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Fall Of The Hulks Alpha Review, Here We Go!

G-Man really liked this issue. How much? Watch the video and see.

Fall Of The Hulks, here's an "event" that I'm really looking forward to.  Perhaps because it's more self-contained.  Or maybe it's that I'm simply really digging the story.  That's what a good "event" should be about, right?  The story.  Ever since Red Hulk made the scene, the Hulk's world has been turned upside down.  Now throw in the Intelligencia and the game is just about to begin.
Jeff Parker and Paul Pelletier do a great job in showing us what the Intelligencia is all about.  I don't think it's easy to take a bunch of lame villains and actually make them cool without drastically rewriting all that they're about.  We're seeing that this group has been putting things in motion for some time now.  When it came to the Illuminati and the little rewrites in history, I didn't quite buy it.  The things that the Intellingencia have been up to feels like it could've actually happened.
That being said, the writing and art are great here.  I knew I would be excited for this issue before it came out but it actually exceeded my expectations.  I know (for some reason) people have been a little on the fence over the Red Hulk and the current stories involving the Hulk.  Week after week, the Hulk books are at the top of my list of reading enjoyment.  I can't wait to see what happens next.
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Posted by Peterobe

I read this, even though I am not a hulk fan and I gotta say, I wasn't impressed. I really wanted to like it and get back into the whole hulk thing, but it has just made me want to stay away.

Edited by FoxxFireArt

So, all that brain power and Intelligencia is the best name they could come up with???
I have a rather shaky theory that the Red Hulk is some kind of sentient being that can pass to other people through touch. It sort of explains how there are so many different suspects. I seem to remember when Domino was following those people I saw someone shaking hands and that person was followed. I'm not really following it carefully. So, the theory isn't my strongest.

Posted by 1sergio

red hulk is man wolf u heard it hear first 
you'll see I'm always right! haha

Posted by G-Man
@FoxxFireArt: I think it's perfect considering how cheesey they all were.  Look at the names they gave themselves.  Also, it's about as bad as "Illuminati."
Posted by reaper2923

At 6:43 I don't think I want to know what Hulk was reaching for.

Posted by Zniperking

G-man I like to thank you for these hulk reviews because I am getting them and it's very interesting

Posted by Press Oblivion

I thought that this title was awesome and it was interesting that the Leader was at the helm of this idea of bringing all of these characters together and not Doom. Stern's character seemed inferior to me somehow, I've always seen the Leader as a character who's ego was only trumped by his intelligence. Is the Intelligencia a bad name for this group . . . . yes. It's just lame but it's about suspention of disbelief for me and I'm glad to see that Doom and the Leader could come together like this, It's something that I've always wanted to see, though on a grander scale, like world domination level collaboration. I hate all of these peripheral titles though and at $4 a pop they should all be this relevant, not like Hulk Winter Gard . . . .  Wow what a waist of cash. Anyway, I love the character of the Leader, I loved the book and I'd love to see where all of this is going.

Edited by waruikumo

Who is the red HULK?  
why dont you pick up issue 7 of Hulk.  Its kinda obvi its that guy Stephen who shows up in vegas during the wendigo attack,  with Marlene (who i think is Moon knights ex).  He has wounds in the same spots that wendigos earlier in the same issue bit the Red Hulk. and what drew the Wendigo's out of Canada for the first time?  The guy who ripped one apart, in canada earlier in the issue.  Who's behind it ?  Samson and Ross,  When Red Hulk gets owned in Hulk 6 they are chastising Red Hulk saying we gave you everything.   
Is this really that hard to figure out?  I mean I don't have 20 yrs plus of comic continuity under my belt but i did read the trade and its kinda obvi.  Also Red Hulk is a Shield Operative, Proof?  Check Hulk #3, he gets scanned and authorized by the shield guard bot  when going after bruce/ fighting A-bomb.   
So who is Stephen?  I dunno i dont have enough Hulk continuity to say.  But hes Shield, has equal Shield Clearance with Ross and Samson, Named Stephen, is a weapons expert (favor and glee with the chain gun issue 3/4), ties to Ross, Samson, and Marlene.  Can someone connect these dots?

Posted by Jamiracles

Lol, G-Man I think its cool that you're holding it down for Hulk. Right on man.

Posted by sora_thekey
@G-Man: Oh god! I got to read this now.... FYI G-Man Inteligencia (if pronounced as it is in spanish) then you would pronounce Inteligencia as Intel - hen - cia
Posted by FoxxFireArt
I do agree that the Illuminati is a seriously overplayed name in fiction in general. 
I can't take Modok seriously. I keep expecting him to combine with something.
Posted by The_Martian

Both Hulk and Incredible Hulk have been some of the most interesting stories going on right now.

