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Favorite Animated Shows: Batman Beyond vs. Justice League Unlimited

The adventures of Terry McGinnis or the new and improved Justice League roster?

DC has a fairly awesome track record with animated shows. Sure, some have been cancelled far too soon (here's looking at you, Young Justice, Green Lantern TAS, and Beware the Batman), but they were at least enjoyable rides while they lasted. This week, instead of asking you to reflect on two runs by the same comic writer, we want you to dive back into two of DC's animated shows. We figured we should go big or go home with the first pairing, so we want you to compare two classics: Batman Beyond and Justice League Unlimited!

Will you side with the story of future Gotham City or the adventures involving so many of the world's heroes and villains? No matter which one you ultimately decide to side with, I think most of us can agree they're both incredibly fun and entertaining shows. Seriously, if you haven't checked them out, you really should give them a chance at some point. Both stand the test of time quite well. And yes, assuming this segment isn't a total failure, it will eventually include non-DC shows and movies!


Look, we get this isn't an easy decision and there's no need to make up your mind just yet. Voting is open until Friday morning (ET), so that should give you a fair amount of time to really think this one through. And if you happen to have Netflix, you'll be happy to hear both of these shows are currently streaming! Once the poll is locked, we'll post an article on Friday with the results and highlight some posts. So, if you're going to vote, be sure to share your thoughts with us, too. If it's excellent enough there's a chance we'll feature it in the updated article! Did a specific episode help sway your decision? Maybe a certain character? We want to know! So, which will it be, Viners?

Check the homepage this Friday to see which show wins and why. In the meantime, feel free to make future match-up suggestions in the comments below or tell us via Twitter.

Posted by KyreCat

Batman Beyond, easily. It was a unique update for the legend at the time. Terry didn't come off as a version of Robin, or some form of "Batboy". It was more serious than most teen hero cartoons had been up to that point.

Posted by ARMIV2

JLU for me. It handled the characters brilliantly and the stories were really engaging.

Posted by HushoftheWind

where's the moon knight stuff at?

Posted by saucygiraffe

B:tas and JLU would've been closer. Batman beyond is too much spider-man in my batman, you can't cross the streams!

Posted by comedy_brosUSA

JLU was what I watched primarily. I think I knew about Batman Beyond but I didn't watch it until later on.

Edited by CaptainMarvel4Ever

You really can't compete with unlimited when it gave us the chance to see so many great characters..... except for Firestorm :( But hey, at least we got a decent amount of Stargirl.

Also Beware the Batman is not an awesome show.

Posted by BlackLegRaph

I love both, but it has to be JLU for me. The great cast of characters, great themes and interactions make it my favourite Western animated show with Avatar TLA.

Posted by Avilon

JLU all the way although, i wish they had more of the original Justice League but that is copy right issues for you :(

Posted by WonderKnight

Justice League Unlimited

Posted by Leatherface003

Justice League hands down..don't know why they cancelled it...

Posted by Perfect 10

well seeing as wonder woman is in only one of these several heroes vs one? but it is a bat so.....


JLU is my favorite because every episode focused on different characters. I never disliked a character, but if I did, they'd usually be gone by next week. & if you did like someone who wasnt used much, if at all, you'd still watch hoping for more. & it made me realize why the Marvel movie-verse worked so well, is that Cap, Thor & Iron man, are NOT as high profile as Bats, supes, or WW, so its harder for them to fail. DC movies fail, & will continue to fail, just because they are too huge, there is too much anticpation for their characters, that can never be met.

As for Beyond, I like in that they replace the character, Bruce, in a way that he can never be brought back later. Thats the problem with comics. GL & Flash never got to the same level as the Trinity because at any given time, there are at least 4 guys who could be in the suit. You can NOT dilute the franchise like that. Batman IS Bruce Wayne. & in 80 years, Batman WILL BE Terry.

Its just too bad DC seems to hate Bruce Timm & like to take a s*it on everything he does. Hw fixed the Hawkman problem. He fixed the Supergirl problem. He made Question awesome, DC killed him in 52. Wait, Grant Morrison did, becuase he is a jealous hack. Even now, Bruce Timm gave us Harley, MrFreeze, Renne, Grant gave a POS like Final Crisis, some BS of Batman time traveling, & an even more complicated Batwoman. Timm is everything good about comics, Morrison is all the BS retcons/reboots that end up existing side by side.

However, I thought BBeyond was more original than it actually was. I thought Timm's team created Blithe, or Spellbinder, Ink, or that female assassin, & not just base them on pre-existing DC characters.

Edited by saucygiraffe

Also, most of my favorite batman beyond moments are in JLU, lol

Posted by CommanderShiro

Justice League Unlimited gets my vote. I loved the roster of heroes added to the Justice League.

Posted by Bobsjonjon


Posted by Perethorn

Tough one.

I have to think about it in my solitude room.

Edited by MadeinBangladesh

JLU.... Man WHat happened to good cartoons like these!?!?!??!

