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Favorite Movies: Bryan Singer's X2 vs. X-Men: Days of Future Past

Can you choose between these two X-Men movies?!

The X-Men cinematic universe continues to expand, but this week, we want to reflect on two of its chapters by director Bryan Singer: X2 and X-Men: Days of Future Past. 2003's sequel ramped up the excitement, focused on Wolverine's dark history, and opened with an unforgettable action scene involving Nightcrawler. The latest installment focused on setting the franchise back on the right track and teased a very thrilling future for these iconic characters. Both are thoroughly enjoyable movies, but we want to know if you have a preference between these two films.


We know this won't be one of the easiest decisions around for some of you and we want to point out there's no need to make up your mind just yet. Voting will stay open until Friday morning (ET), so that should give you a proper amount of time to really think this one through or even re-watch both of these movies. Once the poll is closed, we'll post an article on Friday with the voting percentages and highlight some of the community's posts. That means if you're going to vote, we really encourage you to share your thoughts with us, too. If the post's excellent enough there's a chance we'll feature it in the updated article! Does a certain performance help boost one of these movies? A specific mutant's role won you over? An awesome action sequence dropped your jaw? We want to hear from you! So, which will it be, Viners?

Check the homepage this Friday to see which movie wins and why. In the meantime, feel free to make future match-up suggestions in the comments below or tell us via Twitter.

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Posted by i_dont_like_comics

days of future past. no contest. x2, while a good movie at the time, nowadays is very cartoony and slow.

Posted by MuyJingo

DoFP was surprisingly bad in my view. 3 stars at the most.

I'm not even sure why...I didn't really know the story so wasn't comparing it and had not pre-judged just felt kind of flat to me.

Not a fan of the x-men comics but enjoyed the movies more or less.

Order of movies from greatest to worst would be for me :

The Wolverine < X2 < First Class < DoFP < X1 < X3 < Origins

Posted by G_leno

X2. Wolverine VS Deathstrike, Nightcrawler VS white house security and the school invasion were all so good. The only thing that came close in DoFP is Quicksilver's job in the pentagon.

Posted by Figgs216

X2 had better characters and character development.

Posted by YoungJustice

DOFP, just because of the character development with Charles, they really gave us a new take on Charles Xavier and how he became the wise man that he is in current continuity.

Posted by RavenVice01

I'm glad someone brought on this debate because I didn't get any answers from Bryan Singer or Kevin Bacon on twitter. If u watch the bar scene with Mystique in X-2, u will see a political debate between Beast and Sebastian Shaw. If Sebastian Shaw died in X-Men First Class then how did he come back in X-2 unless Kevin Bacon's character was actually Nathan Essex aka Mr. Sinister.

Mr. Sinister has taken on several alias since he is an immortal servant of Apocalypse and Bacon's Sebastian Shaw character has lived several lives apparently, all in the pursuit of mutant evolution (something Sebastian Shaw never really cared about).

I would say X-Men DOFP wuz the best out of the two but I would like to know what exactly knocked some sense into Xavier the first time he was going through this phase of self loathing before Wolverine's interference.

Posted by ravisher

dofp was far superior

miss nightcrawler tho

Edited by Night4345

X-2 partly because nostalgia but also the Nightcrawler fight and I really didn't care about the future X-Men in DoFP.

Posted by Ultron345

DOFP was a snoozefest. Boring doesn't quite describe it. I wouldn't choose X2 tho. First Class was the best in the series for me.

Posted by StMichalofWilson

Nightcrawler and Blink should totally hook imo. Also DOFP

Posted by DoctorXander

X-Men 2. Even if it was just the opening scene

Posted by AmazingWebHead

Days of Future Past, for being an actual X-Men movie, not a Wolverine movie.

Edited by xxxddd

@figgs216 said:

X2 had better characters and character development.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

Love em both.

Posted by oldnightcrawler

it's too soon for me to say.. I hadn't decided that I liked liked X2 better than the first X-men movie until I watched 'First Class, like 8 years later. I still couldn't say which I liked more between X2 and 'First Class, they're just both have so much I love about them, and they're pretty different kinds of stories even, so..

