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Favorite DC Animated Movies: Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox vs. Justice League: War

Flash's adventure into a twisted alternate universe or the forming of the Justice League to battle Darkseid? Come vote in our poll!

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With a new DC animated movie just weeks away, we thought it would be fun to reflect on two of the company's more recent projects: Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox and Justice League: War. While both are overflowing with exciting action and packed with familiar faces, they each have a noticeably different tone and narrative. So, we can't help but want to compare and contrast them and, in the end, see if you have a preference!

Flashpoint Paradox brought viewers into a dark and violent alternate world where Wonder Woman and Aquaman are waging a vicious war and it's up to Flash to save the day. Meanwhile, War is all about uniting the team of A-listers and watching as they struggle to defeat Earth's latest threat, Darkseid. Both are directed by Jay Oliva and based on source material by Geoff Johns, but we want to know if you have a preference between the two animated movies. And hey, if you happen to like both equally -- or don't like either -- those are options on the poll, too!


Want to re-watch one of these animated tales before voting? Well, there's no need to rush because you have plenty of time. The poll will stay open until Friday morning (PT), so that should give you more than enough time to think about this match. Which qualities matter the most to you? Did a certain character make or break the movie? Did you find one plot to be more entertaining? Once you've made up your mind, please remember to cast your vote and share your thoughts in the comments. We'll be sure to highlight some of the posts in Friday's updated article.

Batman: Assault on Arkham's world premiere will take place at SDCC (Friday night, Ballroom 20 at 7pm) and the DVD/Blu-ray goes on sale August 12.

Check the homepage this Friday to see how the voting ends up and why. In the meantime, feel free to make future match-up suggestions in the comments below or tell us via Twitter.

Posted by greenarrowfan12

Easy flashpoint Thomas Wayne was great as batman, also grifter the boy idiot ..

Posted by AmazingWebHead

Flashpoint had its moments, but I didn't really care for either one.

Posted by Gotham331

I'm giving the edge to Flashpoint. But may I also add, DC please consider changing the animation.

Posted by Oscars94

Flashpoint, the only flaw is that some of the heroes had hilarious character designs. The story, dialogue and action were amazing.

Posted by SHAZAM117

Flashpoint > WAR.

I think WAR was good, (especially the fight scenes and animation) but they had zero development of Darkseid. He didn't even have that much dialogue IIRC. Flashpoint had good story, animation, fight scenes and character development. WAR was really the equivalent of a Micheal Bay movie, all action and it looked real pretty.....but no substance.

Edited by MadeinBangladesh

FLASHPOINT stomps JL WAR. Flashpoint was amazing.

Posted by Sidious

Batman: Under the Red Hood

Posted by MrMazz

Flashpoint Paradox elevated the Flashpoint event book, which became to plotty for its own good in the end (more than likely due to the size of the event and tie-ins) streamlining it to essential plot to conform to the 77 minute run time. Most importantly it never forgot the emotional heart and currency of the feature is Barry Allen's guilt, telling one of the best emotional stories in a DC Animated feature to date. The investment in an emotional foundation is what separates decent enough DC Animated Features from the truly great. Flashpoint Pardox took an OK comic event book and made it into a great Flash story.

Justice League: War streamlined structure is excellent and as a means to contextualize mass destructions works very well. The character work as a play on archtypes brushing against each other also works. Yet I was just left wanting. The relentless action while well done could've been replaced with more talking or perhaps showing more of the characters in a solo context. War was an event plot and just that - the event happened and that's that . It’s the problem with most forgetably decent DC animated features, an purposive plot without an emotional foundation to make the plot hit emotional and plot beats. There was nothing before or after and that’s where I think it falls apart, due to the inclusion of SHAZAM. He was added into the story and makes a good audience surrogate but so little is really done with riff raff street rat Billly Batson that he comes off more like a jerk with unimaginable power (for some reason) than interesting hero (anti or otherwise). Sure he makes good with Cyborg but what about him before? We can all head cannonon what happened to the other guys after words because they are treated more like idols than characters for the most part. SHAZAM isn’t an idol he was supposed to be the in to the story and go on a journey that ended in an unsatisfying fashion.

Flashpoint Paradox took something that was good enough and made it great. War took something that was OK and just made an OK product.