Posted by ScarletKnight2814

# JLU, it would have been Batman Beyond but then I forgot that Dick Grayson wasn't in it and Terry was in 3 episodes of jlu

Posted by Ryan_Candan

I remember when I first watched Batman Beyond and how I hated the concept of a different guy being Batman. Terry eventually grew onto me. :P

Posted by TehStranger

I prefer JLU

Posted by Manute117

JL for me,cant understand why they can't put that back on. People will watch but cant be on Saturday morning.

Edited by Captain13

Both were great, but JLU was better along every metric. It had a stronger first season, overall better writing (drama and comedy), better animation, more complex storytelling, more mature (not childish like the DTV movies now) writing, a better vocal cast, a wider scope, bigger ideas, a larger number of complex/interesting characters, etc. I think it left a bigger footprint in and out of the comics, and it's the only cartoon I re-watch regularly and enjoy every time. Whenever i watch the episodes again, i see something new. While I am only 22, it is a show i will try to pass on to my kids someday. JLU was The Wire/Sopranos of animated children's tv in terms of quality and legacy; no one can tell me otherwise. :-P

The Timmverse as a whole was a true masterpiece that Marvel Studios seems to have taken notes on, and it is still my favorite DCU.

Posted by Zmasonite

It's really close for me but I say JLU

Posted by k4tzm4n

Remember, you're welcome to suggest future match-ups!

Edited by Captain13

This just reminded me of how far DC-related animation has fallen since McDuffie passed, the usual voice cast was replaced, and Bruce Timm left due to corporate synergy-issues. :-(

Posted by Night Thrasher

Posted by Captain13

I read that a Canadian channel wanted to make new episodes of JLU because it was so popular, but WB said no. :-(

Edited by DoctorThomasElliot

Man I miss The DC Animated Universe, it got me into comics in the first place. That reminds I have a great idea for a new matchup Mark Waid's Kingdom Come vs Birthright, Superman's end and his ( retconned) origin.

Posted by AmazingWebHead

You're seriously asking us to pick!?

Posted by Captain13

@k4tzm4n said:

Remember, you're welcome to suggest future match-ups!

How about B:TAS vs Young Justice for cartoons or Iron Man vs Batman Beyond for movies? Heck, even Spider-man (2002) or Spider-man (2004) vs X-Men (2000) or X2 (2003) would be interesting.

Posted by jason44143

@cobramorph: thank you. i thought i was the only one on this site that could not stand morrisons writing. i really cant believe how much love he gets. I think snyder's batman run obliterated anything he ever wrote

Posted by Draku28

I do like them both, but I got to go with JLU just because it had other heroes in the DC universe in each episode like Aztek, Fire, Ice, Steel, and etc..

Posted by RulerOfThisUniverse

Really close, but JLU.

Posted by hyperman

There can only be only pone batman. And that es bruce wayne. So i must say that i am voting forma JLU

Posted by DaredevilDD78

JLU easily

Posted by Tikbaz

Both are great. JLU is better.

Posted by Grimoire

Easily JLU. There are so many episodes that I have watched again since they were so cool. The large battles come to mind instantly with the heroes and villains working against Darkseid as one of my favorite story arcs. Plus seeing Superman cut loose against Darkseid even if it wasn't very long was still good.

Posted by MuyJingo

I never watch BB, as I never liked the idea of a non Bruce Batman.

I should check it out one of these days though, heard nothing but good things.

Posted by Wowlock

JLU for sure. BB was fine but I don't like the future being set while a popular series still going on. Thats why I mostly hate future stories as it involves too much BS and retcons. In-turn makes it meaningless. If it is a proper sequel like what JLU was to original JL series, then it is awesome.

Edited by Shazam78

Actually Wowlock nothing in Batman Beyond was truly set. In one episode of JLU when future Bruce met present day Batman he said he didn't remember traveling in time and meeting his future self. As for which I liked better it's hard to say Batman Beyond never really got a sense of closure during it run. It was great show that focused on a younger character taking up the mantle of an established hero. Terry never tried to be a clone of the original. He did some things similar but he was his own Batman. JLU was epic series follow up from Justice League. That would reference or touch on events and characters from previous series even Batman TAS and Superman TAS. JLU had a large roster of characters to work with. Hence you didn't necessarily know who would show up or be the focus. You wouldn't necessarily see Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman in the same episode but Terry was the main character in Batman Beyond so he was in every episode. Both series had great episodes but Batman Beyond had the opportunity to create totally new characters. Simple character animation was easy on the eyes and animators, both had great writers. I will say this anyone who hasn't seen both shows really should check them out there are way too many ways you watch them digitally through streaming services like Netflix or get the DVDs.

Posted by RedSamurai7

definatly JLU. BB is good but Terry as Batman would get on my nerves sometimes on how he handled the situation he encountered very different that Bruce would. true, he was his own man but i when i think of Batman, it has to be Bruce wayne, like in Batman the animated series. plus, JL had it's core JL members you followed but they pulled in some other comic characters that don't get much shine in the comic/ other animated series (*couch-Static Shock..)

Posted by majinn3

JLU but BB is not far behind.