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Fantastic Four "Three" Finale—Do You Want To Be Spoiled?

With this year's first publicized comic event, will you read the spoilers or wait to read the issue?

Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting are about to bring death to the Fantastic Four. With the current storyline, THREE, someone is going to perish in Fantastic Four #587. Let me begin by stating that if you are looking for spoilers on that issue, you may have already heard them. Marvel has made it pretty difficult to avoid them.  
Death is such a common event in comic books these days yet the events that are about to happen have been getting a lot of attention and coverage in other non-comic book media. Someone is going to die and things will never be the same. We've heard it all before but, I have to admit, there's a tiny part that always wonders what if this death will actually stick?  
The Fantastic Four has always been about a family of superheroes. That is what has separated them from other teams. There has been discussion over who might be the one to die. Each death could have lasting repercussions. With everyone talking about this issue and comic stores being allowed to sell the issue one day early, will you read/seek out the spoilers or will you avoid them and read the issue for yourself? 
 == TEASER == 
 Will one of these be the new team roster or will there be another 'team'?
For me, I don't want to be spoiled. I will do my best to avoid them until I get my hands on a copy. Not everyone feels that way. There are those that enjoy reading spoilers. They want to know right away. It might ruin the surprise but they're okay with that and will still look forward to reading/seeing the actual event occur. Some people enjoy being the one to reveal the spoiler. There is a sort of empowerment in being the first one with the information and knowing something that no one else does.  
 What's with this symbol?
What we know is someone is going to perish. Next month's issue #588 will be the final issue of Fantastic Four. We will then see FF #1 by Hickman and Epting in March. My theory is FF will last eleven issues with the twelfth reverting back to Fantastic Four just in time for issue #600.  
I've mentioned before who I think will/should die. You can stay tuned for some extensive discussion on this topic to see what me, Sara and Norm think including our reaction to the issue on Wednesday.  
If you are going to spoil it or want to be spoiled, we just ask that you do it discretely. If someone asks, send them a pm. If you wish to post it below in the comments, please use the spoiler tag. That also means do not quote the post with the spoiler tag or it will be revealed to everyone. 
More importantly, I'm curious about whether or not people want to be spoiled on this or if they're looking forward to actually reading the issue. The spoiler is out there, hours before comic shops even have a chance to open. If you got spoiled, was it by choice and who was it that spoiled you?     


Looks like the cat's out of the bag. The secret is already out there. After debating, I've decided to go ahead and post the spoiler since Marvel has already released an official press release showing the cover and the identity of who dies. Still, if you want to avoid it, do not click on the spoiler tag below. 

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Posted by gammasan55

I hope it's Reed, i hate him

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Posted by leokearon
Could you PM me how it happens, since I can't get the comic and that member is my favourite member of the four
Posted by Beast_in_the_Shadows

I'd take the spoiler only because I'm interested and I don't care about the four enough that I will ever read the story.
If I had to guess on who I thought was most likely, I'd imagine it would be Mr Fantastic.  again I haven't read the recent stories, but just based on the types of characters Marvel usually kills off, Reed seems most likely.

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I want it to be Johnny, but I have a sinking feeling that it might be Sue or Reed... I highly doubt it would be Ben.
Oh. and to answer the question, I definitely like *confirmed spoilers... i rather not set my expectations too high and then be disappointed...i dont like surprises, i like to know where things are going to go lol

Posted by juniorlhulk
@nightwing91: can u pm me too man please
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I can't believe they're already spoiling who's going to die as I'm a bit interested on who's going to bite it....and in a couple of years will come back.
I think it will be Johnny just because he hasn't been important in my eyes lately.
Johnny 85%
Mr. Fantastic: 10% 
Sue: 5%
Thing: Not even part of my percentage lol.

Posted by MiloshShomy

I knew that they are going to kill of that caracter.... Shame tough....

Posted by moffattbooks

wiki spoiled it for me lol...never been a big enough fan of FF to get all excited

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" Someone is going to die and things will never be the same.