Posted by fallbrigade

Flashpoint probably, but both were rather unimpressive. DC movies lately just haven't been cutting it. The animation and voice acting are my main problems.

Posted by Herokiller12344

Flashpoint was infinitely better than War. War was atrocious.

Posted by mandman

Neither. Both movies demonstrated a measurable decline from the previous DC animated products. War was painful except for the Wonder Woman parts to watch. Darkseid went from being an intelligent, complex cosmic entity to a silent brick that the various characters could mutilate. Flashpoint wasn't much better. Flash basically screwed everybody and then went and did it again. I honestly want them to either adapt older works like TKJ or just focus on new works altogether.

Posted by Justthatkid

Flashpoint had a better story and better dialogue.

Both had horrid Character designs

War had awesome Wonder Woman fighting scenes and The Batman, GL vs Superman fight was awesome

Both movies took out unnecessary scenes and plot devices and added some pretty pointless stuff.

I'll go with Flashpoint because of Hardcore Aquaman and Garth, Tula, and Kaldur's appearance.

Posted by Grimoire

I hated Paradox completely so its War for me.

Posted by Lurkero

I don't really care how DC resets its universe so Flashpoint was a bunch of useless fluff to me. War was a disappointing movie but was still more interesting. I just wish one day DC would reset everything instead of constant "soft" resets.

Posted by Captain13

Both terrible...

Posted by NessaXVI

@k4tzm4n: Flashpoint Paradox is the best DC animated movie so far. The moment Batman / Bruce Wayne shows his vulnerability and drops his wall to show he is human is priceless for any fan. I've watched this movie 3 times. I can't get enough of it. Also, it was great to see Thomas Wayne in action and to see how he was still human too after all he'd been through in his timeline after learning that Bruce was still alive in an alternate one. He still sacrificed his life for his son even though they didn't coexist on the same plane. Amazing.

Posted by Mad_Titan

Flashpoint paradox hands down.

Posted by RisingBean

My two least favorite "good" animated movies. (Son of Batman is the absolute bottom of the barrel)

First we get a Flash focused movie where he does next to nothing but hang out with Batman. The alternative is a film that is all action, no character driven moments bare bones plot where Superman is even jerkier then in the New 52 and Aquaman got replaced by the lame-o Shazam.

Oh joy.

Posted by Tikbaz

Easily, the better movie is Flashpoint Paradox. War is only decent, while Paradox is pretty good. Both, however, pale in comparison to Mask Of The Phantasm, Under The Red Hood, Crisis On Two Earths, The Dark Knight Returns (both parts), Return Of The Joker, and all of the other classics DC animation has released.

Son Of Batman was the least entertaining of the bunch, in my opinion.

Also, whatever happened to the animated shorts like Catwoman and Jonah Hex? Those were pretty great as well...

Posted by RulerOfThisUniverse

It's close, but Flashpoint.

Posted by phantom1527

War had a lot of flaws. Flashpoint had less. So Flashpoint

Posted by Avilon

Flash point better and darker story line with great character development

Edited by feedonatreefrog

JL WAR for me.

Yes, it has some flaws (especially for purists who can't accept change), but it does soooo much right as well. The story is simple, leaving room for fun character actions and the best action ever seen in a DC animated movie, bar none. It knew its strengths and delivered them in spades.

Flashpoint had its moments, but the plot is too meandering and the doom n gloom world wasn't a pleasant place to be. No Green Lantern also drops it a couple points instantly.

Posted by Teerack

Hard call but I think war was better.

Posted by Primebonnick

i liked both but i gotta give it to flash point. So dark and edgey (wonder woman killed a kid for christ sake) and the plot was just so easy to follow (i just wish the animation was better).

Posted by Lone_Wolf_and_Cub

Both were horrible.

Posted by ShadowLife248

I only choosing JL:War because it has Hal in it lmao. But regardless Flashpoint has better story while they change few parts and good dialogues in War from JL:Origins storyline.

Edited by SwampPing

Flashpoint wins hands down, character designs were kind of weird but it had a great story AND this scene:

Edited by Deadgod


Edited by SilverPool

Flashpoint. I think it's up there with TDK trilogy and Under the Red Hood as far as quality goes. I think it also improves upon the source material.

JL War was less than mediocre and had some really poor voice acting.