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Favorite Comic Runs: Alan Moore's WATCHMEN vs. V FOR VENDETTA

It's time to vote for one of these phenomenal stories.

Welcome to the Favorite Comic Runs' spotlight, Alan Moore.

Widely regarded as one of the best writers of our time, Moore's long career has produced several stories that are mandatory reading and worthy of multiple visits. This week, we want to focus on two of his most iconic epics: WATCHMEN and V FOR VENDETTA. There have been quite a few difficult choices to make in this segment's history, but this one just may be the toughest. Will you side with Moore's phenomenal commentary on heroes and humanity or his political masterpiece? Will Dave Gibbons or David Lloyd's art help sway your vote? Good luck choosing, Viners.


As always, voting will remain open until Friday morning (ET). That's more than enough time to re-read these two excellent stories and make up your mind. And, in the unfortunate event that you haven't read either, this gives you quite a bit of time to purchase and read both. This is something you truly need to do at some point anyway, so why not now? Additionally, we encourage you to speak your mind after you cast your vote. Why bother, you ask? Because we'll include two exceptional posts in the results article (which is posted on Friday). One will be selected for each story, so don't forget to elaborate after picking WATCHMEN or V FOR VENDETTA.

Last but not least, everyone say "you're so amazing" to the Comic Viner DDangelico. Why should you give this person your blind praise? Well, it's because DDangelico was the very first person to guess this week's match-up based on the small teaser we provided in Friday's article. Bravo, DD!

Check the homepage on Friday to see which story won and why. In the meantime, feel free to make future match-up suggestions in the comments below or via Twitter.

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Posted by micah

My god, this one's tough

Posted by Figgs216

Still haven't read either one.

Edited by javancain16

definitely watchmen !!!!!!!!!

Posted by Zelos797

I loved them both but I mean Watchmen is...well it is Watchmen. Nuff' Said.

Posted by fustacluck

Watchmen, for me. Got me back into comics when I got the trade when it first came out. Had never read anything like it in my life and it still ranks as my favourite piece of literature. Gibbons' artwork was also iconic, and had a huge influence on culture here in the UK at the time. I can't imagine what comics would be like now if it had never been made, either in content or in appreciation.

I really like V as well, though.

Posted by BeaconofStrength

I think I preferred Watchmen, but it was one of the first comics I read, so I might have a bit of bias. I still think Miracleman was my favorite of Alan Moore's runs.

Posted by DigitalShooter9

Wachmen ftw....

Posted by bloggerboy


Posted by Owie

I've never really understood the continuing appeal of either. V just wasn't that amazing, to me, from a story point of view. Not bad, not amazing. Watchmen was interesting, and I can see how, if I read it as a teenager, I would have liked it. But having read it for the first time as an adult, it was the kind of thing I could appreciate but not really care about. It is formally interesting, but didn't really pull me in. And the art is mediocre at best. A better artist could have really "sold" the story much better, and made it into something that was genuinely affecting. Watchmen is usually held up along with the Dark Knight Returns as two genre-impacting comics competing for greatest graphic novel ever, and I think that's true, in terms of their effect on the medium of comics. Watchmen certainly was influential. But in my eyes Dark Knight was a much better comic as a reading experience.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

my god this is hard... I'm going with V!

Posted by comedy_brosUSA

no no no! darn you Comicvine for making me choose!!!!!! but I have to say Watchmen.

Posted by tupiaz

I see no runs only miniseries.

Posted by thewalkingdeadpool18

Both are extremely overrated but i like superheroes more. Superheroes i find the most intresting type of Sci-fi/supernatural although i like many non superhero things i guess i would go with Watchmen.

Posted by longbowhunter

Both have a permanent place on my bookshelf, but I went with Watchmen.

Edited by k4tzm4n

no no no! darn you Comicvine for making me choose!!!!!! but I have to say Watchmen.

futurama animated GIF

Posted by k4tzm4n

One day left to vote. So yeah, go do that if you haven't already OR FOREVER REGRET NOT CHOOSING!

Posted by HolySerpent

Watchmen for me