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Exclusive Valiant Promo: X-O MANOWAR

We have an exclusive piece of art for Valiant's awesome sci-fi title!

We're teaming up with Valiant to release brand spankin' new promos for each of their top-notch books. We'll release one per day (they have 5 titles) and today we have a promo for Robert Venditti's X-O MANOWAR. Illustrated by Arturo Lozzi, the image appears to show Aric bringing the fight to The Vine in one of their own ships.

Well, "uncompromising" is definitely a great way to describe Aric. It's going to be vicious as he aims to wipe out The Vine for what they've done to him. If you're not reading X-O MANOWAR, I highly recommend for you to fix that mistake. The last issue was a great jumping on point for 'Planet Death' and I imagine this one will be, too.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for another exclusive Valiant promo!

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Posted by CommaderKeen93

X-O manowar is some good stuff

Posted by Meteorite

I actually was going to pick up the first trade last time I was at the comic book shop, but then I found myself a copy of Saga, which I'm a bit more interested in.

I'll still probably pick it up at some point, mind.

Posted by Reignmaker

Great series.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

awesome stuff

Posted by supercracker42

I know that there's some "Bad Blood" there, but would a Bob Layton cover be too much to ask?

Posted by bladewolf

Been reading it in trade, and love what I've read thus far. I'm eagerly awaiting the second trade which lands in March (I think).

Posted by Dark_Phoinx

Can't wait...

Posted by Cavemold

great book lovely promo i saw back of shadowman 4

Posted by dondave

Good series

Posted by That60sGuy

Listen to this -- X-O Manowar is THE BEST THING in comics right now. I LOVE All New X-Men, Superior Spider-Man, Batman and Uncanny Avengers -- but X-O is KING.

Posted by grifter78

The first X-O trade has been out for two months! Pick it up people! :D

Posted by rasx

All the VALIANT books have been amazing thus far, highly recommended.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Very fitting...Aric is VERY uncompromising. I'd love to have that as a poster in my room.