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Favorite Comic Runs: Jeph Loeb's THE LONG HALLOWEEN vs. HUSH

Which Batman mystery will take the prize?

Jeph Loeb, welcome to the Favorite Comic Runs' spotlight!

This week, we want you -- yes, you -- to think about two of the writer's biggest Batman stories: THE LONG HALLOWEEN and HUSH. Both are engrossing mysteries yet manage to feel like completely different reading experiences. Will you side with the classic thriller Loeb created with Tim Sale or will the action-heavy story with Jim Lee receive your love? Both need to be read at least once by any fan of the Dark Knight, but we want to know which one the Comic Vine crowd prefers and why.


Do you want to re-read these tales before voting? Well, there's no need to worry because the poll will stay open until this Friday morning (ET). That should be more than enough time for you to jump into these two stories. After giving it a proper amount of thought, please be sure to cast your vote and then share your full thoughts with us. Why did you pick one over the other? How big of a role did the art play? Make your post fantastic enough and there's a chance we'll feature it in the updated article.

Check the homepage this Friday to see which run takes the victory and why. In the meantime, feel free to make future match-up suggestions in the comments below or tell us via Twitter.

Posted by cmaprice

Uggggh. What happened to Jeph Loeb? He's the absolute worst now.

Posted by Gotham331

My vote goes to Hush all day!

Posted by abejarano12

Hush is an amazing story that features all of the greats of the Rogues Gallery,plus a cameo by Superman. It also introduced a new villain Hush. However, The Long Halloween gives a true mystery on that although we think the bad guy is caught we just aren't sure. The Long Halloween is a better story. I have to take The Long Halloween on this one.

Posted by TheAmazingImmortalMan

I like the Long Holloween better as a mystery but overall I feel that Hush was a better read, it was amazing.

Posted by manwithoutshame

Long Halloween for me. It's Tim Sale's defining work, Batman lurking in the shadows where he belongs, unraveling a mystery with no shortage of suspects. I've read it time and again and always enjoyed it. It's not perfect, with most of the shortcomings being due on Loeb's end, but even he elevates his game for the greatness that is the Long Halloween.

Hush on the other hand, is a flashy cameo-fest with a bunch of rain, gnashed teeth, pectoral muscles, and yawn-inducing plot twists.

Edited by Outside_85

Red Hulk's fantasy powertrip! :D

Posted by PunyParker

This is tough.
Loeb could write back then.

Posted by Billy Batson

Long Halloween for me. It's Tim Sale's defining work

Might want to read his other works like Grendel.


Posted by longbowhunter

Haven't read Long Halloween in a while but it's got my vote.

Edited by AmazingWebHead

Long Halloween. Creepy Calendar Man for the win!

Posted by Jakkoaks

I like both stories alot but my problem (and im probably gonna get some hate for this ) is Tim Sales art in the long Halloween there are some bad character designs and some panels just look awful (in my opinion) so for me id choose hush i like Hush as a character more, the story is good and Jim Lee's art is on point here. (also this story helps reintroduce Jason which in recent years has undergone a significant change becoming a really good character.)

Posted by Master_Thief


Posted by PlaysWithSquirrels

I'll take The Long Halloween over Hush any day. TLH is a much better story and I only feel like Hush is as good as it is because of Jim Lee's artwork.

Posted by rob1157

For me, it has to be Hush. What a amazing tale.

Posted by Deathstroke52

The Long Halloween by far. Hush can't even be compared to it.

Posted by jwrose5

The story about the invesigation of a murder involving Gotham's crime families which led to the breaking of Gotham's Holy Trinity (Gordon, Dent and Batman) or the one about Bruce's childhood friend turned enemy, who knows his secret and taught him how to think like his opponents? Hmm. Its a tough one for me. I enjoyed the art in both and the stories were really enjoyable too.

Posted by matanui123

Jeez if long halloween was that good then I may pick it up.

Posted by TheCheeseStabber

Damn Long Halloween is the first Graphic Novel I ever Read and it made me love Calendar Man and mystery stories

But Batman Hush was full of twists and turns with breath taking art that made me re pick it up in Unwrapped Form

I cant chose ...

Posted by KingWillie

Definitely Long Halloween.

Edited by TimeLordScience

Hush gets way too much love for what it is.

Posted by tupiaz

TLH is not a run it is a miniseries. When you are taking part in it you are having a run. Loeb did all of TLH issues without any being before or after and there for it wasn't just part of it. Anyway TLH is by far the best story.

Posted by bloggerboy

The Long Halloween is the better story (one of my favourites) but Hush is also such an entertaining read with it's own twists and turns. Tim Sale and Jim Lee both give us their own styled stellar artwork to boot.

I have to vote for TLH though I love both stories pretty much equally.

Posted by Nerd Of A Hero

I haven't read both books entirely but I'll get to them eventually before the week is over.

Posted by WallCrawlerCapedCrusader

Both are so good!!!! Too close to call.

Edited by Reignmaker

I vote Halloween.

I read the Long Halloween first (and I believe it came out first). Many of Loeb's subsequent Batman stories sort of followed the same mystery template where a confused Batman is rotating from villain to villain as he slowly unravels the truth. It was more magical for me the first time around so I put Halloween at the top. Hush also felt like more of a platform to showcase Jim Lee's art than tell an intricate story. You can also see the ending coming a mile away, whereas the last few pages of Halloween genuinely surprised me.

Posted by Life_Without_Progress


Actually his work on Nova wasn't really that bad

Posted by DarthAznable

Hush. Easily.

Posted by SlamAdams

Long Halloween.

Posted by thecowwasdelirious

I feel like The Long Halloween should just have been called "batmans fucking rogues gallery" because that´s what it is. Everyone´s in it, and everyone´s awesome in it. The Long Halloween fo shure.

Posted by MuyJingo

TLH has far, far more substance than Hush. Both are enjoyable, but TLH is clearly the better Batman story.

Posted by RulerOfThisUniverse

Hush, but it's close.