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Favorite Comic Book Video Games RESULT: 'Batman: Arkham Origins' vs. 'Injustice: Gods Among Us'

Which DC game is taking the prize?

Seeing as Deathstroke is our latest Character of the Month, we thought it would be really fun to reflect on two recent video games he's appeared in: Injustice: Gods Among Us and Batman: Arkham Origins. Obviously, both games are totally different experiences. One's a fighting game and the other is a third-person action game. However, just because they're different genres doesn't mean you can't have a preference!

We asked the community to share their thoughts on these two games back on Monday and, since then, over 200 Viners have voted in the poll. Both games bring completely different advantages to the table, and a majority of the voters have decided to side with NetherRealm Studios' DC fighting game, Injustice: Gods Among Us!

Injustice: Gods Among Us gives gamers the chance to pummel each other as some of their favorite heroes and villains from DC. You can knock Batman around as Wonder Woman or you can slice and dice Solomon Grundy as Deathstroke. There's a whole lot of possibilities, especially if you purchased the DLC fighters! The studio gave each character their own unique set of combos, so it takes a good amount of time if you want to get really good with a handful of combatants. For example, just because Sinestro and Hal Jordan are both ring-slingers doesn't mean they have identical attacks -- not at all. Then there's the super moves which seriously never get old. You can't help but want to cheer whenever you unleash Flash or Aquaman's most powerful move. It's just so much fun.

In addition to the entertaining and competitive gameplay, NetherRealm Studios made a legitimately amusing story mode and packed the game with extras (S.T.A.R. Labs, new skins, etc). Sure, there's some balancing issues here and there and players spamming projectile attacks can be so annoying, but overall, it's still a terrific game and a total blast.

Now, let's take a peek at the poll's results and then see what some Viners had to say about the two video games!

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us 50%
  • Batman: Arkham Origins 33%
  • I love both of them 13%
  • I'm not a fan of either game 4%
  • It brings me great shame to admit I haven't played both and won't be able to before Friday 4%


"I loved both but I have to go with Injustice all the way, exposing me to new characters and with a great story Injustice was a great game which lead me to the new 52 and reading comics in general! I enjoyed Arkham Origins, didn't experience any glitches (quite lucky!) and on replay, I felt it was better the second time as well but it did have to live up to a tonne of hype from its predecessors."


"I enjoyed playing both, but Origins easily beats Injustice for me. The plot was far more engaging, the gameplay was mostly on par with the previous versions of the series which is great because they have been praised and copied by other companies due to its fluidity and satisfying combat system. The main actors for Batman(Kevin Conroy) and Joker(Mark Hamill) were also replaced to make them sound younger, this caused many to worry, but the new voice actors Roger Craig Smith and Troy Baker were perfect. I was surprised that the multiplayer mode that Origins had was actually good, but had a small player base and died quickly. I guess if thats not what you're looking for its down to if you like open world beat'em ups more or fighters.


"Easy pick, Injustice. I work at an after school program and Injustice is the game we play there all the time. I've managed to get kids who weren't into comics really, get interested. They'd play a character and ask things like "Who's Deathstroke?", "So what's the difference between a yellow lantern and green lantern?" and so on. The game also had a variety of costumes and characters, plus it made Aquaman into a total boss."

That's it for this week, Viners! Be sure to check the homepage on Monday for a brand new edition of this segment. In the meantime, go ahead and tell us your moment in either of these DC video games. Also, if you want to suggest a future match-up for this segment (it can be comics, TV shows, movies, or video games!), tell us below or reach out via twitter.

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I'm not surprised by this. Personally I preferred Origins (wasn't a huge fan of it, but I liked it more), but to each his/her own

Posted by kar024

I passed origins and prefer it

Posted by Justthatkid

Injustice had more DC characters both are Batman games though.

Posted by micah

I prefer Injustice

Posted by ULTRAstarkiller

Yaa Injustice!

Posted by Vitalius

I am really happy for Injustice had won this round.

Edited by JackJack390

For the next battle you should do Batman vs. the Thing

Posted by Transformers1024

I must be the only one that hates Injustice.

Posted by Cloakx14


Posted by IDontLikeBirds

Sweet, second time my comment was chosen.

Now can we get Injustice 2 and adapt a Crisis on Infinite Earths type of story into it? I want multiple Batman's (not one Batman with multiple skins) fighting each other and with unique moves. I want Owlman vs. Batman Beyond, or Kingdom Come Superman vs. Superboy Prime, and so on.

Edited by Hydronus

In that first image am I the only one seeing batman fight a toucan?

Posted by cmaprice

Origins was the weak spot in its franchise.