Seven of the most over used words in comics. More so because it's always a lie.
Why do they promote these deaths as if they ever mean anything? They're always undone at some point and render all this pomp and circumstance as empty words. Death in the major publishers is a joke. Jean Grey has died so many times. After her revival and eventual re-death, the X-Men shouldn't have a funeral. They should start a office pool.
I just find this over-promoting death rather disturbingly morbid. More so that people seem to eat it up.
Posted by DH69

hahahaha yes i was right "blank" died!!!!! hahahaha i knew it was gonna be them, well im bored gonna go watch summer wars.

Posted by punchline

why him. he was my favorite.

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Posted by doublezeroduck

Sue should be the one. I've never cared for her. Get Elektra or Psylocke or Ms. Marvel to take her place. 

Posted by Walker696

-Ben has died and gone to heaven once already, doesn't make since to do it again
-Reed is too big a par of the Marvel universe to kill off
-Sue for the most part holds the team together and without her I don't think they could last long or stay noble for long, I heard the other three leveled a skrull city when they thought they killed her
-Then there is Torch, the guy on the team who honestly starts more s**t then he helps fix, he's the most logical choice which is why I don't think it will be him. He is the person on the team I can see them moving on without him in their ranks but not anybody else on the team. I hope that if they do something like this it has bigger effects to it like Torch secretly living on to join the Secret Avengers or something and getting some real training and true time to mature.

Posted by Emerald Dragonfly

Who cares? If they spild it than this is another stupid story that nobody would read if they hadn't spoil everything year before it happens. 
MARVEL's policy is so goddamn STUPID.

Posted by NP90

Totally just had this spoiled for me. On Facebook. FML.

Posted by Mbecks14

If i was invested in the story and had been reading it and was a FF fan i wouldnt want spoilers.  But i'm just interested enough to want to know who it is.

Posted by dondasch

Can't say I even begin to care.  However, I think Marvel made a mistake in leaking the information willingly to news publications and spoiling it for the remaining fans of the book.  Another reason to not make mine Marvel

Posted by xerox_kitty

I just saw the variant cover for Fantastic Four #587 on  I didn't expect it to be him.  I really thought it would be Sue.   
What I find really odd is that it's a non-landmark issue.  So what can they do in a couple of years to make #600 big...?  Bring him back :p    
Posted by Eyz

Don't one of them die every 2-3 years then they always revert back to the classic roster!
(and since there's a FF movie reboot in the works, I'm sure they'll go back to the classic team on time for it!)

Posted by Norusdog
@nightwing91 said:
" Just for those who can't wait, btw avoid news sites there's a few already spoiling it, with the answer in headlines
of course..
but it doesn't with all deaths in comics...this person WILL return eventually.
Seriously I wish they'd take "death" in comics more it matter how well written the story is...once that person renders the entire "arc" of them dying as trite because it happens so often.
As it is who cares when someone dies anymore? give it a year and they'll be back.
Posted by Jor-el Zod
can you pm me how it happened?
Posted by InnerVenom123

It's him who dies?  
Pardon my apathy.
Posted by Chris2KLee

We'll, whoever it is, I figure they'll be back by issue 600.

Posted by Billy Batson

uuu...a comic book death, I haven't seen that before.

Posted by KRYPTON
Posted by buttersdaman000

who cares?

Posted by G-Man


I've decided to include the SPOILER in the original post since Marvel has insisted on spoiling it for me and the world. There are some IMAGES if you want to see what happens. But again, please do not type out or quote any posts revealing who dies, just in case there are still those managing not to get spoiled.
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Posted by DEGRAAF

this is the first time in my reading comics that it actually bothered me a little bit about it getting spoiled. 
I still like hearing all the spoilers i can but this one just kind of trew me off bc it seems o be getting so much attention.
Posted by Gambit1024

I called it from the beginning. It's a shame that person had to go. I'd love to know how it happened, though.