I will say that I think as good as I 'First Class was, DoFP was to it what X2 was to X-men (I mean besides being a sequal); it's like they realized that X2 was what most people liked most about the original trilogy, so to out-do both they made an X-2 for 'First Class.

  • they both had the relationship between Xavier and Magneto at the center of the story, they both have Magneto working with the X-men, and they both have Magneto betraying them in the end, and DoFP does all of that and then some.
  • one of the most memorable scenes in X2 was Nightcrawler's assassination attempt which was probably the most stunning displays of powers in the whole series. They used that same power in a totally different way to make Azazel seem especially ominous, so to top both of them they show what it would be like to be Quicksilver, which honestly might even top Nightcrawler's scene, though they're kind of too different too compare (almost opposite, really).
  • one of the things I loved about X2 was Mystique breaking Magneto out of jail; it's up there with Rorschach or the Shawshank Redemption as one of my favorite jailbreaks in any movie. So, not only do they come up with an awesome reason why he's in jail, but you get Quicksilver again -which just steals the show- while pretty much the whole time the other X-men and Magneto are basically just being played for laughs.
  • And Mystique was a total bad-ass in X2 and a sweet, central character in 'First Class; and DoFP she's both. By having her be the character who's assassination attempt they have to stop, they reference not only the original story, but the character we know her as from the original trilogy; but, by making it her decision, the reality in which she would become that person never happens. This not only makes her ultimately the hero of the movie, but also changes the original message of DoFP which was more in line with the theory that Beast proposes in the movie, that events in history cannot be altered from their ultimate outcome.

But was it really a better movie overall than X-2 or 'First Class? That I can't say. While it did some things much better than either, it also had a lot more scenes I personally found dull. Mostly just the action scenes in the future.. actually, most of the scenes in the future were less interesting to me: a lot of character cameos and big action, but not as much character. X-2 and 'First Class both had better action scenes than the Nimrod fights.

Posted by IllyanaRasputin

X2 hands down. DOFP wasn't anything special, it was basically what was expected. Nothing amazing happened throughout the entire film - I don't even think the Quicksilver scene was amazing like everyone else. The thing that really bothered me about DOFP was the urgency of saving the future yet no one in the past, especially Wolverine was urgent. It didn't feel real, it didn't feel like they were fighting to save the future. It was pretty nonchalant and I just wasn't buying it.

X2 had great character development and introduced an amazing cast. I loved Stryker, he's a great villain one of my favourites. His hatred for mutants is just so deep and the fact they touched based on his own son being a mutant even though its just the movie verse, I just loved it. Nightcrawler hands down is a better character than (from what we've seen in the film) There was no character to Blink, there were possibilities but she was just a bad ass teleporter, we got to see Nightcrawler develop from attacking the president, to his religion and his belief in faith even though to most people mutants were an abomination. Plus Colossus' drawing of Rogue kissing bobby ftw. Just wish we got to see a more bad ass Rogue instead of seeing only Bobby and Pyro's character develop.

Posted by Overlander

Choosing between the two best ones is tough. I'm going to have to stick by my guns and say X2

Posted by Figgs216

Nightcrawler hands down is a better character than (from what we've seen in the film) There was no character to Blink, there were possibilities but she was just a bad ass teleporter, we got to see Nightcrawler develop from attacking the president, to his religion and his belief in faith even though to most people mutants were an abomination.

Yes, everyone loves Nightcrawler and he was awesome in X2, best opening ever. Not saying Blink wasn't cool in the movie but at least Nightcrawler had more than 2 lines in X2.

Posted by lynxbearaus


Posted by Rick_Grayson

BAMF. nuff said

Posted by Frozon

DOFP. Although, x2 wasn't that bad either.

Posted by mistrx75

DoFP was certainly my favorite since X2 and thinking about it, yeah, I like it better. And funny enough, old Xavier had about the same amount of screen time in both!

Posted by DaredevilDD78

this is a close one, but i think i have to go with DOFP