Injustice was an OK fighting game.

Posted by patrat18

Alot of good answers.

Posted by AmazingWebHead

I played some Injustice the other night. I made everyone beat the snot out of Flash for creating the New 52 timeline. Very therapeutic. (Playing as Harley Quinn was a lot more fun than I remember) I can't wait for the sequel.

Posted by BatmanvsSupermanBatmanwins

i think Injustice would win because it in my opinion has better characters aside from Batman and the Joker

also they have more characters

Hope you agree :)

Edited by Vaeternus

Injustice by far for me and a great fighting game. But both franchises are kickass!! Can't wait for Injustice 2 and Batman Arkham Knight I'm sure will also be great games! *drools*

Posted by Skyfire

I think Injustice was a really good game, I just sucked hard at it. I literally won twice online

I don't see why Origins got so much hate, I really enjoyed it.

Posted by StMichalofWilson

Origins is pretty good, but Injustice is more entertaining

Posted by archerkid

I prefer Injustice I played it WAY more then Origins,I liked Origins but it wasn't as good as what it's being a prequel to.

Posted by staypuffed

I loved Origins. Didn't get any bugs or problems, just immersed myself in a familiar environment with amazing character design, an intriguing plot, INCREDIBLE cutscenes and that perfect free-flowing gameplay. All the Joker stuff in the game is just awesome.

Posted by MonsterStomp

Where was I?

Anyway, Origins would have gotten my vote. The story as a whole was more interesting than Injustice: Gods Among Us and the gameplay was far more diverse. People bring up the amount of Bugs and Glitches they got, but I never had this problem. To top it all off, Batman: Arkham Origins just had better visuals in the cinematic sequences.


Definitely preferred Origins myself. Graphics in Origins were far superior, I prefer the gameplay and Troy Baker's Joker was in my opinion even better than Mark Hamill's.

Posted by Dmc_lover
Posted by TheBlackHood

I really wish Origins had been a better game. I ran into a bug right after the Deathstroke fight that made it impossible to progress further. What a waste of what could have been a great game. I personally do not know a single person playing it on the computer who didn't have to restart the game due to a bug at varying points.

Posted by Mrfuzzynutz

Ok..let me set the scene...For why INJUSTICE is the greatest game ever created.

So a year before the release you may recall the initial release of the first look trailer of the game. And I was watching with my sons who were 9 and 8 at the time.

Again at that time, it looked pretty damn cool, but my kids got a huge thrill of the scenes of the heroes being knocked around their worlds and through walls...especially Superman punching Flash into orbit.

So as was the case Grandma loves to spoil the boys and made sure to pick the came up for them when the game was released. As we live in different states we have come to look forward to the Grandma Box that normally waited for us at the front door via UPS.

Sadly Grandma had pass that year and things were a bit crazy for us as you can imagine, it was a huge mental drain on the family and a longer trip home from NJ to NC.

With our minds completely elsewhere and not expecting it....There was a final Grandma Box waiting for us. Inside contained some clothes, and candy for every one of course, and on the bottom...INJUSTICE.

Faces immediately brightened as the year long wait was over, and they couldn't get it in the PS3 fast enough! Who wanted to be Batman, who wanted to Superman..and hit start and just FIGHT!

But it was that moment...That moment despite not knowing how they did it..not caring about that week everyone just had. But that moment when Superman triggered his special move....the sounds of pure excitement and release ripped through our house like a clap of thunder.

The waiting, the doom of gloom of losing my mother, their grandmother, the fact it came in a fitting and awesomely unexpected Grandma Box after a long trip home...all of one moment made it truly an awesome experience

I wanted to call her and say thank you like always, but couldn't..just had to leave the room and cry, kind of like I need to do now....

Hands down...INJUSTICE is the greatest game ever created

Posted by SynCig

I thoroughly enjoy both of these games. Unfortunately, Arkham Origins is my least favorite in that game series so Injustice got my vote in this poll. Injustice is a very entertaining and well crafted fighting game that takes full advantage of the DC property. On the other hand, Origins is an entertaining but flawed game that doesn't quite live up to the previous two games. Bugs and the Black Mask/Joker swerve were the biggest marks against Origins in my opinion. There was still plenty to love but it didn't quite live up to my expectations.

Posted by Homer_X


Posted by Vaeternus

@mrfuzzynutz: Nice write up, you REALLY love Injustice huh? lol. I heard rumors Injustice 2 will be possibly done by a different studio then NRS(hope not) but that's just a rumor, they're really kicking butt right now with MK and Injustice. I'd even be for a MK vs. DC 2 but 2D and plays like MK+Injustice, man that would be sweet lol.