Posted by The Sadhu

I have really enjoyed the recent Hulk titles... they are one of the few story arcs that have held me to Marvel! 
Nice review G-Man!
Posted by waruikumo
Everytime I look at MODOK all I can think is......... Constipation 
Posted by Media_Master

Defending the Hulk!

Posted by Grim

i didnt like this one when i read it, and now that ive watched your review, i understand why. there where allot of random "revelations" and such tossed into this one to set up the story. 
ill look into one more, but as i always say, im a plans guy and i hate it when stories are obviously not planed, just acted on. This story is one of those. Its all just created and tossed at you, without any hints or anything to explain them except that they where "secret". Im sorry, buty in comics, nothing is that secret to the readers unless they where just thought of last night. comics cant help but hint at the future unless the writers dont know it yet.
 and ive never understood why Modok was a joke. he was a complete Bad@$$, and then someone wrote him as a silly floating head once and it stuck for like 10 years.

Posted by Deckard1973

G-Man - thank you for saying how lame it was that they were trying to pass off the Beyonder as a mutant Inhuman.  That was one of those comics I just tried my best to forget. 
Man - it seems like you really loved this book but it only gets 4.5 out of 5.  How good does a book have to be to get a full 5? 
My $$$ is on Glenn Talbot as Red Hulk.
Posted by robbert

Well I did plan and said in my mind that I was pretty sure I was going to get this one shot and excited for this event and not siege because hulk is my favoirte  but I did not get the one shot. Because first of all I prefer hulks gamma and know I am going to like it much more  plus I was expecting more leader in the one shot and some hulk but I was not crazy about the other villians in the comic even thou it is still going to be a nice hulk epic. I am still going get a lot of fall of the hulks starting with gamma I hope and go from there now and so the alpha was not a start for me after all its just a one shot. I dont like red as much so I am still not into red hulk but I like when green hulk and rulk fight togother or same thing with the she hulks in which I cant wait to see too. Only the red side of the story event I wont get but the green hulks as always. Thats why I am getting incredible hulk series right now instead of  hulk.
Posted by ArtJoker

loved this issue! can't wait

Edited by Yung ANcient One

Glenn Talbolt
IMO... i dont really know but i think its him...

Posted by G-Man
@sora_thekey: You know I speak Spanish.  Of course I know how it'd be pronounced in Spanish.
Posted by RavagingHamster

Ha, that big-head dude always makes me laugh with his gigantic head and tiny limbs

Posted by PrimeDirective

So I just gotta ask G-Man... 
Why can't the Beyonder be a mutant inhuman and still also an omnipotent/omniscient/omnipresent being because of it? 
I mean, we've seen some Omega level mutants do some pretty crazy stuff before and due to the Son of M series we know that the terrigen mists could basically turn a kitten meow into a lion roar. Who's to say he wasn't already an Omega level mutant and the mists simply made him transcend to a godlike state?

Posted by jloneblackheart

I guess the Wizard broke out of captivity pretty quickly? He was just detained a couple of months ago by the FF.
Anyway, thanks for making me want to buy yet another comic, G-Man.

Posted by Watch Dog

I liked this issue a lot. It was nice to see the Leader's appearance change threw out the book.
BTW I hope the Red Ghost comes back he gits far to little respect.

Posted by Archetype

I liked it but it was nothing special...I'm glad we did get some info like how the Red Hulk was created and other little tidbits about the history of this secret villain alliance and how they bail each other out. 
but why do people trust Doom...he is and always will be a wolf in wolfs clothing.Like you I also enjoyed the characterization of MODOK, granted I don't mind Marvel using him as comic relief either.

Posted by kunglu

I agree with G-Man, this is a really good book! Can't wait to see how this all plays out! (and it's about time)

Posted by drawme

I´m not reading Hulk but I want ot know who the red one is.

Posted by Omega Ray Jay
Ive missed all the Rulk stuff, only picked up the issue with the Red She Hulk on it becuase of curiocity and loved it, nearly didnt pick this up but did at the last minute and its deffinatly one of my favorties of last week, great stuff
 @G-Man: Great review as ever dude Loved that bit about The Beyonder to, him being lame no longer and back on form did it for me, thats the one thing i can rant on for hours about, how they screwed him up.
Posted by devil leonx

Guys 2:42 in the video who  is the sexy lady waring a gold suit ? please message me if you know!

Posted by VenomMelendez
 Inteligencia isn't a bad name. You guys do know what it means righ?