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Fables Coming To Television?!?

Bill Willingham's awesome series could be coming to a TV near you.

I love Fables.  It's a masterpiece of a comic series.  What is Fables about?  It's basically your fairy tale characters brought into the real world.  This isn't a comic for kids.  There's not always a happily ever after.  There's war, violence and death.  Bill Willingham has done an amazing job creating this world of characters and showing a more human side to them.  I highly recommend picking up the trades and seeing what this is about.

What has me both excited and scared is the Hollywood Reporter has announced that Fables may be coming to television as an hour long program at ABC.  A Fables TV series would be cool.  There's just way too much to tell in a movie or three.  It needs a longer format.  What makes me scared is the idea of it being on network television.  As I mentioned, it's not something for the kids.  I'd hate to see it watered down or compromised just to appease some network execs. 
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Posted by danhimself

i really don't know how to feel about this...if it's done right it could be amazing but if it's done even slightly wrong it'll fail horribly....i think it would be better on another channel maybe hbo or showtime

Posted by The Minuteman

Ooh, reminds me of that recent Wizard of Oz series on Sci-fi. Could be awesome!

Posted by Barney Stinson

Fables rules.  What saddens me is I heard that cover artist James Jean might not be doing the covers for much longer.  His work is amazing.  Check out any Fables cover and you'll see what I mean.

Posted by NightFang

It should be on HBO or Showtime. 

Posted by The Minuteman
NightFang said:
"It should be on HBO or Showtime. "
Booo! It should be on basic cable, or even better, get a big network budget.
Posted by G-Man

I'm just afraid that ABC will tone things down.  ABC is owned by Disney after all.  HBO would be cool but could limit the audience.  I liked Carnivale but it didn't last on HBO.  What would be cool is to have it on a cable channel then edited down for a network, kinda like USA did with Monk on ABC.  But I don't think MONK needed any editing...