Posted by Slinger

I bought this by accident. I'm trying to avoid Dark Reign. I'm glad it's not in the regular book. Seriously though, why did cutting the power to the Baxter Building work?

Posted by Slinger

Also, I don't buy that a bunch of HAMMER shock troopers were able to crash through the front door and put the secretary at gunpoint, but I guess if HAMMER doesn't break in there's no comic.

ALSO, I hope that they eventually decide on a standard HAMMER uniform. They're different in like every book.

Posted by Mr Mofo

I liked Sean Chen's art.  But the ending, are they in the Savage Land or in the past?  The Celestials there make me suspicious.  Reed did say that the "bridge" he made just shifts reality around him.

Posted by Lord Of The Black Sand

i dont event care if it wouldn't :D it left me there wanting more

Posted by Media_Master

Now that is multitasking