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Exiles and Excalibur Meet in "Die By the Sword"

This could be good.  I like Exiles.  I like Excalibur.  What could go wrong?  I'm glad it Chris Claremont writing.  I used to have a love/hate relationship with his writing.  I'm over it.  He knows what he's doing.  I don't really like that they have to use X-Men in the title.  I guess it's a way to ensure more sales and attention.  I'm also not too crazy about Betsy being in touch with the regular Marvel Universe so soon.  I suppose we can assume she'll stay with the team for a while.  She's saving more lives (heck whole universes) staying witht the Exiles.  What about TJ?  What will she do?  Stay with Excalibur or go back with the Exiles?  But why does there have to be "Die" in the title.  No more deaths.

Legendary X-writer Chris Claremont (Exiles, New Excalibur) and newcomer Jaun Santacruz present X-Men: Die By The Sword #1 (of 5), an x-citing new limited series teaming up two of Marvel’s popular X-teams. Re-uniting Betsy and Brian Braddock, better known as Psylocke and Captain Britain, the events of this series affect the future of both teams—and tie directly into the shocking Exiles #100!

In an epic battle to save the microverse, Excalibur and the Exiles join forces for what may be the last time! Captain Britain and Psylocke have not seen each other since Betsy was first sent to the Crystal Palace; however the Braddock family reunion is quickly cut short when a group of Excalibur’s most diabolical foes conspire to conquer the various worlds frequented by the Exiles.

To save their universe and the countless others in jeopardy, Excalibur joins forces with the Exiles and hunts down their reality-hopping adversaries. But who exactly are the true conspirators behind this plot? And how did they find out about the multiple universes and the Exiles’ Crystal Palace?

The answers to these questions and more come to light when the Exiles and Excalibur meet in X -Men: Die By the Sword #1.

X-MEN: DIE BY THE SWORD #1 (of 5) (AUG072271)
Rated A …$2.99
FOC—9/20/07, On-Sale—10/10/07