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Favorite Comic Runs: Grant Morrison's ALL-STAR SUPERMAN or BATMAN R.I.P.?

Oh, this is going to be a good one! Basically, you NEED to get in here if you like either of these classic characters.

When it comes to the comic industry, Grant Morrison is a titan. The creative mind has produced so many phenomenal stories, but his work on two legendary characters has left a particularly massive impression. ALL-STAR SUPERMAN and BATMAN R.IP. are entirely different character experiences with drastically different visuals and both are widely praised as must read stories. We know it won't be an easy choice, but this week, we want you to compare and contrast these two tales. Do you prefer one over the other? Do you love them equally? Are you simply not a fan of them or have you not read either? Take a trip to the poll to vote and tell us your thoughts.


Voting is open until Friday morning (ET). That should give you plenty of time to think it through or even reread these two books. Once you've voted, please be sure to jump into the comments and explain why a certain option on the poll earned your support. Make it awesome enough and we might highlight in Friday's update.

Friday's article will include:

  • The poll's results.
  • A "Viner Post of the Week" made for each selection.
  • Thoughts from the staff.
  • Other work we recommend by the writer.
  • A tease for next week's writer.

Feel free to make future title suggestions in the comments below or via Gregg's Twitter page.

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Posted by Conniption_Fit

I vote for All Star Superman. It just gives me what I want in Superman's character. He is kindly and wise, while being powerful. It makes me wish they would use it as the basis for a Superman movie.

Posted by CaptainMarvel4Ever

I would go with All Star Superman

Posted by ravisher
Posted by manwithoutshame

All Star Superman for sure. I didn't even really dig RIP, if it was VS Batman Inc. then you would have a race.

Posted by monopolyloser

All-Star Suoerman is a better experience next to Batman RIP. But Grant's overall Batman run was stellar, and would be hard to compare other stories to it.

Posted by mak13131313

All-Star Superman defines what Superman is perfectly. It is a great book. But, Batman RIP is a little bit better. I like everything about it. So I'm voting Batman RIP.

Posted by baneofdemon22

I'm going with All Star Superman. It's one of my favorite comic stories! My favorite scene is when he comforts the depressed girl. He's at his most powerful, yet his most powerful moment for me, has nothing to do with his physical attributes. His might doesn't come from the sun, it's his unconditional love and compassion for everyone. Although, Morrison wrote Lex Luthor to be pretty stupid. The whole prison scene was too "cutesy" for me. Lex Luthor wouldn't have been fooled by Clark's deceit.

His Batman didn't feel like a defined character. It felt like Morrison just wanted to create a bunch of grand stories, and changed Batman's character to whatever worked for his story. It felt like a series of fan fiction. I strongly disagree with the "critics" calling his run genius. He had a lot of interesting ideas, but I don't think they were well executed. A lot of pretension. I loved his Batman in his JLA run, but he took it too far with Batman being so powerful.

Posted by SandMan_

All Star Superman.

Posted by kennybaese

I wimped out and clicked the both button. I love both runs for different reasons.

All Star Superman is probably my favorite Superman story ever. It turned me into a Superman fan. It's a perfect, succinct statement of what Superman can be.

Morrison's Batman run (I think that just including RIP doesn't make a ton of sense) on the other hand is a sprawling epic that encapsulates not only what the Batman is and why he's timeless, but what superhero comics in general are.

I can't pick one.

Posted by HushoftheWind

still voted for Supes

Posted by Mucklefluga


Posted by GraniteSoldier

Ive never read the Superman title but Batman RIP is one of those titles that I consider a must read Batman book. I'm going Batman RIP, but admittedly never read the Superman one.

Edited by NewKid

i can't choose...

2 of my all time faves.

Posted by Jayso4201

All Star no question.

Posted by Shallbecomeabattoo

RIP. I explain it in the other thread.

Posted by Dstick88

All-Star Suoerman is a better experience next to Batman RIP. But Grant's overall Batman run was stellar, and would be hard to compare other stories to it.

yes this

Posted by buttersdaman000

I gotta go with All-Star Superman

Posted by Hawkguy

Superman for sure. Never liked his Batman work.

Edited by AWeekInGeekdom

As perfect as All Star is, I still think RIP had a lot more depth and it was all thinks to the massive amount of work (and backstory) Morrison poured into it. Yes All Star is probably the quintessential modern Superman story but for me RIP had the bigger payoff with a more complex analysis on the character whereas All-Star Supes was more of a swan song and a deep, heartfelt love letter to the beloved character.

Man this was tough :P I love both stories but when with my gut on this one.

Posted by CODYSF

All Star Superman curbstomps for the win

Posted by dbatdog

all star superman, I love batman but I just don't like the RIP story line.

Posted by Gotham331

I'm going to have to go with Batman R.I.P. That storyline brought me back to comics after a very long hiatus. I don't understand why Morrison gets so much grief from comic readers. I think his story's are very interesting and engaging. The thing I loved about the RIP AND Blavk Glove stories was that he took decades of old batman stories that didn't quite fit into any continuity and make the relevant. I had to go back and do research on some of those old stories so I could follow the storyline. RIP made me work, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Posted by andy_117

I've never liked Grant Morrison's Batman runs in particular. Arkham Asylum is phenomenal, but hardly for the script - it's the tone and the atmosphere that set it apart and none of it is done any service via the dialog. And his stuff like Batman & Robin just always struck me as the perverse kind of dark; kind of a dank take on Gotham, as opposed to psychologically rich.

So yeah. Gonna have to go with Superman on this one.

Posted by 2cool4fun

Batman R.I.P. is amazing, and it has art done by Tony freaking Daniel, but All Star Superman is just too good.

Posted by k4tzm4n

One more day to vote.