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What will the repercussions of Ronnie and Jason's volatile relationship be?

DC Comics recently gave us an exclusive first look at the upcoming fifth issue of THE FURY OF FIRESTORM and what happens when Zither pits the two volatile heroes against one another. Sounds like it would be a dangerous combination, no?

In the last issue of Firestorm, the book turned to "sinister forces" in the Middle East who wanted nothing more than to "get their hands on their very own Nuclear Men." It was there that the writers introduced to readers the idea the existence of Nuclear Men is incredibly dangerous, especially when they don't get along. If you've been following THE FURY OF FIRESTORM then you may already know that Ronnie and Jason don't exactly get along very often, and perhaps that is what the creative team was preparing us for.

Written by Gail Simone and Ethan Van Sciver
Art by Yildiray Cinar and Norm Rapmund
Cover by Ethan Van Sciver

Ronnie and Jason have never agreed on anything, and now it's all-out war as the mysterious Zither pits them against each other! But with the mystery of the Rogue Firestorms spiraling out of control, the guys will have to come to an agreement – or risk serious fallout!

We were first introduced to Zither early on in this ongoing series and it seems that the mysterious character might be getting closer and closer to capturing Firestorm. Will Zither and her organization succeed? Will Ronnie and Jason allow themselves to be manipulated by Zither? Check out three pages from the upcoming fifth issue below and let us know what you think of THE FURY OF FIRESTORM.

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Posted by The Stegman

not diggin' the art

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Uh oh...looks like Jason's in

Posted by Ryonslaught

This series is a travesty! What the hell happened to the superb characterization of Firestorm? (shakes head)

Posted by KidSupreme

I`m digging the series so far. I never read Firestorm before so this is my first time following this character and I`m liking it a lot! :D

Posted by KEROGA

looks awesome!..but i wonder how many times these two are gonna fight each other?

Posted by The Impersonator

Nuclear. It spells nuclear. =P

Posted by pspin

I like the series and the idea of them having other Firestorms to fight other than each other (if they would stop fighting each other for ten minutes)

Posted by shawn87

This should be another series they cancel and replace with something better.

Posted by Kallarkz

have they shown any powers besides transmuting matter and flight?

Posted by lmothander

OK, seriously, how dumb looking is that cover?

Posted by Regas13

@lmothander: super

Posted by Outside_85

Thought for a second there Leifield was on art duty when I saw the small image on the main page

Posted by BlackArmor

The first issue was god awful but this actually looks pretty good

@lmothander said:

OK, seriously, how dumb looking is that cover?


Posted by SkybornLord
@The Stegman said:
not diggin' the art
Why not? Just curious. You can not tell me if you don't want to.
Posted by Osiris1428

I dropped this after two issues.

Posted by Or35ti

This series has sooo much more potential and i wish it would live up to it... That was a pretty badass moment tho if you ask me. "Fair enough. Firestorm."

Posted by deveir

Looking at this makes me want to read firestorm but i dn't know where to start

Posted by maikkywin

I couldn't really like this series .

Posted by EtherealEnigma

Read Captain Atom.