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Fantastic Four #568 Reviewed: Doom's Master Vs The FF

G-Man reviews the penultimate issue of Doom's Master. Is there any hope for the Marvel Universe?

I've really been enjoying Millar and Hitch's run on the Fantastic Four.  A lot of us were surprised (and some a bit outraged) over the idea of Doctor Doom having an actual master.  How could this be?  When did this happen?  Does this mean the end of the Marvel Universe?  Doom thought he was all badass last issue but his master really put him in his place.  He got rid of him like he was nothing.  Is there any way that Reed Richards can stop him?


Doom and Reed have always been near equals.  Is Reed the more formidable of the two since the FF keep beating him?  Would Reed be able to stop him on his own?  We've seen a weaken Doom incinerate the (future version of) the Invisible Woman.  To me, that sort of give him an edge.  Doom is willing to go to any means to solve his mission.  Yet he always fails.  Also, he did jack against his master.  Why is the Marquis of Death toying with Reed?  If he wasn't so arrogant, would Reed stand a chance next issue?  This dude has wiped out countless worlds.  How is the FF going to win this one?  How is Doom going to return?  It's just too bad about this issue, though...
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So is Doctor Doom dead...and where are the Dark Avengers and La Fey.

Posted by G-Man

Doctor Doom was sent away.  I'm betting he'll return in the next issue.  Dark Avengers and La Fey?  Maybe they've been conveniently 'paralyzed' as well.

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Aww, bless the dude at the end.
and how old is your little girl ?
she looks soo cute!
from what I saw of her.

Posted by G-Man

That one wasn't mine.

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@G-Man said:
"That one wasn't mine. "

no problem G we believe you
Posted by Dr. ? man

I think the Marquis of Death is really Reed Richards from an alternate reality, which best explains why he didn't take out Reed like he did with Dr. Doom. I think the irony of Dr. Doom's master being an alternate version of his archenemy is something Millar would go with.

Posted by G-Man

I just couldn't believe what a let down this was.  The next issue better have a massive fight or I'm gonna be pissed at Millar until the finale to Old Man Logan comes out.
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he explains that Clyde is his apprentice in the future and that if Reed kills him now he won't exist in the future to become his apprentice but Reed says that he can't kill him now because he's innocent until he actually does something wrong

Posted by G-Man

I get the whole alternate reality Clydes and all but this taunting just seems a little weak.  I guess it's just the 'feeding off of hope' thing that turns him on.  He's trying to mess with Reed to see if he can get him to go against his noble ways.  He takes out Doom who he felt was an insult in the blink of an eye but wants to string Reed along just because he beat Doom so many times.  I get it but don't really care for it.

Posted by Woerlan

It's stupid and shallow. This issue was a terrible waste of paper. The very idea of Doom consenting to have a master is ludicrous. This isn't Star Wars. Doom isn't Darth Vader. He's DOOM.

Posted by Green ankh

I am a big FF fan. But i am looking forward to The end of this teams run.

Posted by Dreadmaster
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I like that picture
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@ G-Man's Question: well if you have two opponents (a dangerous one, and a less dangerous one) you usually take out the most dangerous one as quick as you can (Doom in this case)

but, Marquis asked for Reed to sacrifice something... and in my opinion theres a THIRD threat to the Marquis :>

plus the Disciple is pretty much Wolverine if you can think back in the latter issues where that smart hulk and the future people took galactus hostage (more than like killed him) someone asked that hooded figure (who has a REAL good resemblence to Marquis' disciple, who he was and we got a short glimpse of his face and we have seen that he has claws)

Posted by Media_Master

Too bad this issue was a let down

Posted by kendorrr
@dreadmaster: that picture sums up my feelings exactly. God, I cannot wait for this run to be finished so I can have my favorite characters back.