it sucked to be honest. Although I said that I'd still watch this movie being a fan of horror-esque genre. The one thing I enjoyed about the film, it's anti-Rice/ whoever wrote Twlight type vampires. 
They were brutal as opposed to sympathetic    
Posted by welshguy

Good thing about the first movie was that the vampires were a far cry from anne rice/twilight/buffy the sodding vampire slayer. I for one am sick with vampires who constantly bemoan their miserable existence, have a alluring appeal to teenage girls or know martial arts. Why the hell should vampire's know freaking martial arts? Shouldn't being a vampire be enough. Oh but no, we have to them spinning around with kicks and crap like that. Personally, I like vampires as monsters, not sexy, not romantic, just viscious predators. Or, failing that, crap like the vampires in the old Hammer Horror movies. For example, at the end of the first dracula film Peter Cushing and Michael Gough arrive at Dracula's castle only to find him digging a hole to put the girl in. Upon seeing them, he (Christopher Lee) hisses and runs off. Has to be one of the funniest vampire movie moments.

Posted by Bruce Vain

Well that sucks I wish it would've gone to theatrical release. I felt that 30 Days of Night was the best Vamprie movie in a loooong time. I've grown tired of all these "beautiful" vampires that we've been seeing. Especially the ones where they can walk in the sunlight ?!?....So it was nice to see these ruthless,vicious, & bloodied up vampires instead of the crap versions of vamps they've been giving us. And Danny Houston was just scary good in this.
Posted by InnerVenom123

Suh-weet. Totally gonna get that DVD.
Posted by Rimael

This is a very sad thing.  I was under the impression that the first movie did well in theatres.  With this going straight to DVD, I hope that they maintain the level of quality that the first one presented.  I have watched the various "sequals" that FEARnet has done and have enjoyed them, but they are obviously lower budget.  Please, IDW, DO NOT SKIMP ON THE FUNDS!!! 

Posted by lonefang6x6
Posted by Media_Master

Haven't seen the first one.

Posted by grimreaper1980

isn't dark days the name of a coal chamber song