Posted by jubilee042
@nightwing91: noooooooooo
Posted by PenguinDust

I read this news this morning when it was plastered on the front page of,  I was quite surprised to hear this since I didn't know it was happening.  I was a great fan of the title back in the 80's and 90's, but I haven't read anything in nearly a decade.  My first reaction is "Oh, geez another pointless comic book death."  Then I read that there will reportedly be no #589.  So, I can only assume they're going to reboot the whole she-bang.  I'm not too surprised.  Even in the Walter Simonson days that hooked me, the book was a second tier franchise behind the exceedingly overexposed X-Men.  Two lackluster movies didn't help its image.

Posted by MrDirector786

I'm surprised at who it is that dies.

Posted by goldenkey

I expected this death the least.
Posted by HT101

I am saddened that he died but hopefully he will be back so we can get back to read about him and see if anything has changed since he died.

Posted by IrishX
Posted by kungnima

Hickman said in an interview that the character who will die won't be around for this time, next year.

Posted by PrinceIMC

I went for the spoiler because I don't read FF but wanted to know.
Posted by inferiorego
Posted by kitsuneconundrum

i'll say good riddance.

Posted by gordocomics
@PrinceIMC said:
" I went for the spoiler because I don't read FF but wanted to know. "
same here. i've never bought an FF comic and, sorry marvel, but you cant trick me into buying an issue just because someone dies.
Posted by GundamHeavyarms

I went for the spoiler, since marvel spoiled it already, I figured it was going to be that person, well you know how death in comics go, that person will be back within a year, or whenever a new writer takes over the book.

Posted by HellionVulcan
@Red_Justice: One can dream reed is the worse outta the four by u can't lose the plot device of the team ..... sigh .
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Wow way to take a drastic move Marvel.
If you can't tell I am being sarcastic, sure the death of Johnny is important to the F4, but to make a real impact in the Marvel U I think they missed the mark. Also I mean how much will he be missed by the F4, he really didn't bring anything important to the family. A death that I think would have truly rocked the F4 to the core would have been Sue. Then you would have had Reed become even more obsessed in his work, Ben would probably become an Avenger full time and Johnny would be even more of a hot head. Plus Franklin would probably become a major villain in the future because you know that's how a lot of villains are born. Heck he could be the next Doctor Doom.

Posted by The Devil Tiger
@FoxxFireArt said:

" Someone is going to die and things will never be the same.

Seven of the most over used words in comics. More so because it's always a lie. Why do they promote these deaths as if they ever mean anything? They're always undone at some point and render all this pomp and circumstance as empty words. Death in the major publishers is a joke. Jean Grey has died so many times. After her revival and eventual re-death, the X-Men shouldn't have a funeral. They should start a office pool. I just find this over-promoting death rather disturbingly morbid. More so that people seem to eat it up. "

So much truth.
Posted by Angeni


Posted by jkenley28

 my prediction:

Posted by Mainline

No.  Avoiding sites like the plague until Wednesday night.

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The reason I've avoided the spoilers is that I don't care. I HATE the Fantastic Four. I am not aware of anything they've done of any importance since Galactus. They're totally not relatable and I can't get behind a character/team I can't relate to.  
If I had to guess, I'd say Johnny or Thing dies. Johnny because he's totally superfluous. Thing is the muscle, Reed is the brains, and Sue is the heart; Johnny is a snot nosed jerk from what I remember from the failed 90s cartoon.  
Thing is also a good candidate because he's the only one who isn't related to the rest of the team. He's the Joey of the group (that's right, I referenced Full House). There are plenty other strongmen in the Marvel Universe, and apparently Hulk brought back another giant rock-skinned alien from Planet Hulk (which i should probably get around to reading) so essentially a cross between Thing and a Conehead. Easily replaceable with no real personality traits. 
I'm SURE they won't kill off Reed because that's what they did in the Ultimate Universe already, and the whole point of Ultimate Marvel was to be different from 616. And the only way they'd kill off Sue would be to replace her with Valeria or another girl, otherwise the sausage fest would get REAL old, REAL fast.